10 Types of Work at Home Jobs (Plus Companies That Hire!)

Ten types of work at home jobs

Welcome to our guide on the different types of work at home jobs! With the rise of remote work and the ongoing pandemic, you may be seeking flexible and convenient work arrangements that allow you to work from the comfort of your home. If so, you’re in the right place! Fortunately, there are plenty of … Read more

21 Work at Home Virtual Assistant Jobs To Apply For


Virtual assistant jobs can often be fun and interesting. You never know what you may be doing. Ultimately, your tasks will depend on the client/company you work for. Some things may include customer service, social media, writing, data entry, or even research.The following is a list of 21 companies that hire remote virtual assistants. Please … Read more

19 Ways to Earn Money With Your Camera


Are you gifted with a camera? Images are always in demand! Below, I’ve listed out many ways you can earn money using your camera — even if all you have is a smartphone. And no, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert to begin earning. Even novice photographers can use some of these sites/companies … Read more

27 Work at Home Jobs Paying $12 or More an Hour

twelve hourly featured

In today’s post, I’ve made a list of companies that pay $12 an hour or more. It’s safe to say that for many people, $12 an hour isn’t quite enough money. But, it does put you over minimum wage for most US states. Many work at home jobs don’t pay much at all, so I’m … Read more

6 Best Ways to Make Money On the Side (Outside the Home)

man on bike

Do you need ideas for the best ways to make money on the side, outside the home? Many people who decide to try and work at home want to because that’s exactly what they need. However, if it doesn’t matter to you whether you’re earning at home or not as long as this criteria has … Read more

Part Time Work From Home Jobs – 10 Companies Hiring Now

part time jobs featured

Do you happen to be looking for part-time work at home jobs? You’re not alone! One of the more common reasons I see for people desiring part-time work is having kids at home. Then, some people need part-time because they have others jobs or day-to-day responsibilities and simply cannot put in 40 hours. So today, … Read more