4 Companies That Hire People to Book Cruises

paid to book cruises

Do you think you’d enjoy working from home, booking cruises for others? If so, you’re in luck because there are a few companies that have regular openings for this type of work. Keep in mind it’s phone work, so all of you non-phone job seekers may not find this is your cup of tea. These … Read more

5 Sites That Pay For Guest Posts

sites that pay for guest posts

I often mention various websites that pay you to write. These have mostly been content sites/mills that have regular assignments available that you can grab and work on at your leisure. Most of those sites don’t pay all that well, although they are good to have access to for when you need money in a … Read more

6 Legit Second Jobs For Teachers For Summer Or After School

list of summer jobs for teachers

Are you a teacher who could use a little extra money — or maybe even an income — that you earn from home? You certainly aren’t alone. And lucky for you there are a lot of second jobs for teachers that you can do in the summer, or even after your school day! You likely … Read more

Here Are 5 Sites Like Amazon Mturk For Extra Cash Online

sites like mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk) is one of the most popular short task sites online. It’s flexible, there’s lots of easy work, you can get paid daily, and signing up is a piece of cake. Most people would agree that you’re not going to break the bank doing work on Mturk, but it’s one of the … Read more

10 Companies Hiring Remote Workers For Summer 2024

summer jobs 2024

If you are looking for a work at home role this summer and you don’t mind working on a temporary, seasonal basis, this list is for you! While most of the companies on this list are hiring seasonally, there are a few offering permanent roles. The ones that are seasonal may offer the possibility of … Read more

5 Companies With Remote Telephone Triage Jobs For Nurses

telephone triage jobs

If you are a nurse looking to make money from home, you might consider getting involved in telephone triage. There are companies nationwide that are continually on the lookout for qualified nurses to fill these positions. As a nurse doing telephone triage from home, you will take calls from patients, assess their various symptoms, and … Read more