Zirtual Review – Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant

I've been doing some reading up on a new work at home opportunity I came across the other day.

A start-up, Zirtual, may hire you to join their team as a virtual assistant if you meet their requirements and make it through their extensive application process.

The website is clean, informative, and professional. Also, the company has a strong social media presence along with a regularly updated blog.

All of these things make me feel good about this company.

How Zirtual Works

If hired, you perform tasks for Zirtual's clients. These tasks typically fall into three main categories which include research, reservations, and scheduling.

Their clients are mostly busy professionals in need of more free time. As a “zirtual” assistant, you can provide that for them.

How Much Zirtual Pays

According to their most recent job postings, wages for virtual assistants range from $13 to $18 per hour.

Required Skills to Work For Zirtual

Zirtual has a long list of required skills for potential assistants. They expect:

  • Prompt responses to clients' questions and requests
  • Internet savvy
  • Strong organizational skills
  • High speed internet
  • Strong internet research skills
  • landline or dependable cell phone
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Availability during working hours to respond to and engage with your clients
  • Familiarity with standard assistant tools like Google docs, Gcal, Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, etc.
  • Strong desire to help people and a positive attitude

The company also advertises to their clients that their assistants are thoroughly screened and college-educated.

Having any prior office or assistant experience in your background works to your advantage, although not a prerequisite.


I can't find many details on the schedule (or if there is a set schedule), but it appears this is part-time, very flexible work.

Zirtual advertises the position as ideal for stay at home moms, college students, and anyone who needs flexible work at home for any reason.


Zirtual hires people from the U.S. only at this time. People from all states may apply.

The Application Process at Zirtual

First off, you have to fill out the application on their site.

They ask a lot of questions, including the standard basic information, how many hours you can work, and other things like “What motivates you?” and “Why should we hire you?” Sort of like what you might get asked in a face-to-face job interview.

After you do this, you may get an email from the company inviting you to proceed to Phase One, which from what I can gather involves creating a short video of yourself, mainly just talking about yourself so they can get a sense of your personality, etc.

Before you panic about this, let me just say that I do kind of understand even though I know many of you won't like the idea of making a video.

They can't “meet” you in person, so this is their way of doing that virtually.

When you apply for a brick and mortar job, you have to go for a job interview which allows your potential employers to meet you face to face. So this is really no different.

If you make it through the first phase, the second phase is apparently a skills test of some sort and some sample tasks.

Someone on Work Place Like Home mentioned having an interview via Skype as well, although I am not sure at what point in the hiring process this occurs.

They also do a background check on you which involves checking you out on social media, so you  might want to make sure you look as professional as possible on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or whatever other accounts you have.

After going through all the steps of the application process, they should let you know something one way or another as to whether or not you've been hired. People who did not make it in report receiving a rejection notice, so it's good they don't leave you hanging.

I do feel I should mention that at least two people in the comments below were given awesome feedback from their interviewers on their sample tasks they were asked to do and thought they more or less had the job after also completing the video interview — only to receive a rejection notice a week or so later.

And not only a rejection notice, but an auto-reply rejection notice that isn't even that personal. So don't get too hopeful until you definitely know one way or another if you can begin working or not.

How to Apply at Zirtual

If the idea of working from home as a zirtual assistant intrigues you, just visit this page to check for openings. Note that the virtual assistant positions are not always available at Zirtual.

Good luck, and please please do come back and share your progress/experience here so it will help out others. Thanks!

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57 thoughts on “Zirtual Review – Work at Home as a Virtual Assistant”

  1. Has Zirtual made its comeback? After reading the comments, most people didn’t have a pleasant time with Zirtual.. what could be the reason they stopped operations?

  2. I was hired with Zirtual a couple of months ago. I was lucky that my spouse found it on Indeed! I am also lucky to be hired! I submitted an application and had 2 video-call interviews, and once hired, I went through a rigorous 2-week training process, and then began to be placed with clients. I have always been very impressed with Zirtual as a company, and I really enjoy working for them! There is a great support system of teammates and other people. The CEO and founder is very close to the day-to-day operations of the company. It’s also hourly pay with benefits! Zirtual emphasizes open communication and feedback and building positive, ongoing relationships with clients. They’re also continually looking for ways to expand. I don’t have to have my own phone line, and I was provided a computer. Zirtual has high standards for employees and uses tons of positive encouragement to help you excel! Thank you so much, Zirtual!

    • Also thank you to RWTEMO and Collin Vine for giving me so much information on this blog. The activity on this blog is part of what impressed me about Zirtual from the beginning.

  3. I’d love to apply at Zirtual, but I see they are only hiring for certain States. I’m a little confused, why do you need to live in a specific area to be a virtual assistant?

  4. Is it true that you can be rejected even after being hired? Would be terrible to quit a job & then go through training only to be rejected. Thank you for taking the time to clarify.

    • Hi Jean,

      Yes, this is true. This isn’t very novel; almost every company reserves the right to fire an employee at any time for a number of reasons. We follow the same practices and will let someone go if it’s not working out. Employees can, of course, resign at any time, too.

      As long as you do great work, do it on time, and be your best self, you’ll be a great fit at Zirtual. That is also just good life advice in general, if I do say so myself =)

      – Collin

      • Hi Collin, I applied on May 5th. Did a 60 minutes test and my application is still showing “in process”. Can you let me know an update, please? I got (6) 100% from 10 parts. Is that good news? Thank you.

  5. Hi Collin,

    As with previous posters I am very impressed that you make the time to address questions and concerns through this website and others like it. I think that really speaks for the type of corporate culture Zirtual has!

    I have a question for you:

    I recently applied as a Zirtual Assistant and completed my sample tasks about a week ago. I have not heard back and even sent a follow up email to the hiring team with no response. I’m not sure if the review process just takes more time or if I’ve not been selected to proceed.

    I am curious as to what guarantee we have that our work is actually reviewed? I think the Zirtual hiring process is an excellent way to assess applicants but it is a lot of work on an application for absolutely no feedback or response. After reading this thread I felt that my work reflected good communication skills and great attention to detail.

    I would be happy to reapply but I have no idea what to improve upon. Any advice?

    Thank you so much for your time!


    • Hi Kara,

      Great, thanks for showing interest in Zirtual. I can assure you that you will receive a response, but it may take a while—sorry for that. Right now we have a pretty large backlog of applications that our small hiring team is working through.

      We try to keep things as human as possible during the process, and someone will be guaranteed to read and review your work, and will respond either with a yes or no. Either way, you will hear back.

      We try to keep the response time below two weeks. Unfortunately, we’re missing that with a sudden increase in applications—January was a popular month to apply at Zirtual!

      So, sorry for the delay—I hope you can be a little patient with us as we play the catch-up game.

      – Collin

  6. Hello Collin,

    Thank you so much for being available to answer our questions on this forum. I am interested in applying for a ZA position, but Zirtual is not currently hiring in California. Do you know when the California hiring pool will open up?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Shara,

      Right now we don’t have any plans on opening up California. That may change, but it’s not currently in our short-term plans.

      Thanks for your interest, and I wish you luck finding something that works for you!


  7. Well, I was just rejected today! I would love to be a fly on the wall and see the resumes of those that they actually have hired. Not to toot my own horn….I was completely shocked that they rejected me. I’m a 41 y.o. with many years of Executive Assistant experience. More recently, I’ve spent the past 8 years working in Los Angeles in the film/TV industry in one of the most highly respected, stressful, admin jobs in existence. I’ve worked for/with Clint Eastward, Angelina Jolie, Kris Kristofferson, Christina Appliegate and the list goes on…(100s more). I had to leave L.A., about a year ago, for some family business in the Mid-West (literally out in the sticks). The film/TV industy does not exist here and so I’m left with little local town retail jobs. I discovered Zirual online during my job hunt and thought it would be perfect for my current situation. Funny…..I can easily obtain a $70K per year job in L.A. but….not good enough for $12 online job making reservations and researching travel arrangements. Completely dumbfounded and disappointed. I’m curious… Zirtual says that you can reapply after 30 days, right? How in the world will that make any kind of impact different than the 1st time around? Our resumes will remain unchanged. Our college education (for most my age) will remain the same. The utmost attention to detail and presentation when completing their tasks…unchanged. I’m also curious to know what the ages are of those that are applying. Zirtual doesn’t hide the fact that they are a “young” excited group. Not that I blatantly advertised my age but upon reviewing my resume and taking note of when I attended college …easy to conclude that I’m not right out of college. Anyway… I suppose I’m here to vent a little but also want to encourage my fellow “Rejectees” to keep your chins up and to keep on keeping on.

    • Hi Marie,

      It sounds like you have a wealth of experience and quite the background. Being a fly on the wall during the Zirtual evaluation process may be interesting, but I’d much rather be a fly on the wall while working with some of your past clients. Incredible.

      It’s hard for me to comment on specifics without your full name or email address. Nor would I want to be so public with that feedback as to comment here. I can speak in generals about our evaluation process, though.

      First, just to inform, we hire very few people that apply. It’s quite competitive and we are so lucky as to have the pleasure of hiring some truly incredible candidates. However, if a candidate was rejected, especially if that happened before the interview process, then it was almost certainly due not to your resume but to the sample tasks and culture task we ask candidates to complete during the process. We look for things like strong organizational skills, attention to detail, the ability to understand the actual problem and how to solve it in a way that a client would derive maximum value, etc. We are sticklers for proper grammar, presentation, and formatting.

      In general, most people are rejected based on task quality. We encourage people to reapply (after 30-days from the initial application date) because they may be able to improve upon the quality of their tasks and submit something that’d meet our evaluation criteria. (We use a rubric when grading and evaluating the work submitted.)

      In terms of age, I like to think we’re one of the most diverse companies in that regard. We have many people who have already retired and are working with us, many who are just starting in their career, and many more in between at all stages in life. It’s a wonderful mix.

      I hope that gives some insight, Marie. Again, it’s impossible for me to be more specific without knowing more about you.

      – Collin

      • Hi Colin – do you foresee an hourly wage increase at any time in the near future? I find it hard to fathom how anyone can survive off $11 an hour. Thanks. Appreciate you being available here for questions!

        • Hi Shannon,

          Great questions and good timing. We just launched a project we are very excited about called our “ZA Growth Plan”. With this, we’ve developed performance bonuses and also three separate career tracks ZAs can develop within. Each milestone marker provides for more opportunities and pay increase, too.

          It’s only V1 of this growth plan, but we’re excited to launch it and will undoubtedly continue to build it out. So yes, there is room to grow and room to earn more.


          • Hi Collin,

            Let me lead with how impressed I am that you’ve taken the time to come on this feed. My Yelp-addicted boyfriend constantly uses company responses to negative feedback as a barometer (those responses have made many of our date decisions…) and usually companies that take the time to address concerns don’t disappoint.

            I’ve recently applied to be a ZA and have yet to hear back. I just finished the first step last night so I’m not concerned with your timeliness. I am, however, concerned with my own. I initially got the task emailed to me nearly three weeks ago, and I’m wondering if the delay in submission will affect my consideration? I am very interested in working with Zirtual, and I would hate to see a hectic November kill my chances. Any advice?



          • Hi Alexandra,

            My recommendation would be to email the Hiring team and explain your situation. Often a late task will result in an immediate rejection. (We have an internal company motto that states: Do great work. On time. Be your best.)

            On time is really important for client work, but I totally get that busy months come up. We really value great communication, even if it means you can’t get something done on time.

            So yeah, reach out to the team (you should have their email address) and let them know. Also, be patient—I know that there are a lot of pending applications they are working through right now!

            Good luck, Alexandra.

            (PS, you can always reapply 30-days after your initial submission. If it doesn’t work out this time, try and apply again.)

  8. Hi everyone,

    After reading through this post and the comments, I thought I’d take the time to comment. For context, I’m a co-founder of Zirtual and run our People & Culture department which is made up of our Hiring, HR, and Training teams.

    To all those who’ve commented about bad experiences—I’m sorry. We’re not flawless in our approach and always try to treat everyone with respect, whether they are hired at Zirtual or not. In some cases we’ve stumbled. There are certainly times when we could’ve been better.

    We’ve learned, grown, and changed a lot as a company. Being only 3-years old and a startup that no longer feels like a startup (we’re maturing past that) we have certainly had some growing pains which, unfortunately, can mean suboptimal experiences for people interacting with us. I apologize to all those who’ve been on the receiving end of our mistakes.

    I also wanted to address the comments on professionalism. While we do have a young-ish team, we take professionalism, privacy, and security very seriously. Our business is based on trust. Client’s must trust highly sensitive information—personal, credit, login, health—with their Zirtual Assistant (and Zirtual the company). If we were any less than professional we’d never be able to build trust. At the same time, we don’t want to be stale. We can be professional while still being human and connecting person to person. Our ethos in this regard? Professionally friendly.

    I also want to address the rate at which we currently hire. We’re very strict with who we bring on to our team. Historically, we only hire 0.44% of the people that apply to Zirtual. Said another way, 99.6% of the people are not hired. I know this sounds crazy. Yet, it’s important for us to hire the best for two reasons:

    1) A ZA is the face and representation of our business.
    2) Our culture is very important to us and we only bring on people that will be great fits with our team.

    If you were one of the 99.6%, don’t feel bad. Take it as a learning experience and, if you’re still interested, apply again. We just ask that you wait 30-days as we have a limit to the number of times you can apply within a given period. (You’ll automatically be rejected if the system notices you applied twice within 30-days.)

    I know a lot of comments here are rather old. Many things have changed at Zirtual since this post appeared 2-years ago. I’d like to make myself available to answer any questions that people have. I know it’s hard to get real information and sometimes stories are mixed. Hopefully if it comes right from the source—i.e. me—then we can get closer to the truth.

    I will say: We are actively looking to bring on more people and are hiring around 10-people per week. If you think you’d enjoy this position and would be a great fit for our culture, then I encourage you to apply.


    • Hi Collin,

      That was a great post! I was recently rejected and wanted to know if there is any way to find out how I can improve upon my submission so that I can give it another go in 30 days.


      • Hi Kim,

        Thanks for your reply. It’s hard for me to comment on your specific application, especially without your full name or email address.

        However, I did just reply to Marie’s comment below and there are a few general things to be mindful of. Overall, most rejections occur due to the quality of the tasks being submitted. As I said to Marie:

        “…if a candidate was rejected, especially if that happened before the interview process, then it was almost certainly due […] to the sample tasks and culture task we ask candidates to complete during the process. We look for things like strong organizational skills, attention to detail, the ability to understand the actual problem and how to solve it in a way that a client would derive maximum value, etc. We are sticklers for proper grammar, presentation, and formatting.”

        Often times, candidates overlook the presentation of information. However, presentation plays such an important role when you think of value generation. As a hypothetical example, if a ZA is given a research request and goes and finds the absolute best information for their client but it’s hidden in a 100,000 word PDF document, then a client will unlikely get value from it (or will take too much time trying to understand how the response is useful). Being able to present information in a way that is immediately accessible and valuable is essential when working with our busy clientele.

        That is the main feedback that I have. Set an extremely high quality bar when doing these tasks, make sure the details are nailed (grammar, formatting), and ensure the presentation of the information is as good as the answer itself.

        I hope that helps, Kim, and best of luck if you apply again!


  9. Just saw this company listed on the jobs leads section. I came here and saw that I had never updated my interview experience with them from almost two years ago! So here goes, if anyone cares… I had a video interview with one of their employees, a young guy. I felt the interview went well, but I got awkward vibes from the person who interviewed me. In the end, I didn’t get the job and wasn’t given much of a reason why. I had to follow up nearly three weeks later after being promised I would hear something either way within a week. I did some digging and found out the company wasn’t as professional and experienced as I thought they were. It was very much a start up in 2012, even found some stuff on the guy that interviewed me that was kind of off putting. Made me wonder a lot…. That being said, I took a look at their website just now and it seems they did a revamp. Even listing an hourly wage instead of a profit share like I was told during my interview. There are also set hours listed. It looks promising and it’s possible this company has moved in the right direction. Based on the comments here, it doesn’t look like many people have been hired. I don’t have any plans to reapply to this company, but I would be interested in reading the experience of someone who was successful in getting hired by them.

  10. Thanks, Anna. I was thinking of working with Zirtual for maybe a year to gain more experience so that I could branch out on my own as a freelance virtual assistant. Perhaps after the first year, working less at Zirtual and more independently, until completely cutting the umbilical cord–if that makes any sense.

  11. If I get hired by Zirtual, and later decide to work on my own as a virtual assistant, what effect will that have on Zirtual, or would Zirtual sue me?

    • It doesn’t seem like that would happen, Marcia. Do you mean work on your own as a VA while keeping your VA job at Zirtual, too? Or quit Zirtual and then work on your own? Either way though I doubt you could get sued.

  12. I have also completed my first task for Zirtual, which was pretty easy to do and I love doing this category of work. I might have the disadvantage of no experience in this field but I hope they see my drive and eagerness to learn and prove myself. I keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  13. I have received and completed my first task for Zirtual, it was a travel task which was extremely easy to do as I usually book my parents travel arrangements and have also done so with a previous employer.

    I am not in a position to be extremely nit-picky about applying for jobs, and I actually enjoy this type of work so i am hoping I get a position with Zirtual.

    • I will not say that Zirtual is not legit or anything like that, but I will say this.
      I have seen Zirtual hiring for MONTHS, even before I found this blog. But, after reading the comments it seems they go beyond being picky about who they hire and into the ridiculous category, they have people do a task for them, and either deny them after or make them go through a long application process and then deny them.
      If this was a rare occurrence it would be understandable, but this is something that happens to almost everyone that has commented on this blog post, no matter their level of experience or education, which begs the question, what are they looking for?

      I am aware that even after going through an application process that you are not guaranteed the position, but their level of denied applicants is rather high for a company that is constantly claiming to be in need of new Assistants.

      Obviously this is just my opinion, but Zirtuals track record leaves a lot to be desired.

  14. Thanks to all who commented about Zirtual. This is the most information I’ve found about them. Based on what I’ve read I don’t think I will bother to apply.

    I love this website! So much good information and advice.

  15. Wow…sorry to see that so many are bitter. Zirtual is a wonderful company. I’ve had nothing but a professional experience as a ZA. Yes, the interview process is long but in a regular brick and mortar setting, especially corporate, it’s commonplace to have several interviews and/or assignments to complete before being hired. My husband has been in situations where he’s had SEVERAL interviews for a position and things have gone very well (to the point that he’s been a finalist) but he still was not hired for the job. Why? Because in the company’s opinion there was someone who was a better fit for the position at that time! Such is life. I don’t know why there is an expectation of the bar being lowered when it comes to work at home positions.

    Also, what does the age of those hiring have to do with anything?? First of all, there are no “teeny-boppers” working for Zirtual and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with has been MORE than competent at what they do. Secondly, if anything, this type of outdated reasoning is the complete opposite of what Zirtual is looking for as a progressive startup. They are looking for more than just “years of experience”; they are looking for overall perspectives and personalities that are a fit for the company and the clients.

  16. I went as far as going through their certification process only to be told I didn’t meet their standards. The whole process took about 5 weeks. They told me I get a $100 for going through the training which I haven’t received yet. I felt so used so I sent them an email venting my frustrations and questioning the Zirtual brand. Their system is set up such that any email you send through their system is also posted on their internal dashboard, so my email may have been posted there and seen by all, even though that was not my intention at all. The next day I get a polite response from one of the executives, which was not sent to my personal email but was just posted to their internal dashboard to keep up appearances. I just happened to see the email response because I was attempting to delete all the Zirtual stuff from my computer and I realized my account was still active. If they genuinely cared about how I felt, they would have made an effort to send the response to my personal email, after all I don’t work for Zirtual. My point is this; they make it seem like they care about people but most of it is putting on a facade. But that is my personal experience with Zirtual, yours may be different. I am moving on after about 5 weeks of wasting my time!

    • I had the same experience with them Josephine. Completed all the training and was dropped for unknown reasons after training was over. All they told me was they are basically extremely picky and I didn’t fit what they wanted. Why waste 5 weeks “training” someone then?
      On a side note, I did receive the $100 training pay but it took almost a month to get and I had to followup with them before they sent it.

  17. Zirtual posted on Facebook today that they are hiring again. Really? How about all those folks that have posted that they received offers to work to ultimately be rejected and in just the last few weeks. I then saw a couple of complaints about the hiring process and few hours later that post by Zirtual was gone.

    Zirtual’s hiring process is just too time consuming to go through the frustration and disappointment.

    • I feel the same way. They make you feel like you have the position. You jump through hoops for them, only to be turned down. Not worth it in my opinion.

  18. Anna T,

    I was accepted I received the letter and everything. I was put on a waiting list for certification along with quite a number of others who had been accepted. When I did not hear back from Zirtual that is when I sent a letter, I was still accepted etc. A week later I received a rejection letter. That is unprofessional.

  19. I have no idea what Zirtual is looking for. I have over 20 years of office experience working for high profile lawyers (how much more demanding can you get) and a degree. I also have been working from home for the last five years. I survived every step of the application process to ultimately be turned down after the interview. Good luck on getting one of the coveted jobs with Zirtual. It would have been an awesome fit for me. I am seriously bummed. 🙁

    • A lot of people who seem highly qualified have posted here (and every where else) that their interview process went wonderfully. They completed the “sample task” and got glowing reviews. Then, seemingly, and out of no where, they are rejected.

      This is just a theory… but maybe this company is getting interviewees to do free work for them and calling it a “sample task”?

      • Bingo. They clearly are using simple tasks to get people to work for free while they keep their company afloat.

  20. The above comment made me write this.

    From my personal experience with Zirtual, they have been nothing but professional and helpful. The 24 hour deadline for the task email is a realistic request since as an assistant you will have to reply to your clients quickly after receiving their task request. Wouldn’t you want the same from your own assistant?

    The video again, is so they can “meet” you since everything is done virtually. I don’t see why “teeny-boppers” and “barely adult-age folks” is used to describe the company in any way.

    The interview process IS time consuming but again, remember that it’s so they can make sure this kind of job is for you. The higher-ups were all virtual assistants themselves at one point so they know what it’s like and make sure to provide you with all the resources that may be needed.

    Zirtual may be a start up company but it’s professionalism and attention to detail really stands out among the other companies that I have checked out.

    Good luck to everyone who applies!

    • First, the two people that are in charge of hiring appear of barely legal age. Just that alone makes it hard to believe that they have enough actual human resources experience to make appropriate hiring decisions.

      Secondly, the lack of professionalism on their part is that Zirtual constantly posts they are hiring, but you frequently see in WAH forums comments of people being hired to then see a rejection letter or they never hear one way or the other if they are hired following an interview. Applicants on this forum are even complaining so it does not take long to figure out that this company is indecisive and fails to communicate. Who wants the frustration of working for such a wishy washy mentality? You would think that they have a huge pool of applicants they already extended an offer to and later rejected for unknown reasons before posting they are hiring again.

  21. Out of curiosity, I decided to apply with Zirtual. Roughly one week later, they sent an email that gives you a task and demands it be fulfilled within 24 hours. Okay, that is the first red-flag! It is asinine to expect that the recipient of an email will receive it and complete a time constraining task with no prior warning. I mean seriously……..do they think people have nothing else to do than stare at their “inbox.” Thus, I made the suggestion that they achieve “professional” contact with said recipient, and then, they can request the task be completed within a specific time allotment.

    Next, second red-flag, the ridiculous and extremely unorthodox home-video introductory of some barely adult age folks. It was very far from displaying a company of professional procedure. I was not impressed.

    Then, I decided to give some feedback (i.e. make recommendations) because Zirtual needs desperately to demonstrate some professionalism if they want to attain high caliber employees. I am well educated, and I have a wealth of experience so I expect to work with the same.

    Lastly, I am not worrying about receiving a response. My thought is, I will be a virtual assistant only for a well designed company that exercises utmost professional conduct. In fact, I have zero gripes about online or telecommute work as it is desirable due to flexibility, but I am not rearranging my life for teeny-boppers to make demands on my time. I would rather transcribe docs or tag videos for low rates whilst controlling my direct environment than put-up with that nonsense! That is my 2-cents.

  22. I applied for Zirtual and was so happy when they said that I did great on all of my assignments and let me get through to the last part of the process(the interview). I got all ready and everything thinking it was a web interview on skype. Here it was just a phone interview on skype. A couple weeks later, I got rejected. They pretty much acted like I got the job and the interview was just one more step for me to complete. Really worked hard on my tasks, and they said I did a really great job and I thought I got along great with the interviewer, but at the end after waiting for this place forever every step of the way, it ended up being a total waste of time, but it happens. I was pretty nervous at the interview and probably could have done better. I am never really great at interviews unfortunately.

    • Sounds like your experience was similar to Lisa’s! A good reminder for people not to count on being hired there until they see whether or not they get that rejection letter. Thanks for sharing, Dana.

  23. I am actually not happy with Zirtual. I went through the long application process for Zirtual, did my due diligence in researching the company and aced my interview. I was offered a position, and was told I was on the waiting list for certification. I was ecstatic to learn that I was a part of the family, and told a lot of naysayers that they were wrong about Zirtual. However, the joke is on me because when I did not hear about the waiting list, I sent an email to inquire. I received a response where Zirtual apologized, said I was not forgotten and they were learning more about me. A week later, I was sent a rejection letter. Because I was accepted by Zirtual I did not accept another position to avoid conflict of interest. I am very disappointed and feel foolish.

  24. Zirtual pays slightly more than 50% profit share. So you earn half of what the clients pay for the service each month. The prices for the service levels are on the website. There’s no schedule, per se, but you’re basically expected to keep office hours (8-5, 9-6), but you don’t have to be tethered to your phone or computer. The more clients you have or the higher service level you take on, the busier you can expect to be, but it is very, very flexible and easy going for the most part.

    In the interview they want to see that you are flexible, have customer service skills and that you are well-rounded or offer some kind of expertise in an area. And yes you must be either college-educated or be in progress of earning a degree. While you work individually, it is very team oriented and you’re never left without help and back up. It’s a really awesome opportunity and you can really meet some interesting people.

    • Thank you for this useful information! I have shared it with my readers.

      Someone had a question that I can’t say for sure it works if you wouldn’t mind answering when you get the chance —

      Just how flexible is Zirtual? Like for example if you have doctor’s appointments, sudden family emergencies, or need to be out of town unexpectedly for whatever reason? Can you just not pick up any work for the time you will be out, or does Zirtual sort of pick your hours for you?

      The person who needed to know this is a parent and sometimes when you’re a parent unexpected things come up that might hinder working during regular business hours.

      Thanks in advance!

      • It is highly flexible. I’m a single parent of two, so I NEED flexibility! The lowest plans only require next day turnaround, and depending on the clients’ needs, most clients are very understanding and will give you tasks that they won’t need completed for a few days out. So far I’ve only taken Premium level clients, who have a next-day turnaround priority so I can maintain maximum flexibility. I’m easing my way in to Executive level, who have same day priority. The best advice is during your intro call with your client, let them know how you work and the best way for them to submit tasks.

        You are in total control of your hours and how you work, but you are expected to keep your clients’ needs at a priority. Zirtual is also really big on agent happiness as well. They never want you to feel overwhelmed or feel like you have not flexibility, and so they emphasize to clients that you are a human with a life outside of Zirtual, so clients don’t have unrealistic expectations.

        • Oh and yes, if you need to be “out of the office” for something, you just contact your account manager. You’ll just direct your clients to an alternate email address where they can send tasks while you’re away. But usually, even if you need to spend most of your day away, you may not even need to let your clients know, especially if you keep up with email via cell phone.

          I always just shoot my clients an email letting them know I got their request and I’ll work on it asap. then I just work on it when I get the opportunity and get it to them by COB the next day. Most tasks aren’t that involved and don’t usually go over more than an hour to complete.

  25. I have a video interview coming up next week. What kinds of questions did they ask you guys? guess I kind of know what to expect from the types of things they asked on the previous for,s.. just wanna be as prepared as possible!

  26. I just finished the Video interview step I am waiting on the next step to continue in the process. Hopefully this goes well I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  27. Did any of you ladies get hired? I did the Skype interview the other day and I haven’t anything back? I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  28. Just completed my Skype Video interview. I think that is the final stage. I went through all of the stuff that Shon went through.

  29. Update* Just got approved with the final step which is an interview via skype. I’m assuming it will be a phone chat and not a video chat.

  30. After you complete the video you are asked to allow the company to complete a background check on you. They simply refer you to a service that asks for your personal information such as facebook account, linkedin account, name, address and phone number. At the same time they ask you to complete three tasks like you were already hired so they can gauge whether or not you are fit for the job. The three tasks are pretty simple and serve as an example of what you might be doing. This is as far in the process that I’ve gotten and I’m waiting on my results. Had no clue there were so many steps for applying for this job. Like you, I’ve found the internet to be useless in regards to reviews for Zirtual from people who are currently working or have worked with them. It makes me wonder if Zirtual has a strict policy concerning not leaking information and remove such reviews from Google searches. Hmm.

    • Things to consider…………I never apply to any job utilizing my social webpage. That is information they should NOT have access to. Would you invite your boss to join your personal FB page? Your personal life should always remain separate from professional. Not to mention, the biases and discriminatory conduct that should follow. While it is wonderful to network, it must be kept in perspective.

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