Part Time Work From Home Jobs – 10 Companies Hiring Now

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Do you happen to be looking for part-time work at home jobs? You’re not alone! One of the more common reasons I see for people desiring part-time work is having kids at home. Then, some people need part-time because they have others jobs or day-to-day responsibilities and simply cannot put in 40 hours. So today, … Read more

ETS Scorers – Work at Home Scoring Tests!

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ETS (Educational Testing Services) is a company that pays people to score tests for various educational institutions both online and on-site, but in this post I’m going to focus on the ETS scoring jobs from home because it’s an interesting way to make some money from home if you’re qualified for it. The work you … Read more

These 5 Extra Cash Sites Are NOT a Waste Of Your Time To Try

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Even though I have a work at home job, I still love earning extra money. And I guess that’s clear because I do often post ways to earn extra money on this site. However, there are a lot of things that are simply a waste of time, even for extra money. In my opinion, these … Read more

5 Ways to Earn Money For Your Recipes


If you love to cook and have some recipes you’re pretty proud of that you wouldn’t mind sharing, you can potentially earn a little money through a few different sources. But honestly, my research turned up few options. It seems like there should be an easy way to just sell your recipes online. But it’s … Read more

Looking to Get Paid For Mystery Shopping? Market Force Needs Shoppers

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Is Market Force legit? If you’re new to the idea of mystery shopping and you’ve just discovered this company, that’s what you might be wondering. Fortunately, Market Force is one mystery shopping company that is legit and that most people seem thoroughly satisfied with. I say “most” because I do know at least one person … Read more

Looking For a Freelance Writing Gig? Check Out These 9 Sites

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When I’m hunting down new work at home job leads, I access many excellent sites to find leads. Some of these sites specialize in posting writing job leads, so I thought I would share the best of those sites that I’ve come across for anyone who writes. If you’re a writer (or want to be a writer), … Read more