Work From Home Transcription Editing at Babbletype

March 21, 2014 0 comments by Leisa Good

Get paid to work from home doing transcription editing for Babbletype. They pay every week with Paypal. More info at realwaystoearnmoneyonline.comDo you have a good command of the English language? Can you work well under tight deadlines and pressure? Are you focused with an eye for detail? Then Babbletype might be the right work-at-home (WAH) company for you.
What Exactly is Babbletype?
Babbletype is a transcription site that offers the at-home Quality Assurance Associate/Editor or “Q&A Editor” position for its transcription services. While it does hire transcriptionists both in the US and abroad as

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Short Tasks & Writing/Editing Jobs at CrowdSource

March 14, 2014 10 comments by Anna T

Work from home doing short tasks for CrowdSourceCrowdSource is a company that recently bought out Cloud Crowd (do you remember that one?). This company hires home-based workers to do short tasks as well as writing and editing jobs. Some of you may already be familiar with CrowdSource thanks to the many different tasks they post at Amazon Mturk. I know I’ve seen them and done a few on there myself. The work you do for CrowdSource is through the Amazon Mturk platform as of now. However, I read on their blog that they are working on something that will allow you to do work for CrowdSource

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Companies That Hire For Work From Home Closed Captioning

February 11, 2014 4 comments by Anna T

Information on closed captioning jobs from home -- where to get schooling AND where to find work when you're ready!A while back I created a post with kind of an overview of work from home closed captioning. You can read it here, but to summarize, this is basically where you work at home creating the captions for the hearing impaired for television, videos, etc. While it may seem like something fairly easy to do, it’s harder than you’d think and it’s something that you can’t really get into without some schooling. Still, it’s an industry that can pay well and may also allow you the luxury of working from home!

Below is a big list of companies that

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Work From Home Transcription For Transcribe Team

January 23, 2014 2 comments by Anna T

Work from home transcription for beginnersTranscribe Team has frequently advertised that they have work from home transcription openings available over the last several months. I took a closer look today and I see that this is one of those companies where no experience in transcription is actually needed to get started. However, this also means low pay. As always, I recommend that you use these low-pay transcription companies that hire beginners as a jumping off point to better paying transcription jobs. You can expect to gain some experience and earn a little extra money, but you might not

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Work From Home Transcription For CastingWords

December 18, 2013 3 comments by Anna T

Work from home transcription for beginnersIf you’re new to general transcription and would like to get some paid practice in, CastingWords is a company to consider. They are a US based company that has existed since 2005. CastingWords usually posts their jobs on Amazon Mturk and there are almost always some there to do when I check. They also have a website where you can sign up directly and work if you would prefer not to go through Mturk, although there are advantages to using Mturk which we will discuss a bit later.

If you are completely unfamiliar with general transcription, you may want

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Choosing a Quality Medical Transcription School

October 25, 2013 7 comments by Guest

How to choose a quality medical transcription schoolGuest Post by Reanna

While searching for an online medical transcription school to sign up for, I did a vast amount of research on the options to be sure that I would make the right decision. Most medical transcription schools are not worth much in terms or training or their ability to prepare you to succeed in a career in the field. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this until they have already spent their money and time on these programs and graduated—at which point they are unable to find a job. Employers know

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Transcription Editing for 3 Play Media

October 3, 2013 0 comments by Anna T

Work from home transcript editing jobs available at 3 Play Media -- read about it realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com3 Play Media is a company based out of Massachusetts that provides captioning and transcription services to their clients. For a while now they have had an interesting work from home position listed — transcript editor.

Note that this company does require that you be a US resident with a college degree before they will consider you as a transcript editor. You will be working as an independent contractor for the company.
What does a transcript editor do?

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Working From Home as a General Transcriber

September 27, 2013 10 comments by Anna T

working from home as a general transcriberOver the past three years, I’ve touched on transcription in the form of company reviews and a list of sites that hire. I’ve never really gone into a lot of detail about what transcription is and how to get started. This post is meant to be a basic overview of general transcription.

In the coming months, you may see more of these overviews of various work from home career fields.
What is general transcription?
As you may or may not know, transcription is basically listening to an

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Freelance Transcription for Rev

July 19, 2013 8 comments by Anna T

freelance transcription for Rev.comRev is a company I’ve come across a few times on the forums that regularly hires freelance transcribers and also translators. They are based out of San Francisco, CA, and it appears that they are open to hiring freelancers worldwide. It looks like the transcription you do for them is general, not medical.
Do you need experience?
They specifically state they are looking for skilled transcribers. However, the application page doesn’t ask how much experience you have and instead just requests you provide two transcription samples. If you can do well on your samples, you may have a shot at getting in regardless of how much experience you have.
How much does Rev pay?
They pay between .40 and…

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Transcribe From Home for 1-888-Type-It-Up

April 7, 2013 5 comments by Anna T

1-888-type-it-up-transcription1-888-Type-It-Up is a company regularly hiring transcribers to work from home. They advertise 100 percent US-based transcription, so they are only open to hiring people who live in the US. From what I gather they may hire people who are fairly new to transcription, but you will have to pass a test in order to be considered. Your chances of doing well on the test are probably best if you’ve at least done some transcription work before.

The company handles general, legal, and also medical transcription. If you are unfamiliar with general transcription and what it entails, you can read this post for more detail.
How much does 1-888-Type-It-Up pay?…

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Work at Home Transcription for SpeechInk

December 27, 2012 5 comments by Anna T

work-at-home-transcription-for-speechinkToday’s post covers yet another work at home opportunity that is done through Amazon MTurk (similar to that I posted about last week). If you’re interested in doing transcription from home and you have no prior experience, you can definitely get your feet wet by doing some short jobs through SpeechInk. Most of these files are either business presentations, voicemails, or insurance claims.

SpeechInk has their own domain and website set up here, but you must have an account at Amazon MTurk to do the transcription jobs. You can read more about Amazon MTurk here.
How much does…

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