Study Medical Transcription at Career Step

work from home transcription equipmentToday we’re talking about Career Step, a Dave Ramsey-endorsed, very popular online school for aspiring medical transcribers. Many medical transcribers are able to earn $34,000 per year or more once trained and certified. Career Step provides this training (self-paced) and has a great program for military spouses to get started cheaper. They also offer affordable payment plans.

Work at Home Transcription Jobs at Landmark Associates

Landmark excerptLandmark Associates is a company that has been hiring work at home transcribers for quite some time. The company has been in existence since 1987, and they specialize in interviews, panel discussions, and focus groups. If you are hired to do transcriptions for Landmark, most of the files you work on will fall under those categories. They do not do any medical transcription.

Transcription vs Court Transcript Proofreading – Which Job Is Right For You?

Transcription court excerptIf you’re good at transcription — or think you would be — you might also be good at court transcript proofreading. And these are two jobs that can be done at home and that there is high demand for. So what’s the difference? Today, we’re comparing these two work at home jobs to help you better decide which you should pursue. Both are non-phone jobs that don’t require past experience.

All About Working As a Transcriber For Rev – Freelancer Interview

Rev excerptDid you know that it’s possible to earn over $250 per week transcribing from home for Today’s post is an interview with Torey, a current Rev freelancer, who tells us all about her work at home job, how much she earns, how many hours she puts in, and tips for you to get accepted by Rev if you are interested in freelancing for them, too.

Work From Home Transcription Jobs at

transcribe excerptAre you looking more and more for a work from home transcription job? Are you a fast and accurate typist? Are you able to provide above-average proofreading and grammar skills? Then working as a transcriptionist at might just be the work-at-home fit that you have been looking for. is a transcription site that hires transcribers to transcribe business meetings, dissertations,

What Equipment Does a Transcriber Need?

Thinking about going into work at home transcription? Wondering what equipment you'll need? This post explains what types of equipment transcribers use to work more efficiently, and where to buy them!Would you like to work at home as a transcriptionist? Are you confused as to how much equipment you will need to buy? Then this article is for you. Many workers dream of working from home as a transcriptionist, but not all of them are aware of how much equipment or software to buy. Working at home as a transcriptionist is different than working in a brick and mortar setting, because you will be taking the transcription from your computer instead of a person or Dictaphone. So, how much do you really need?

CrowdSurf — A New Way to Turk?

Review of CrowdsurfAre you a Turker at Amazon Mechanical Turk also known as Mturk? Are the transcription hits among your favorite hits? Are you excited about quick payouts? Then CrowdSurf might be the place for you. CrowdSurf is a website where you can sign up with your Mturk account and take advantage of the CrowdSurf transcriptions HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) or just “hits.” While you can certainly do these hits in Amazon Mechanical

Work From Home Construction Transcription For NoteVault

NoteVault is a company that has recently been hiring work from home transcribers for construction transcription. This company has been in existence for quite a few years now, and they offer a unique service where you can get mobile to text construction reports. Please keep in mind the recent job posting I found says they are hiring a transcriber, it doesn’t say “transcribers,” so I am not sure if they’re currently in need of many workers.

eBook Review: Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career – The Fast & Easy Way to Get Started

Review of the eBook This week’s eBook review is on Lisa Mill’s “Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career – The Fast & Easy Way to Get Started.” It’s currently available at Amazon for just $2.99. This book pretty much walks you through the process of getting started in general transcription. I have a lot of readers who are interested in general transcription work from home, and I have recommended this book before.

Work From Home Transcription For Way With Words

Way With Words is an international company that has been in business since 2001. They hire people to work from home doing all sorts of transcription including medical, legal, entertainment, market research, and more. In addition to transcription, they also hire captioners, translators, and copy typists, but this review will focus on the transcription job.