Earn Extra Money Answering Questions For 1Q

Earn .25 to .50 cents per question for answering single questions for 1Q. Pay is via Paypal after questions are answered.Do you enjoy fast, easy money? Do you love it when people pick your brain? Do you usually have your smart phone with you? Then 1Q might be something for you to try. 1Q is one of those fun and easy sites where you can answer a few questions and make money. Questions come in off and on throughout the day, and you answer them via your PC or laptop or on your smart phone by downloading . . . Read More

Top 10 Best Online Survey Panels

Top 10 Best Survey Panels for 2014I like taking paid surveys, I always have. I even wrote an entire eBook about doing it. This has never been a hobby that has paid the bills for me, but I love the little incentives and it’s really easy to do. I admit I don’t do it as religiously as I used to, but there are some panels that I’ve been part of for a long time that I will still take the occasional survey for. If you take surveys for extra cash, then you know that nothing stays the same in the world of . . . Read More

Rack Up On Amazon Codes With the YourWord Panel

I don’t do survey panel reviews very regularly on this blog, but YourWord is a newer one that I keep reading some positive things about. While this panel does not have cash as an option for redemption, they do have Amazon gift codes and gift codes for other popular retailers. The holidays will be here before you know it, so now is certainly a good time to start saving up the Amazon codes we get from YourWord and other similar . . . Read More

Springboard America Survey Panel Still Pays in Cash

One survey panel that I keep running across is Springboard America. While I am a member of numerous paid survey panels, this is one that I’ve never actually tried out. So I took it upon myself to register there today, do some research on how it works, and share my findings with you.
Is this a reputable panel? Yes. The company behind the panel is Vision Critical. They are a major global research firm with some pretty big-name clients like Jet Blue, CBS . . . Read More

An Overview of the Tellwut Panel

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written an entire post about a survey panel on this blog. Today’s post is about Tellwut. I’m choosing to write about this one in particular primarily because it’s gotten a lot of extremely good feedback from users. And also, it’s a little different from your typical market research panel. If you enjoy taking surveys/polls for extra cash here and there, this might be a site you’d want to be a part of. . . . Read More

Paid Surveys For Loop11

Update – This company has yet to send me any usability tests. It’s all been just surveys, so I renamed the article. Also, a reader let me know that he has completed 10 and 15 minute surveys for this company only to get booted out with no pay. This has not been my experience — my account has been credited for the surveys I’ve completed so far, but I just wanted to let you all know that it happened to someone else. I am re-categorizing this company as a survey panel. Their website no longer even says anything about sending out $12 usability tests. . . . Read More

Answering Surveys for Darwin’s Data

Darwin’s Data is not your typical survey panel. I am really excited to share this one with you because they offer a nice incentive just for signing up plus they pay out pretty generously for every survey you take. I have done my research and it looks like they are definitely paying. Unlike many survey panels you may be familiar with, the questions aren’t about products you use. Darwin’s Data will ask you primarily about your opinions on various legal disputes. . . . Read More

38 Survey Panels That Still Pay in Cash

Survey Sites That Still Pay in Cash

I did a lot of research over the weekend to find out what survey panels still pay in cash because, as you may know, most of them now use these confusing points systems rather than just telling us how much we’re going to earn per survey. I came up with a list of 38 that do pay in cash (although depending on the company they might also occasionally offer other rewards like Amazon GC instead), but what they all have in common is… . . . Read More

Paid Viewpoint – Pros and Cons

I’ve been using Paid Viewpoint for a while now. If you’re not familiar, this is a paid survey site that’s a little different. They actually have a lot going for them because when you participate, you’re free of a lot of the problems you encounter with traditional survey sites (long surveys, slow to pay, etc.) While I still recommend this site if you like paid surveys, there are a couple of negatives in there that I’ve observed. So here you go:

  • The surveys are really short

Pros and Cons of the E-Poll Survey Panel

Back when I used to answer surveys all the time, E-Poll was one of my favorites. I was under the impression that they had been bought out by some other survey panel or something, so I haven’t done any surveys for them in a long time. But apparently they are still themselves, so here are the things I like and don’t like about E-Poll.
First, the Pros:

  • You can redeem points for Paypal cash. I can usually live with redeemable points if I can convert them to real money in some way. There are also