The Blogging Course I Recommend – Elite Blog Academy

I wanted to let all my readers who have blogs or are interested in blogging that the Elite Blog Academy blogging course will be open for enrollment beginning November 28th through December 5th. I am taking this course myself (I signed up back in September when it opened for the first time), and I’ve seen absolutely fantastic results from it, so I have no hesitation in recommending it. If you are serious about blogging professionally and want to take things to the “next level” in 2015 with your blog, then this is definitely the right course to take. . . . Read More

Work From Home Customer Service For

Do you want to work from home in the travel industry? has regular openings for work from home customer service agents.Are you an experienced cruise industry professional? Are you someone who really enjoys and excels at customer service? Are you ready to work from home as an employee with benefits instead of an independent contractor? Then becoming a cruise customer service agent at might be of interest to you. As its name so obviously implies, is a travel-based website where potential travelers come to get the best prices on cruises and cruise packages. . . . Read More

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Business Opportunity

Dove Chocolate DiscoveriesDove Chocolate Discoveries (DCD) specializes in unique Dove Chocolate products not sold in stores. The name “Dove” is a familiar name to most chocolate lovers.  Owned by the Mars Company the same company that makes M&M’s®, Snickers®, and Dove®—Frank  and Ethel Mars had a tradition of making and selling chocolate from their home during the 1880’s. The Mars Company wanted to go back to their roots of sharing chocolate in homes, therefore this sweet business opportunity of being a chocolatier with DCD was born. . . . Read More

Use Google Helpouts to Get Paid For Your Expertise

Do you consider yourself an expert on any subject? Google has a neat new service called Helpouts where you can get paid to share your expertise live with others.Google has created a nifty new service — somewhat similar to other services we’re seeing lately — where you can earn money by offering your expertise live through virtual “helpout” sessions. I love these earning opportunities because they do make it possible for just about anyone to earn money online and at home simply teaching what they know. And in regard to what you can get paid to teach, the sky is pretty much the limit. . . . Read More

What Equipment Does a Transcriber Need?

Thinking about going into work at home transcription? Wondering what equipment you'll need? This post explains what types of equipment transcribers use to work more efficiently, and where to buy them!Would you like to work at home as a transcriptionist? Are you confused as to how much equipment you will need to buy? Then this article is for you. Many workers dream of working from home as a transcriptionist, but not all of them are aware of how much equipment or software to buy. Working at home as a transcriptionist is different than working in a brick and mortar setting, because you will be taking the transcription from your computer instead of a person or Dictaphone. So, how much do you really need? . . . Read More

Walmart Savings Catcher App Review

Do you want to save even more money at Walmart? Then you may want to download the Savings Catcher app. This app guarantees that Walmart will beat competitor's prices -- otherwise they pay you the difference!Walmart is definitely not one of my favorite stores to shop at. Still, like many people, I find myself there pretty regularly because I live in a smallish town without a lot of other options. I rarely buy groceries there, but it seems I end up needing something from there that can’t be purchased at the grocery store at least once a week. And this is why I decided the Savings Catcher app is worth downloading. . . . Read More

Side Jobs For College Students

Are you a college student looking to pull in some extra bucks? Then this list of side jobs for college students should give you some good idea! Guest Post by Addi Ganley. While attending college your main focus is being successful in your academic studies, but you do still have bills to pay. College expenses continue to increase so most students turn to a side job for help. Since it is difficult having a full-time schedule and working, a side job is the perfect way to help pay your bills without having to take a lot of time away from your classes. Having a side job is a great way to earn money without having to work forty hours a week. . . . Read More

Working at Home as a Virtual Assistant For Contemporary VA

Are you looking for a legit work from home virtual assisting position? Contemporary VA is a reputable company that does occasionally hire work from home VA's. Do you long to work as a virtual assistant? Are you tired of spending your marketing dollars looking for private clients? Would you like to just have the leads found for you? Then Contemporary VA might be the right work at home job for you. Contemporary VA is a work at home company that offers support from virtual assistants who are North American trained and able to perform. . . . Read More

Work From Home Jobs Paying $10 or More Per Hour

Work from home jobs paying $10 or more per hour.Many of you are looking for work from home jobs that pay at minimum $10 an hour — or preferably more. This is yet another popular question I get from readers who are looking for home-based work, and it makes sense. Although you do save money in all kinds of ways by working from home, it’s still hard for most people to get by on anything less than $10 an hour these days. I’ve written about many work from home companies in the four and a half years this blog has . . . Read More

Work at Home Social Media Moderation at eModeration

Work from home as a community moderator for eModeration.Do you enjoy using social media? Do you enjoy the exchanges that happen in social media? Do you believe that you would be a good moderator for someone’s brand? Then eModeration might be the right work at home job for you. What Exactly Is eModeration? Emoderation is a work at home company that pays workers to moderate client’s social media presences. . . . Read More