The 5 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

Top 5 Best Ad NetworksUsing an ad network is a great way to make passive income as a blogger. They’re also very easy to set up. Pretty much all you have to do is grab a snippet of code and paste it into the parts of your site where you want ads to display. Once your ads are in place, in most cases you don’t really have to worry about them anymore. They just sit there, (hopefully) making you money. How Much Can You Make From An Ad Network? . . . Read More

4 Apps That Pay You to Unlock Your Phone

List of four apps that pay you to unlock your smartphone. This is VERY passive extra income!I love sharing info about apps that pay because so many of you have smartphones and it seems like there are constantly more and more ways to earn money with them. Recently, I’ve noticed a surge in these apps that pay you to unlock your phone. I like these because while it is of course just extra money, it’s still so passive! You literally don’t have to do anything apart from just have the app installed and running on your phone. At this time, the apps only work for Android . . . Read More

Where to Look For Worldwide Work at Home

Some great online resources for finding worldwide work at home jobs. I am from the US, as are the vast majority of my readers. This is why most of the work from home positions and extra cash ideas you find on this blog are intended mostly for people in the US. But, I still get regular emails from readers who are located outside the United States that desperately need to find home-based work. This post is intended to act as a resource for anyone looking for work from home jobs in other countries. . . . Read More

What Is The Perfect Work From Home Job For You?

What is the perfect home-based job for you?So you want to work from home, but you have no idea what type of work from home job would be ideal for you. There are so many different types of work from home jobs — call center work, writing, transcription, virtual assisting, moderation, etc., that it can be a little overwhelming thinking about what sort of work to pursue. This post is a list of different types of personality traits and skills that many people possess. I realize that you may have . . . Read More

Earn Extra Money Answering Questions For 1Q

Earn .25 to .50 cents per question for answering single questions for 1Q. Pay is via Paypal after questions are answered.Do you enjoy fast, easy money? Do you love it when people pick your brain? Do you usually have your smart phone with you? Then 1Q might be something for you to try. 1Q is one of those fun and easy sites where you can answer a few questions and make money. Questions come in off and on throughout the day, and you answer them via your PC or laptop or on your smart phone by downloading the app. Questions are usually demographically specific and are based on where you live. . . . Read More

Making Extra Money as a Mystery Shopper

Make extra money mystery shopping.Mystery shopping is for real. Yes, there are many mystery shopping scams out there, too, but it’s also a legit way to make extra money — you just have to know how to spot the scams and educate yourself on the legit companies you can register with. It’s not “work from home,” but it is a flexible way to make money doing something that you may consider fun anyway — shopping! Keep in mind that even though it can be fun, mystery shopping is not necessarily . . . Read More

The Blogging Course I Recommend – Elite Blog Academy

I wanted to let all my readers who have blogs or are interested in blogging that the Elite Blog Academy blogging course will be open for enrollment beginning November 28th through December 5th. I am taking this course myself (I signed up back in September when it opened for the first time), and I’ve seen absolutely fantastic results from it, so I have no hesitation in recommending it. If you are serious about blogging professionally and want to take things to the “next level” in 2015 with your blog, then this is definitely the right course to take. . . . Read More

Work From Home Customer Service For

Do you want to work from home in the travel industry? has regular openings for work from home customer service agents.Are you an experienced cruise industry professional? Are you someone who really enjoys and excels at customer service? Are you ready to work from home as an employee with benefits instead of an independent contractor? Then becoming a cruise customer service agent at might be of interest to you. As its name so obviously implies, is a travel-based website where potential travelers come to get the best prices on cruises and cruise packages. . . . Read More

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Business Opportunity

Dove Chocolate DiscoveriesDove Chocolate Discoveries (DCD) specializes in unique Dove Chocolate products not sold in stores. The name “Dove” is a familiar name to most chocolate lovers.  Owned by the Mars Company the same company that makes M&M’s®, Snickers®, and Dove®—Frank  and Ethel Mars had a tradition of making and selling chocolate from their home during the 1880’s. The Mars Company wanted to go back to their roots of sharing chocolate in homes, therefore this sweet business opportunity of being a chocolatier with DCD was born. . . . Read More