Why I’m Using Gumroad To Sell My E-Books

gumroad excerptI have recently started using a site called Gumroad to sell my e-books. This site has impressed me so much that I wanted to review it here in case any of you have digital products you’d like to sell online. You can sell things like e-books, printables, or even music on Gumroad, and then you can set it up so your readers can pay whatever they can afford for your products!

10 Ways to Manage Time Efficiently While Working at Home

excerptStaying focused and productive as a work at home mom is an ongoing struggle for me. I’m the queen of distraction! I love to stop what I’m what doing and read emails and check Facebook. And sometimes I’ll get caught up doing housework, cooking, and cleaning instead of working. Those things are for sure important, but I shouldn’t be doing them while I need to be working.

Rent Out Your Stuff and Make Money at Zilok

excerptDo people tell you that you have a lot of “stuff”? Are you constantly accumulating tools and gadgets? Would you like to make a little side money off of your accumulation? Then Zilok might be the site with your name on it! In a nutshell, Zilok is a site where you can make money renting out your things. You must have a Paypal account to get paid.

Get Paid to Write Short News Articles For SmartBrief

smartbrief reviewSmartBrief is a company with regular openings for freelance writers. This company is in the business of creating email newsletters for specific industries, containing the most relevant industry news for executives and professionals who work within those industries. I frequently see SmartBrief freelance writing openings listed on the job boards I visit.

100 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Online

quick rewards excerptEven if you have a work at home job that more or less pays the bills, there’s a lot to be said for extra cash opportunities. There are many different little “side-gigs” I’ve had access to over the years that have seriously come in handy for me. I’ve used them to help pay for Christmas, gas money, extra money for movie and a dinner out, and even just to help make ends meet week to week.

6 Ways to Get Paid For Making Lists

lists-excerptPeople love to read lists, and writers like to make lists. I make plenty of them here! It’s a win-win because they are easy to write, and they are also easy to read. Because lists are so popular, there are websites that only post lists. So for today’s post, I’ve create a list (go figure) of sites that pay you to make lists for them! :) Some of these sites pay very well for lists, and some only offer you ad revenue.

Work From Home Jobs For Nurses

nurse excerptAre you a nurse who wants to stay home with your children? Do you feel that because you are a nurse and not a freelancer, you can’t stay home with them? Would you like to figure out a way to practice nursing and to stay home with your children? Well, then becoming a work at home nurse may give you the best of both worlds. This post provides options and information on home-based nursing.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

facebook excerptWhen people ask me about my job and I tell them I’m a blogger, nine times out of ten the next question I get is, “How in the world does a blog earn money?!” There are a lot of people who never realized blogs can be profitable. In case you’re curious about the same, I’ve shared today the most common ways bloggers earn money from their blogs along with other details you might have been curious about.

How to Make Money With Your Junk Mail at SBKC

junk mail excerptWhen I first learned about this company, I thought wow!  A company that will actually pay me to send in my junk mail. I could end up a millionaire.  I get a ton of junk mail!  So what is the catch? The SBKC or Small Business Knowledge Center is a group of panelists that study direct mail and direct mail marketing trends.  One of the ways they do this is to have panelists send in their direct mail.

9 Sales Jobs Paying Base Plus Commission

headset excerptMany people looking to work from home that are OK with phone work tend to shy away from commission-based sales positions. Today, I wanted to make a list of sales jobs that offer a base pay in addition to commission. This is a lot “safer” and provides the best of both worlds because you’ll earn a certain amount of money hourly whether you makes sales/get leads or not.

11 Inexpensive Home Business Ideas

Work from home as a virtual assistant for Contemporary VA.Most of the posts on this blog are about working at home for other people. However, there are a lot of fantastic things about working from home for yourself! Some of the best things about working for yourself include being in complete control of your own hours, setting your own rates for your products and services, and the fact that there isn’t as much of a “cap” on your income.