5 Parenting Websites That Pay Remote Writers

Raising a tiny human being to become a full-fledged, functioning adult is a thankless – and expensive – job the vast majority of the time.

However, for the enterprising, entrepreneurial parent, it doesn’t have to be; if you have the writing skills, you can utilize your newfound child-rearing knowledge and turn it into a business by penning articles and blog posts for websites on anything and everything, from how-to posts that list ways to distract your children on a rainy day, to craft-making activities that are educational, to the best baby products every mom-to-be must have.

Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your discarded-cracker-filled-bed in your jam-stained pajamas.

Read on to find out which parenting websites and blogs allow – and encourage – all of the above.

1 – Adoptive Families

Publications have key demographics, and Adoptive Families is no exception. The online publication focuses on topics relating to adoption, so naturally they are looking for writers with expertise in this arena.

The website’s tagline is “The How-To-Adopt and Adoption Parenting Network.” They have provided core topics, like “adoption from foster care,” and “adoptive parents of color,” that you can choose from when submitting, and they list helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when you pitch an idea.

It’s important to note that it can take up to 8 – 10 weeks for the publication to respond to a submission, and payment varies by assignment.

2 – Lies About Parenting

Lies About Parenting is the tongue-in-cheek, fun website that allows you to, as a parent, constructively vent about the trials and tribulations of parenthood – in article form.

Advertised as not “your typical parenting website,” Lies uncovers the nitty, gritty truth that parents, under pressure by Perfect Pinterest Moms and societal expectations, are often afraid to open up about.

On the site, there are communities for parent writers, in-depth buying guides for kids’ products, and blogs about parenting techniques. One of the coolest features, in our opinion, is that the publication tackles tough current event topics, and how to talk to your children about them.

Submissions are currently closed; however, you can still send in your “best kick-ass work.”

The website encourages posts about kids and reading, traveling, modern parenting techniques, and “Words of Wisdom” from gurus you trust, like teachers, experts, doctors, advocates, etc.

Pay is $50 for original works.

3 – Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun has been around since 1991, and calls itself the “country’s number-one magazine for families with children ages 3 to 12.”

It focuses on providing parents with tips on how to navigate, well, parenthood, and gives caregivers ideas on how to create memories to truly last a lifetime.

Just to showcase how truly serious this magazine is about putting out quality work: they schedule posts at least five months in advance of publication, and it can take 6 – 8 weeks for a response after a writer submits – so be patient!

It is recommended to check out the magazine before submitting – back issues are available on the App Store, or you can subscribe at familyfunmag.com.

The magazine receives a lot of submissions on the same topic typically, so take your time when submitting to this one. Brainstorm your ideas in a second document. Write 2 – 3 sentences on pitch topics to get those brain juices flowing.

Pay is a nice, hefty $1.25 per word, with articles typically coming in at around 850 – 3,000 words.

4 – Mamalode

Mamalode isn’t like other magazines for parent writers, it’s a cool magazine for parent writers – and it’s a supportive one at that.

Right on their homepage, they have a big button encouraging writers to write for them. It posts articles on monthly themes, like #badassmoms, “Playing Monopoly With God,” – they even have space for audio submissions for a podcast.

It is one of the more unique websites we uncovered in our search. Called “America’s BEST parenting magazine” by the Co-Founder of BlogHer, Lisa Stone, Mamalode is dedicated to collecting “the best of the blogosphere” – and that hopefully means your writing!

Paid per pageview – up to $50 per 5,000 pageviews.

5 – Her View From Home

This is a website that celebrates the joy of motherhood and family life – and it’s a booming one. There are over 170+ contributors, and it’s only continuing to grow and accept new submissions.

The website tackles a variety of topics, from grief, to health, to style, and everything in-between.

While its mission statement isn’t religious in nature, it does seem to be Christian faith-based – something you should definitely take into consideration before submitting your writing.

Values-based websites, like many others, want a specific style of writing, and there’s no point in wasting your time (or theirs) if your views do not align.

Pay is based on unique views, which are recorded for 30 days after your work goes live. You must have between 250 – 500 views to get paid, with payouts (via PayPal) starting at $5 – but you can make up to $100 as a freelancer.

Choosing a publication shouldn’t be based on money alone – it should also be based on what it will do for you as a freelancer or for your own business.

If writing is a form of supplemental income for you, then by all means, write for whatever publication you want to write for. If writing is that, plus the foundation of a business you’re building for yourself, for your family for lasting income, and to be an inspiration to your kids, then make sure you pick and choose wisely.

You want your name on a publication and brand you can stand behind – one that you truly believe in, and one that will enable your business to substantially grow.

Pageview pay isn’t necessarily recommended for professional writers, but think about it like this: what’s good for a publication’s brand is good for your brand.

More and more entertainment outlets and news sources are focusing on an individual’s or proprietorship’s following, which can be frustrating for artists, but not if they view it in an entrepreneurial light.

In short – make lemonade out of lemons, and get to writing!

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