Work From Home Scheduling For Paragon Planners

Paragon Planners is an established company that has occasional openings for work from home schedulers/appointment setters in the financial wholesaling industry.

If you visit their website,  you'll see that they also have a few other work from home opportunities available in addition to the appointment setting position. The company has been in business since 2002.

I cannot confirm if this company is open to workers outside the US. My guess is possibly not since it appears they are based in the US.

What is the nature of the work?

The website is a little vague regarding this, but it's obviously phone work doing scheduling for financial wholesalers.

I'm not clear on whether this is inbound or outbound calling, but I would assume it's a little of both. From what I'm reading on the company's services page, this may be similar to virtual assistant jobs where you do a variety of tasks for your assigned clients.

How much does Paragon Planners pay?

Even though many appointment setting positions pay commission, this one is hourly. The exact amount of money you earn will depend on your experience.

People who are entry-level may start out at around $12 hourly. If you are more experienced, you may earn around $14 hourly.

I couldn't find information on when payment is made, but I was browsing through the testimonials on the Paragon Planners “Opportunities” page and saw where one of their workers mentioned pay being made on time monthly.

However, this could be something that's changed since that testimonial was published so take it with a grain of salt.

Are you an independent contractor or an employee?

I read on the Work Place Like Home forum that it's an employee position, but someone stated there that they were asked if they wanted to be an employee or an IC when they applied. The Paragon Planners website does say that all positions are on a contract basis.

How is your schedule at Paragon Planners?

This company wants you to be on a fixed schedule, so they will need to know the exact days you're available prior to giving you a schedule.

New workers don't start off with a lot of hours, and by not a lot I mean probably not more than nine hours per week. However, Paragon Planners may increase your hours after you've worked there for a while and proven your skills.

I did read that most new workers will start off with just one client to service, and that would explain the small number of hours to start.

How does the application process work?

The website has an email where you can send your resume and cover letter along with the name of a contact person. If they are interested, they may email you back with some questions to answer.

This might be followed up by two more interviews while they decide whether or not you're a fit for the job.

How is the feedback on Paragon Planners?

You can of course read the high praise they have listed on their website just under the information on how to apply.

Most of the little details I found for this review came from the Work Place Like Home forum. Unfortunately it looks like no one who posted there actually got hired, so there's no feedback from them.

There's nothing on Glassdoor that I can find, either, so I'm really coming up a little dry on the feedback. But if the testimonials on their website are to be believed, it may be a nice work from home job to have.

How can you start?

Visit the “Opportunities” page on the Paragon Planners website for the info you need to get started. Please keep in mind the company may not have openings at this time.

Good luck, and please comment below if you'd like to share your experience working for this company.

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14 thoughts on “Work From Home Scheduling For Paragon Planners”

  1. I did not get a job there. They send me rejection mail saying not selected same day. This place won’t give unemployed people a chance. I have years of call center experience. They need to work on their attitude better.

  2. Well I did not get the job here. I will just keep trying and the company that will hire me they will not be sorry. God is able.

  3. I was hired a couple of months ago, June, but had to let the position go before I was scheduled to work, due to some health issues.

    As far as payment:
    You are required to submit 1 timesheet per client, assuming that you will have more than one client.
    You are paid monthly.

    New Employee Orientation, via phone is about 2-3 hours and is paid for.

    There are two options IC or employee, I was paid for training, as an employee.

    When ever you need to take off, you have to let them know in advance and have to make up hours ahead of time, notating that on your timesheet.

    If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to ask me! I still have all of the info from the company.

    • Even though you only worked for them briefly, did you have a positive experience and was it worthwhile work? What kind of work did you do, or do they have? Thanks!

      • Sorry – coffee still hasn’t kicked in! Just realized you didn’t actually start work with them. What is your opinion of the training process though? Thank you!

        • Hi Layne, The training process is about 2 days, it’s paid for which is nice. It’s a couple of hours each day that you spend on the phone with a manager/supervisor going over everything. It’s alot of information to take in, so I would suggest really studying when you receive the training packet.

    • Hi Ms.A how long did it take them to get back with you after you answers the questions. I did received the email for that and sent my answers off. Thank in advance and I pray that God heal any health issues that you may have. Much blessing to you.

      • Ms. M, thank you!! It took about a week or so for them to respond. They are very prompt. God Bless you as well!

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