5 Places To Sell Your Used Clothes Online

Five places to sell your used clothing online.

As a parent, selling my family’s used clothes is a smart way to earn extra cash and get rid of the clutter, so I wanted to share with our readers my favorite places to sell used clothing online. Here’s a list of five reputable sites you can use: 1 – eBay Everyone knows you can sell … Read more

5 Places to Sell Sewing Patterns Online

Are you crafty? Do you create your own patterns for the things you make? Here are more than five legitimate sites online you can use to sell your patterns.

It has come to my attention that I have quite a few people reading this blog who are extremely crafty! If this sounds like you and you also happen to create your own patterns for the crafts you make, today’s post could benefit you. Below, I’m listing several places online where you can sell your … Read more

Etsy Seller Overview – How To Sign Up And Earn Money

Etsy seller overview

I don’t know about you, but I love to shop at Etsy! You can find some of the most unique vintage and handmade items there. If you’re creative and are looking for a good online outlet to showcase and sell your stuff, you might want to consider becoming an Etsy seller. What can you sell at … Read more

Wondering What to Sell Online For Easy Money? Here are 7 Ideas.

7 things to sell for easy money online featured.

Many people wonder what to sell online to make some easy money. Today, I decided to make a list of 10 good ideas for you. If you’re like me, most of these items get tossed in the trash or given away depending on what it is. However, it might surprise you to learn that you … Read more

Want An Online Store? Here’s How to Build One Using Zazzle.


If you’re creative and you are pretty good at making or coming up with your own artwork and designs, you may be able to earn some money on the side selling on Zazzle. This site reminds me a lot of Cafe Press actually, it is basically the same thing. If you aren’t creative but you do have … Read more

How to Get Cash For Textbooks With eCampus.com

ecampus featured

A few months ago I wrote about ways to sell your old books and textbooks. E-Campus is one site that was on that list, although they only accept used textbooks, not used books. They are one of the more reputable sites you can use to get cash for textbooks. Here’s how to get cash for textbooks with eCampus: … Read more