Work at Home Writing Resumes For Talent, Inc.

Do friends and family tell you that you have a knack for writing resumes? Do you enjoy working with people to improve their current resumes? Do you have an overall good command of the English language? Then you may be interested in the work at home resume writing position at Talent, Inc.

What Exactly is Talent Inc.?

Talent Inc. is a company that hires resume writers to work from home. Not only will you be writing resumes, but also CVs (Curriculum Vitae), LinkedIn Profiles, phone consultations, and employment correspondence.

Talent Inc. operates on the importance of clients making a good, first impression with their resumes along with being prepared to optimize their career and job searches. Talent Inc. also stresses the importance of branding themselves in the process similar to the way a company would brand itself.

Talent Inc. has built partnerships with over 100 job boards across the globe. Some of the familiar names are TopResume, CV Now,, Resume2Hire, LinkedIn Builder, and JobFox.

Upon checking their career page, you will see that there are openings for  such jobs as web designer, DevOps Engineer, and several others in addition to the resume writing position.

What is the Pay at Talent Inc.?

The pay is per project, and you will receive your earnings monthly, at the end of each month.

An old job posting for Talent, Inc. states that compensation starts at $20 per resume, and that writers can make additional income performing phone calls and rush service, additional edits, and cover letter writing.

On Glassdoor, the salary reports show that most are earning $21 hourly — which makes me think it must take around an hour to do one resume.

What Are Some of the Perks That Resume Writers Can Expect Working at Talent Inc.?

Remote resume writers can expect to:

  • enjoy a flexible schedule while working from home.
  • have a steady stream of resume clients.
  • have Talent Inc.’s support services helping and guiding you.
  • access important cutting-edge industries and resources in resume writing.
  • maximize growth opportunities in the writing fields such as social media writing.

What Are the Equipment/Computer Requirements to Work for Talent Inc.?

The job posting does not state any specific equipment you need to do the work, but it goes without saying a reliable computer and a solid internet connection will be must-haves.

What Are the Professional Requirements to Work for Talent Inc.?

The professional requirements are:

  • a background in Human Resources, recruiting or professional writing.
  • outstanding writing and editing skills with experience preferred.
  • a solid customer service background.
  • attention to detail even under pressure.
  • excellent time management skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • a desire to grow and improve your writing skills.

What is the Schedule Like at Talent Inc.?

While you are allowed to set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like, the deadlines can be tight. Make sure that you are able to meet them for that week. You will be part of a writing network.

Are You an Employee or an Independent Contractor at Talent Inc.?

You are an independent contractor responsible for your own taxes. Should you make over $600 a year, you will be sent a 1099 Income Tax Form.

What Do Current Workers Think Of Talent, Inc.?

The company has a 3.3 rating on Glassdoor — based on 130ish reviews — as of December 2018.

Most of the happy campers love that they can work whenever they want, entirely from home.

However, there are some negative reviews as well stating that the QA team is hard to deal with and also that the time it takes to communicate with clients and deliver the work make it so you're only earning minimum wage or less (despite the salary reports showing most are earning $21 hourly).

For those of you who are blind or visually impaired — I got some feedback from a reader who is blind and applied to work here. This person made it through the hiring process, but reported being terminated after asking if someone on the company's
end could ensure her rewritten resumes were formatted properly.

Just something to keep in mind if you have a visual impairment or are blind and want to work here.

How Can an Interested Individual Apply to Talent Inc.?

Go to the website and begin the application process.

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11 thoughts on “Work at Home Writing Resumes For Talent, Inc.”

  1. I worked with this company before Talent, Inc. got hold of it. When the original owner had it, she placed much more value on quality over quantity, and worked very hard to be sure both customer and writer were happy. There was much greater transparency and flexibility. After it morphed into Talent, Inc., it became a resume mill, with unrealistic expectations, considerable dis-communication from salaried customer service staff to clientele and grindingly low pay. I was once assigned three resumes and a CV – all due on the same day (3 days later, which was standard turnaround) and two were in fields I had no expertise in. To do a mediocre job would still require at least 2 hrs of research per resume on top of the two hour writing time management tells you is all it takes to produce quality work. The pitch to the customer was that they would be working with a writer who was familiar with their field. I asked that two of the jobs be reassigned (I was also working a full time job and doing this as a side job) and was told that my reasons for asking were insufficient to reassign. The real story was that they didn’t have enough writers to accommodate the customers they had, and I had a 3 year reputation for quality work AND for being dependable.

    Talent, Inc. has blown through many long-term writers such as myself, and routinely pick up freelancers who think that this is a slam-dunk job. Most leave after one or two months. You are not just a writer here – you are also expected to do extensive research, customer service (especially with those customers who feel they have been ripped off and you get to clean up another writer’s mess) AND you are the production staff. Your average wage ends up $5.00 an hour or so for the amount of work you put in.

    I wound up doing inbound customer service with another WAH company, earning MORE money doing a job that a high school dropout could perform and having a better work-life balance. If you have the skills to be a resume writer, do it AS A BUSINESS ON YOUR OWN. Stay clear of Talent, Inc. unless you want to work with a bunch of liars who will cheat you – and your customers – at every turn.

    • Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately some WAH jobs and companies do go the way of the dinosaur. There will always be more money doing any skill as your own business.

  2. For some reason this company’s resume writer job ad popped up on a search (within a different category). Out of curiosity I took a look.

    While the company appears to be at least semi-legit, I can’t imagine anyone with any decent level of professional skill deciding to work on their resume projects.

    The pay rate according to the ad is $18-35 per project. The ad also states most projects require 1-2 hours of work. On what planet is that even remotely possible or reasonable?

    That time frame and pay rate is a joke. 1-2 hours is barely enough time to thoroughly read and locate major flaws in a typical DIY resume to even begin thinking about re-writing.

    I’ve written resumes and other career focused items for close to 20 years. It is not uncommon for a resume writing project to take up to 10 hours. Mind you, I write quite well and create a custom product for each client; not a template and not that usual so-called professional resume crap that some sites charge $100s-1000s for resumes that look stuck in 1972.

    I have an extensive amount of ongoing and current experience from corporate hiring so I completely understand modern recruiting practices, tools and screening methods. My writing project clients are mostly referrals and repeats so I know the quality exceeds expectations.

    Even if someone only spent 2 hours on a resume project, he or she would not even be paid minimum wage in CA and many other locations based on the lower end of the published rate.

    Not only would I not recommend this as a “job” but I would caution anyone considering using this service that what they are paying for is not going to be worth the rates they charge on their website.

    Get multiple personal recommendations and vet each provider to make sure the level of service matches your needs. There are far too many phony people and predatory firms out there taking advantage of people in need.

  3. Talent, Inc./Topresume

    Before you work for any company, check out their BBB rating which you can find here:

    You can also look at their Glassdoor rating which is by people who work there.

  4. This company used to be good to work for. I started with them in early 2015 and stayed with them for nearly a year, making anywhere from $400-1200/month. However, recent changes in management and policies have made it no longer viable. I used to be able to pick and choose which orders to take, but that has become increasingly difficult. (The $20 orders are NOT worth it — they end up paying way less than minimum wage. However, the $60 orders end up being decent compensation most of the time.) Additionally, order support has gone down hill. They used to respond within 24 hours, but now it can take up to a week at times…which is problematic because company policy is that clients need to receive a response message within 24 hours. That’s a little tricky when you don’t have the information you need from the order support team. Lastly, I experienced numerous glitches in the way that the system worked in the last few months. Orders were labeled as “late” even though they were submitted before the deadline, and the “reassignment” feature allowing me to give away jobs I didn’t want inexplicably stopped working even though according to the published company policy I should have been allowed unlimited reassignment within 24 hours of orders being assigned. (I was trying to reassign within the hour.) When I asked questions about why these things happened, the managers ignored all of my questions, and all of the evidence I presented *from their own “knowledge base,” and did their best to sweep me under the rug.
    Things were great at first, but management changes and policy changes have led to a disorganized system that doesn’t play by its own rules.

    • Sorry to hear that, Elizabeth Dee. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes in the work-at-home world. Things start out well then new management comes along with many changes. The work disappears or the money gets reduced or both. Have you thought about trying to offer your services as a freelancer?

      • Yes, Leisa — I am a full time freelancer. I do resume and cover letter work, editing, proofreading, article writing…all sorts of stuff. The thing that used to be nice about Talent Inc was that I didn’t have to spend unpaid time writing proposals in order to get work. The Talent Inc pay wasn’t as high as independent jobs, but I didn’t have to waste time writing proposals that didn’t guarantee work, and I could turn down the lowest paying jobs, so it evened out somewhat. But, as I said, Talent Inc just wasn’t worth it anymore after the recent changes. Now I need to figure out how to make up for that gaping hole in my income!

  5. Worked for Talent, Inc. for a month as a resume writer. Great opportunity if you don’t mind doing all the work for what amounts to far less than minimum wage. They only bring the client. The writer did everything else. Everything. But it was great experience and exposure to an industry and now I can say I did it.

  6. I originally worked for Rezbiz and it later became Talent, Inc. I found the job through this website. They pay once a month- direct deposit. It’s great because you can accept how many projects you want at one time. You have a seven day revision period where you work with the client through their system to create their resume, cover letter, Linkedin Profile. If you have any issues, customer service is a quick message away and they respond pretty quickly even on the weekends. I’ve been with them for over a year and I love it because I can work and be at home with my children.

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