5 Work From Home Hotel Jobs – [Legit & Reputable!]

Have you always been interested in working in hospitality? Do you want to work from home as well? Are you ready to work from home for some of the top names in the hotel industry?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then keep reading!

There are top hotel chains and other hospitality companies that are willing to hire you to work remotely from home as customer experience or reservation reps.

This article will explore five work from home hotel jobs, give you an idea of some of the remote jobs offered, and then tell you where to find the jobs.

Note that the one major downside to these companies is that almost all of them, with the exception of a few, are location-based jobs.

So, What Are the Five Work From Home Hotel Jobs?

Below are the five companies we found offering work at home hotel jobs currently or recently.

  • Best Western
  • Hilton Worldwide
  • HotelPlanner
  • Benchmark Hospitality
  • HotelEngine

Scroll down to read about each one and the remote job offered.

1 – Best Western

Best Western sometimes has a remote customer service representative position listed on their website, and it is there as of the time of this writing!

While the position is entry-level, you do have to be based in the state of Arizona (where their headquarters is located) to qualify. But the position is work at home.

Rate of pay isn't listed, but benefits are offered.

Go here to apply.

2 – Hilton Worldwide

Hilton does hires remote reservation agents to make and change hotel reservations for guests worldwide. In the past the Hilton only hired remotely in Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida, but you'll just have to keep tabs on their careers page because the locations may change.

Most of these jobs are around $13 (or more) an hour.

There are also freelance travel writing and food writing jobs (restaurant critiques) for the Hilton Worldwide on Indeed, ProBlogger, and FlexJobs. These jobs will vary in pay rates.

It doesn't appear that Hilton has any work from home positions right now, but this is the page on their site to keep tabs on to continue to check for it.

3 – HotelPlanner

This company doesn't offer jobs through a specific hotel chain. Instead, they pay you to set up reservations for large groups at all kinds of hotel chains.

If a call you accept results in a hotel booking, you earn a commission that is based on the booking profit after the guest checks out.

The job is commission-only, but the company states up to $30 hourly is possible. Most people apparently do average at least $15.

You can read our HotelPlanner review, or apply for a job with them here.

4 – Benchmark Hospitality

Benchmark Hospitality is currently hiring reservation sales specialists to work full-time from home.

This position requires that you answer inbound calls and booking reservations for guests interested in staying at one of their luxury resorts or hotels.

Hotel and sales experience is required.

While the position description doesn't say specifically, it may be that you need to live in or near The Woodlands, TX to qualify.

Go here to apply.

5 – HotelEngine

HotelEngine currently has a need for work at home member support associates (both overnight and regular hours) in the US.

In this role, you will collaborate with members via phone, email and chat to manage current reservations. Other responsibilities are also listed. 

The role during regular hours pays $20/hourly, and the overnight position pays $22/hourly.

Go here for more details and to apply for either position.

In Conclusion

If the hospitality industry has always appealed to you, now is your chance to search these websites and try to find a work from home hotel job! Good luck!

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  1. For those who are thinking about applying at Omni beware. I worked at home for Omni for over a year. They shave your commission, which is decided by the QA team who were to vague. We use to have weekly reports to let us know how much we booked in revenue,and how much we could potentially get in commission. So lets say you had the potential to earn $200 you would only get like$15 with no clear explanation. The best they could come up with. It was always you could of done this so you are not getting your money even though you were able to get the reservation. No weekly meeting with your boss, so if your time needed to be corrected it was always done after the fact,and to late to get proper payout. Constant system issues, one time there soft ware just completely crashed for about 13 hours. Instead of logging off they had us go online to the public websites, and make reservations. In the notes we had to leave are agent so we could get credit for the reservation. Really? Oh,and if you had a schedule day off,and it fell on a holiday then to bad you had to work with no scheduled day off later in the week. So just 1 day off that week. Also if you tried to bid to work an earlier time, they ignored it. In conclusion to me it’s not worth working at home but, in center was not much better.

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