Remotasks Review – Get Paid to Work Remotely Training AI

Lately, I have been coming across a large number of companies that are paying people to work at home, training AI.

Regardless of how you feel about AI personally as to whether or not it will one day replace humans in many different professions, it can't be denied that, currently, it is actually creating work.

To put it simply, AI cannot work if humans don't make it work. So at least for now (and probably indefinitely), we are still needed.

One company I keep seeing with openings for AI training is Remotasks. They pay well and offer a lot of schedule flexibility, and I haven't written a remote company overview in quite some time, so I figured I'd take a closer look at Remotasks for you today.

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a company that helps many major companies (their clients) help develop AI for their products. They do this with the help of hundreds of thousands of “taskers” who are registered with the platform to complete short tasks across a variety of different categories, depending on what the client is needing.

Is Remotasks open to people outside the United States?

You can work for Remotasks in other countries apart from just the US. Their homepage makes it very clear that their tasker community is global, encompassing 90 different countries.

That said, some of the jobs I see on their jobs page say they prefer a US location. But the positions are still open globally.

What sort of work do you do for Remotasks?

On the homepage, it says you could be doing everything from transcribing audio to labeling images. It also says that you can unlock higher paying projects over time as you get trained on them.

Right now on their jobs page, they have a lot of openings for writers speaking a number of different languages to help AI become better writers in those languages.

As mentioned above, the work you will do for Remotasks will vary just depending on what is needed at the time.

What qualifications do you need to work for Remotasks?

Their homepage doesn't give a lot of information on the qualifications needed. I didn't make an account myself, but it looks like you can just make an account there pretty easily.

I do know that there are a lot of assessments/exams you have to take before they will approve you to work on any projects.

These assessments can take hours and hours to complete, and they can be quite difficult. It's nothing you can just breeze through. You have to set aside time to do them and be very careful because some questions are tricky.

Looking at their jobs page, the qualifications vary depending on the work. If you are applying for a specific project related to understanding a certain language or subject, then it appears they want a degree or language proficiency in those languages/subjects.

Remotasks will also let you do training for higher-paying tasks so you can get approved for those.

How much does Remotasks pay?

Each project pays differently. Some people on higher-paying projects are able to earn over $1000 per week, while others may earn literal cents.

Again, it will just depend on what you are doing for them. Still, it does seem this sort of work has the potential to pay a lot better than many other side-gigs you may be checking into.

How often does Remotasks pay?

Remotasks pays you every week for the work you do. Paypal is the method of payment they use.

How much are you expected to work?

This is very much a flexible schedule opportunity. There is no set time or amount you have to work. Just work whenever it suits you.

What equipment do you need?

The only thing required to work for Remotasks is a computer and an internet connection. You don't need anything else.

People often wonder if it's OK to use a smartphone to work for Remotasks and sites like it. As for Remotasks, they make it pretty clear in their FAQ you can't do that. You can log into their platform using your smartphone, but there are many tasks you won't be able to complete without using a computer.

What do other Remotasks workers say about the opportunity?

I have checked around for feedback, and it varies. Reddit has a lot of feedback you can read through on the Work Online sub-Reddit.

The general consensus is that YES, you can make really, really good money on Remotasks. But there are also a lot of people voicing frustration because of the difficulty of the exams and training, the length of time it takes to do them, being unexpectedly dropped from projects, and failing exams for no reason they really understand.

Also, it seems that reaching out to support for any type of help is very hit or miss. Their support for taskers apparently leaves a little to be desired.

With sites like this, my advice is go for it if you need the money and you really think you could do the work. No one is going to sneeze at the potential to earn $20 hourly or more for what may be easy, mindless tasks once you're approved to do them!

BUT. Please don't rely on this. Have something else on the back burner. Projects on Remotasks and sites like it will come and go. It could be a very feast or famine type situation for you if you are depending solely on Remotasks for your income.

To back up what I am saying, read through this thread and this thread on Reddit. These make it clear exactly why you shouldn't depend on Remotasks 100%.

How to Apply For Remotasks

If you want to go ahead and start the process of working for Remotasks, you can go to their website here and get started.

They also have a separate “jobs” page (I'm assuming this is for some of their more advanced work?), and you can apply to those if you meet the qualifications.

Good luck if you decide to go for it!

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