Pinch Me Review – How to Get Monthly Boxes of Free Stuff

Pinch Me Review - Get boxes of free samples every month!This blog post was sponsored by PINCH me. 

I know how many of you love product testing and free samples, so I'm sharing a little info with you today about a fun site called PINCH me. Through PINCH me, you can get a box full of free samples from popular brands every single month. However, the samples do go quickly once they become available so you have to act fast if you want to claim them before they are gone.

How PINCH me Works

Sign up. You can do this quickly through either your Facebook account or just with your email address.

After your account has been created, you will be asked to fill out a shopper survey to help PINCH me learn more about you and your shopping habits so they can better match you to samples.

Then, visit the PINCH me site on Sample Tuesday (which comes around once a month) and watch the ticker in the upper right corner of their webpage to see when samples will show up as available.

Be quick and claim the ones you want once they are available and wait for them to arrive. They are completely free, and the shipping is also free provided you live in the 48 contiguous states in America.

PINCH me will send you a helpful email reminder before Sample Tuesday comes around each month so you don't forget!

Tell PINCH me What You Think

The only thing PINCH me asks for in exchange for sending you a box of freebies is your opinion. They want you to try out the things you receive, and then answer questions about them (honestly) so they can share your thoughts with the brands who provide the samples.

Note that you will have to fill out these surveys if you want to continue being eligible for more samples in the future.

My Sample Box For June

For the purposes of this blog post, PINCH me was kind enough to send over a huge box of samples for me, so I can show you the types of things they send out and some of the brands they work with.

Note that typically you can only choose up to 5 samples on sample Tuesday, but I did receive more than that from PINCH me to show a better variety of products to you:

A lot of great stuff was inside that I'm very excited to try out!

Want to Sign Up For PINCH me?

You can go here to sign up and start snagging your own free samples each month.

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5 thoughts on “Pinch Me Review – How to Get Monthly Boxes of Free Stuff”

  1. You have to earn tokens now and do those surveys that you spend a lot of time doing only to find out you didn’t qualify for it, after that survey just took yyou 10 minutes you just answered what snacks you buy , they get their answers and I didn’t get zip for that wasted 10 minutes
    they always have enough 40 year old white females doing the survey.I t has IMO turned into a sort of scam and about ready to take my name off their list
    Also to get free samples example Graze sign up get a free box of 4 snacks you pay shipping and to get even that you have to give credit card info guess what in a week or 2 you get charged full price for your next Graze box before even from blogs comments before you even try your 4 pack they auto enroll you in their club .
    I didn’t fall for it I went and canceled the free box and info before it even processed.
    The Graze site after answering 2 ?’s on snacks would not let me finish my likes and dislikes either kept crashing .

  2. On pinch me you have to update your user profile on sample days to see what you qualify for on those days. Try that.

  3. I waited for the clock like it said. And im not sure if i did it right because i never seen anything saying to claim sample where would you find that and i had picked samples early that i would like to recive if they ever came back around and put them in my wish list box i would love to receive some samples to review. Im new to pinch me so maybe i did something wrong. Any answer what i did wrong so maybe next time i could be selected for samples thanks in advance


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