6 Legit Second Jobs For Teachers For Summer Or After School!

Are you a teacher who could use a little extra money — or maybe even an income — that you earn from home?

You certainly aren't alone. And lucky for you there are a lot of second jobs for teachers that you can do in the summer, or even after your school day!

You likely already have the necessary skills and qualifications for several different home-based jobs. Here are some ideas:

6 Legit Second Jobs For Teachers

Virtual ESL Tutoring

This is a booming industry! Tons of companies are actively seeking online tutors and teachers to work with Chinese children on their English language skills. And your teaching degrees and experience will very likely land you a job with any one of these companies.

Some good companies actively seeking teachers include LatinHire, Cambly, and iTalki.

Virtual Tutoring

There are a ton of companies that hire people to work from home tutoring students of all ages online. Many of these companies require nothing more than a college degree while some do want you to have a teaching certificate.

Some popular companies to consider include Tutor.com, and Brainfuse. I also have more online tutoring jobs listed you might consider.

Virtual Teaching

In addition to tutoring, there are also actual teaching jobs you can do from home. However, these are more location-based and you wouldn't be able to hold down another teaching job at the same time.

Virtual teaching is like regular teaching, and it would probably have to be your full-time job.

Two companies to consider are Stride Learning and Connections Academy.

Test Scoring

Companies that hire people to score tests from home typically require that you have a minimum of a college degree and, depending on the type of test you're scoring, it may also be necessary that you have a teaching degree, too. This is work that can pay well and can be pretty flexible.

Companies to consider include Pearson, ETS, and Write Score.


There are several companies out there actively looking for people to write educational content. Some of the companies want teachers writing for them while others aren't as selective.

Companies to consider include eNotes, and ACT.

I also want to point out that writing is almost always very flexible work, so it may be possible to do some of these jobs on the side while you hold down a full-time teaching job outside the home.

Selling Educational Materials

As a teacher, you may have amassed a large collection of educational materials over the years that you can sell to other teachers who might need them — things like lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and other things that you might have created yourself. These can be uploaded online and sold to others via sites like Teachers Pay Teachers and eNotes.

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  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I love that selling teaching materials can be utilized by teachers and homeschool parents alike.

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  4. I found a new site, TheTeachersVault, that also allows teachers to sell their lesson plans, worksheets and activities online! The site looks professional and allows teachers to actually tag their products to Common Core standards or state standards.

  5. Thanks for the great ideas. Your readers may also like to try our website https://everyclass.com. Teachers can upload classes, share videos and create tests. These can then be shared with existing students or sold directly online to new students.

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