Creative Fabrica Review – A Go-To Site For Your Print-On-Demand Home Business

I have shared information on this blog multiple times about starting up a print-on-demand home business. Many people do this and are very successful!

If you aren't familiar with print-on-demand, it's basically a way to get any design you can dream up on a T-shirt, coffee mug, calendar, etc., and then sell it.

But — where do you get the designs?

You've probably browsed around on Redbubble and sites like it wondering how these designers make what they are selling. And this is where Creative Fabrica comes in. It's a resource many print-on-demand sellers are using to help with their creations.

Creative Fabrica is a massive library of over one million different kinds of fonts, graphics, PNGs, designs for crafts, artwork, and more.

In addition, Creative Fabrica also offers online classes you can take to learn graphic design, understand Etsy as a seller, learn paper crafting, Cricut, and a lot more.

How Creative Fabrica's Licensing Works

As you may know if you've already done a little research on print-on-demand, you need to have the licensing rights to use any designs you didn't create yourself. Creative Fabrica makes this easy for you and takes the worry out of it.

They offer two POD (print-on-demand) licenses you can use for any of their graphics or fonts you might like to use on your designs.

With the first, you pay a one-time fee for any font or graphic you want to use, and then you can use that font or graphic for life, with unlimited access to it. The prices for the fonts and graphics will vary, but from what I can tell, they are very affordable. Creative Fabrica is also frequently running sales and promotions on different offerings.

With the second option, you pay for an all-access subscription that lets you use ANY design or font on their site, any time. Creative Fabrica adds new content every single day, so you can browse around at your leisure and pick and choose any of them to use that fit the designs you're dreaming up.

However, once you stop paying for your monthly all-access subscription, you no longer have the rights to use Creative Fabrica's designs, and you will have to stop selling those particular products. That is the only catch to that option.

The all-access option is also very affordable, currently priced at $3.99 a month. This is billed to you at $47 for the year. So, it's up to you which option would best fit your needs.

You Can Use Creative Fabrica's Designs On Multiple Print-On-Demand Sites

One tip for print-on-demand sellers is not to limit yourself to just one platform. Once you've created a design you think is going to sell well, you should take advantage of multiple platforms so you can expand your reach and increase your money-making potential!

Thankfully, Creative Fabrica's licenses make it so you can sell across multiple print-on-demand platforms. That is another thing you do not have to worry about when using their designs.

There Is No Limit On the Number of Sales You Can Make

I've seen before that some licenses have a set number of sales you can make using a specific font or graphic. This is not how Creative Fabrica works. You can make an unlimited number of sales, and this applies to both licenses — the full license or the all access subscription plan.

However, if you've opted for the all access subscription, you can't sell their graphics or fonts anymore on your design once you let that subscription go. But while you have the subscription, your sales are uncapped.

Not having to worry about the number of sales you can make takes a lot of the worry out of the entire process. You won't have to keep a tedious track of that.

Creative Fabrica Makes It Easy to Access And Manage Your Digital Files Any Time

Every time you download a font or graphic from Creative Fabrica, your files will be saved onto your computer in the download folder. And your files are ALSO saved in your Creative Fabrica account so you can grab them any time you need them, even in the event your computer crashes or you don't have access to your home computer.

All you have to do to get to your files with the Creative Fabrica platform is visit their “Downloads & License Keys” section within your account, and they will always be there.

Creative Fabrica's Studio Feature

Creative Fabrica also has a Studio feature you can use to make the designs directly inside their platform. This could be helpful if you'd rather not take the extra step of uploading the designs you download into other online design tools.

You can essentially use Creative Fabrica for everything, from picking and choosing the graphics and designs you want, to actually making the designs.

Once the design is made, all you have to do is upload the completed design to Redbubble, Printify, or any other print-on-demand platform you are using for sales/exposure.


In Conclusion

I hope this information has given you a little more confidence when it comes to pursuing print-on-demand as a viable home business idea for yourself.

It can be daunting to visit print-on-demand sites and see such cool designs other sellers have made because you might think you don't have the resources of capability to create anything like that.

Well, Creative Fabrica is the secret you need to know about to get started! It's what many other print-on-demand sellers are using to dream up their creations (without any professional graphic design experience of their own), and it's what you can use as well.

And if you are worried about striking out as a beginner in print-on-demand without a lot of confidence in your abilities to learn to make your creations, remember that Creative Fabrica does have online classes you can take to help you get started and understand more what you are doing.

As always, I wish you good luck if you try this out!

This post was sponsored by Creative Fabrica.