How To Calculate Your Rates as a Freelance Writer

How to calculate your rates as a freelance writer

I have been a freelance writer for over 12 years. My first real, paid writing “gig” was as the Managing Editor of my college’s small literary magazine. I was also a writer for our college newspaper – a pretty big deal to 20-year-old me. My stipend was only $100/month, but as I typically write in … Read more

5 Places to Find Freelance Graphic Design Work

freelance graphic design

Are you looking for places to find freelance graphic design work? Below, I’ve listed five good sites to start checking today. If you aren’t already hitting these sites up for graphic design work, you should add them all to your list. We’ve found some good opportunities for graphic designers on all of them in the … Read more

Scribbr Review – Get Paid To Do Freelance Editing Online

scribbr review featured

Scribbr is a Netherlands based academic editing and proofreading company with an international scope, offering their services in up to 10 different languages. Editors are available 365 days a year, and are able to meet fairly strict deadlines. Their rates are competitive, and their online interface makes the whole process of submitting work to be … Read more

Work at Home As a Freelancer For

Work at home as a freelance for

FreeeUp is a company that puts skilled freelance workers together with clients who need their services. They place a strong emphasis on vetting the freelancers in their network, so that only those with the very best qualifications are accepted, and they use this focus on high-quality workers as a big selling point in their marketing … Read more

Where Can I Find Steady Freelance Writing Work?

Wondering where you can find steady freelance writing work? This post has answers that may help!

One of the most common questions I receive when talking about freelance writing jobs is where can I find steady work? The fact of the matter is, writing from home can be inconsistent at best. Most freelance gigs are, and that’s why we love them – freedom and flexibility. Unfortunately, the bill man wants paid … Read more

Review of the Upwork Freelancing Platform


Do you remember oDesk? Do you remember Elance? Do you remember when the two companies merged? Well, in case you haven’t heard the news, the post-merged name of the company is Upwork. How Did Upwork Actually Evolve? Just to give you a little background here, for years oDesk and Elance were two of the biggest and most reputable … Read more