5 Ways To Get Paid To Walk (Apps That Sync With Fitbit!)

Get paid to walk

Do you want to get back to your walking program, but can’t find the time?¬†Would it help if you were able to get paid to walk? Do you want an app that will currently work with your Fitbit app? Well, these five fitness apps will do just that. Plus, you may find that you enjoy … Read more

Achievement Review – Get Rewarded For Reaching Health Goals

Achievement app review - get paid for healthy behaviors.

Achievement is a rewards app for phones and other portable devices designed to help you achieve your health goals. It works in conjunction with a number of other services and apps, tracking your daily progress, and awarding points for healthy behaviors. In this Achievement review, you’ll learn all about how it works and how to … Read more

4 Reputable Apps That Pay You For Being Healthy

healthy living apps

One of the hottest self improvement trends in recent years is gamification. In the effort to accomplish major goals and overcome procrastination, many people utilize computer apps that keep score and give rewards for good behavior — such as getting paid for being healthy, which we will discuss more below. In most cases, the rewards … Read more

ReceiptPal Review – Take Pics Of Your Receipts And Earn!

ReceiptPal review

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys earning extra money with rewards apps, you’ve probably already seen some of the popular services like Ibotta that let you earn money for shopping. Today we’re going to talk about ReceiptPal, another major contender in this category. RecieptPal was created by the NPD group, one of the … Read more

10 Best Free Gift Card Apps To Download Today

free gift card apps featured

Today, we’re talking about the best free gift card apps you can download. Everybody loves gift cards! It’s always a nice feeling when you start to buy something online and realize you have a gift card you earned a while back that’ll cover the whole cost. There are quite a few sites out there where … Read more

10 Highest-Rated Smartphone Apps That Pay

smartphone apps that pay you

Smartphones are incredibly addictive. It’s almost dangerously easy to spend hours and hours in a trance, staring at the little screen with all your attention devoted to Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you also find enough time to get important tasks done. … Read more