10 Awesome Apps That Make and Save You Money!

I am very excited about today's post! If you've been following me for long, you know that I like to occasionally do reviews of smartphone apps that pay you.

Well, today we will be talking about smartphone apps that make and save you money.

Note that this isn't just a collection of some apps that pay and some apps that save — all of these apps are unique because they let you do both!

Some of the apps below I've reviewed here before, and some I have not.

Before we get into the list, I want to say that I recommend using as many of these apps as you can to maximize your savings and earnings. You would be amazed at how lucrative these all are and what a difference they'll make for you if you actually use them.

I've done some pretty extensive research into this topic and I feel confident in saying that, of these types of apps, the ones listed below are the best of the best. Enjoy!

10 Apps That Make and Save You Money

1 – Ibotta

Ibotta is available for iPhone or Android, US only. Once you have the app installed, you can browse their current offers to see what you can earn cash back on.

They have lots of grocery items, and you can also earn cash back on some restaurant purchases, going to the theater, etc. What they have changes regularly.

If you see something you know you're going to purchase, just redeem it and then follow the instructions. You'll have to answer a short poll, trivia, or watch a video before the item can be available for redemption.

After you've purchased the item, simply upload your receipt and your cash back for that item will go into your Ibotta account.

Ibotta also has some stores where, if you have a loyalty card, there is no need to upload a receipt. You can just link your loyalty card number for that store to your Ibotta account and it will recognize when you've bought the item and you'll get your cash back.

You need at least $10 to redeem your earnings, and they will be sent almost instantly to either Paypal or Venmo. They also allow you to redeem for various gift cards. You can also earn $5 for each friend you refer to Ibotta, but you won't get the $5 until they redeem their first offer.

Read the full Ibotta review or here to sign up for Ibotta.

2 – Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is available for both iPhone and Android, US or Canada. This one is very similar to Ibotta because you can earn cash back for buying certain grocery products.

Their offers change each week, and it's most always very popular things you might buy anyway, so it can add up.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can also opt to use Checkout 51 online. That is one feature that sets it apart from Ibotta — the fact that it doesn't have to be used as an app. Checkout 51 can also be used at any store.

To use Checkout 51, just browse the available offers, select the ones you know you're going to buy, then upload your receipt to prove you've bought them.

Once Checkout 51 has confirmed your purchases, they will credit your account with the cash back. You can then request a check once you've earned at least $20. Checkout 51 does not currently have a referral program.

Read the full Checkout 51 review or go here to sign up.

3 – Honey

The Honey coupon app is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari. Honey works for online shopping only. Basically, it will make sure you never miss a promo code when you're shopping online.

All you do is install the Honey app and shop online as you normally would. Then at check out, Honey will get to work, scanning the web for promo codes that work.

It will try all of the available codes in your cart so you don't have to. Then, it will apply the one that saves you the most money.

You can earn money with the app by referring friends. Honey will credit you with “Gold” that you can redeem with popular retailers every time you send a new friend to Honey.

Go here to learn more about the Honey coupon app, or sign up here.

4 – Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is available to iPhone or Android users. To use Receipt Hog, just take pictures of all your receipts and upload them.

You can upload receipts from any store regardless of what you bought. Receipt Hog will then reward you with “coins” you can redeem for cash to Paypal or an Amazon gift card.

You only need 1000 coins to redeem for $5. The coin value for each receipt depends on how much you spent — the more you spend, the more coins you get.

Go here to learn more about Receipt Hog.

5 – ReceiptPal

The ReceiptPal app is available for iPhone or Android. To earn with this app, you simply take pictures of your receipts and then get rewards.

You can use lots of receipts, not just ones from the grocery store. Currently ReceiptPal only pays out in points you can use towards gift cards or sweepstakes entries.

Go here to get started with ReceiptPal, or you can read our ReceiptPal review here.

6 – Shopkick

This app is available for both iPhone and Android users. You can earn “kickbucks” with Shopkick by checking in at stores, scanning barcodes of products in those stores, and of course taking advantage of their exclusive deals and offers.

This app is known for offering a fairly generous amount of “bucks” for the things you do. You can use your bucks to redeem for gift cards and vouchers to popular retailers.

Go here to get started.

And that wraps up our list! Remember don't limit yourself to just a few of these apps! They aren't connected to each other in any way, so you can use all of them. By using all or most of these, you will greatly increase the amount of money you can earn/save.

Good luck!

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