Your Quick Guide to Working at Home as a Virtual Assistant – Updated For 2023

If you haven't already, now is a great time to download my e-book, Your Quick Guide to Working From Home as a Virtual Assistant. It's yours for $1, and it's just had a few minor updates for 2023.

This has been one of the most popular e-books I've ever released, and I hope it helps you whether you want to work at home for someone else as a virtual assistant, or you are thinking about starting your own virtual assistant business.

Either route you decide to go, there are tips and resources inside to help you, including a big list with links to 50 legitimate virtual assistant companies that frequently need workers so you could start applying right away.

You can go here to download if you are interested. I always try to keep my e-books affordable, so it's just $1!

Note that if you own a copy of my Work at Home E-Book Bundle, you already have a copy of this e-book.

You should receive an easy to read PDF file after you've made your purchase.

Good luck and I hope the book helps you if you decide to purchase!

your guide to working from home as a virtual assistant