Sedgwick Jobs – Work From Home Customer Support ($12 Hourly)

A well-known company offering legitimate work from home jobs is Sedgwick CMS (Claims Management Services).

Sedgwick jobs include both phone and sometimes non-phone positions. This has been a popular work from home option in the past because they hire you as an employee, offer benefits, and even send you the equipment that you need to do the job.

Side note – I've read that Sedgwick does not hire people who live in apartments.

I'm not sure why, but there must be some valid reason. Someone on one of the work from home forums mentioned they think it's because internet connections in apartments can be a little spotty. Apparently a townhouse apartment might be OK, though.

What is Sedgwick CMS?

From the website:

Sedgwick is the leading North American provider of innovative, technology-enabled claims and productivity management solutions, delivering a world of expert resources to a diverse client base through more than 10,000 colleagues across the U.S. and Canada.

If that sounds like Greek to you, Sedgwick workers aid in filing claims for the company's clients. You are the first point of contact for insurance claims, and it's your job to get all the vital information regarding what happened and get it entered into a web-based form.

What Sedgwick Jobs Are Work at Home?

They hire people for work from home e-support (non-phone) and also service center associates (phone). The two positions are pretty much identical as far as what you do is concerned.

The main difference is that with e-support you are doing the job via email and fax and as a “service center associate,” you are doing the job over the phone.

Keep in mind that having the e-support position does not guarantee that you won't ever have to be on the phones.

If Sedgwick gets slammed with calls and they are short on phone workers, they may temporarily put you on the phones to help out with handling the calls until they slow down. But apparently this does not happen often enough to really be concerned about.

How much does Sedgwick pay?

Although I can't find the exact rate of pay, Glassdoor shows that service center associates working for Sedgwick earn from $12 to $16 hourly.

As an aside, I have a big list of other work at home jobs paying $10+ hourly if you'd like to check those out.

I did also discover that Sedgwick pays twice monthly and you can get paid via direct deposit or paper check in the mail.

What are the requirements to apply at Sedgwick?

This information comes Sedgwick jobs posting, and Sedgwick may change it at any time:

Education & Licensing
High school diploma or GED required.

One (1) year of clerical or customer service experience required.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Excellent oral and written communication

  • PC literate, including Microsoft Office products

  • Good customer service skills

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work in a team environment

  • Ability to meet or exceed Performance Competencies

What kind of equipment do you need for the job?

This is one of the cool things about Sedgwick — if you get hired, they send you what you need. I've read that this includes a computer, two monitors, mouse, keyboard, and phone. Plus, they apparently reimburse you monthly up to $75 for what you pay for phone/internet.

Is this an independent contractor or employee position?

Sedgwick work from home jobs are employee-based, and you do get some benefits as well as paid training which last for a few weeks before you start working.

The benefits include up to 20 days per year of paid time off, medical benefits that start on your first day of employment, dental, vision, long and short term disability, life insurance, and 401K that they will match.

I have a list of 55 work at home employee jobs if you want to check those out.

What is the schedule like?

This isn't the most flexible work from home position. The job will come with set hours that you have to stick to. There are occasional opportunities to change your schedule around about once every six months or so.

Even though most of us love the idea of working whenever we want to (common when you're an independent contractor), there are great things about being an employee and having to stick to a regular schedule.

You'll always know when you'll be working and you'll feel more secure in how much money you'll make each week.

What is the application process like?

You submit your application online and then you may get a pre-screening call. After this, they will send you several assessments to take via email. If you pass those, you'll be contacted again to get an interview scheduled.

You'll also have to fill out another application which also gives them permission for your background check and possibly more assessments. If all goes well and you pass your background check, you may get offered the position.

Keep in mind this entire process could take anywhere from a few weeks to a month, so getting the job is not an instant thing.

Sedgwick Work From Home Reviews

I've checked the Sedgwick work from home reviews on Glassdoor, and unfortunately, there are a lot of complaints coming from the service center associates working there.

While they do enjoy the benefits, flexible schedule, and the fact they get to work from home, many of these people have also said the pay is too low and that they feel like they are just “a number.”

I would recommend checking reviews at Glassdoor and Indeed for more candid employee feedback on Sedgwick.

How to Apply

To apply at Sedgwick, you'll need to go here to the Sedgwick careers page to see if they have it listed.

You may have to scroll through a few pages of jobs before you find either the e-support position or the service center associate position.

Good luck, and please comment below if you have any info on Sedgwick you'd like to share!

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19 thoughts on “Sedgwick Jobs – Work From Home Customer Support ($12 Hourly)”

  1. Have an interview with this company on April 14th. However, I’m kind of nervous because I live in an apartment. I believe I’m the only one in the building that Internet. I don’t have a lot of issues with my Internet. I’m praying that don’t stop them from offering me a position. I did my assessments and background before the interview. Will keep you posted of the outcome.

  2. Hi, can someone post a direct link to the job post when it becomes available I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  3. I worked for Sedwick and I loved the job, however, they don’t allow for time off. They give you all this PTO, but you can’t call in sick or it’s an occurrence. You can’t leave for emergencies or it’s an occurrence. I would talk to several other employees that would complain about serious things that happened where they couldn’t take time off, or they got written up for taking the time off. (Spouse ended up in the ER, child hurt at school, severe illnesses etc) If you leave your desk for longer than 2 minutes to use the bathroom, it’s counted against you. The company pays well, and I really loved the job, and there is a lot of room for advancement, just be aware that if you have things in your life that require you to be away from your job for emergencies, this isn’t for you. That is of course until you have been there long enough to apply for FMLA, then you’re covered. Other than that, I would highly recommend this job to anyone. PLUS they send you a computer, dual monitors, headset and keyboard. Paid training, always have someone to help you via chat. It’s a great job!

    • Wow seriously? 2 minutes for the bathroom? That’s the kind of nitpicking that makes a great job not so great.

  4. I did the job search but each one has a state and city next to it even though they are work from home jobs. Do you need to be in that state to apply for that job?

  5. Both e-support positions and the service center associate positions have cities and states listed. But since they are at-home (telecommuting) jobs can you still apply if you live outside the city/state listed on the post?

  6. Hi thanks for the great info! I have done the initial assessments for Sedgwick, have had two interviews, filled out the application, including release of a background check. This is for an at home position for a customer service professional position. I was told I would be notified next week with an answer. I really want the job although, I’m concerned about the background check! Does anyone know how involved the driving record checks are with Sedgwick to work from home? BTW I have no DUI’s or Drug Offenses, but something else on my traffic record i’m worried about regarding fines…

    Thanks, Michelle

  7. This looks like a great opportunity!! I’m going to apply today and I will update when I hear something. Btw…I LOVE this site. It’s the best one I’ve found for work at home opportunities!! Tons of info so thanks for sharing!!

  8. I applied for this company about a year ago and received a call for interview interviewed with 3 different people. On 05/12 I interviewed and received another call HR 05/14 that company wanted to move forward and offer call 06/02 so excited looking forward to training

  9. I just had an interview from this company and the interview was a standard phone interview. I had applied to so many that I forgot that I had applied here. I got 3 calls from them. So finally after the appointment to have the interview was scheduled I was very excited but the person who was suppose to have interviewed me never called me. I thought this was strange so I called them and right away they were able to reschedule me which was good. So finally today (Friday May 23, 2014) I was interviewed by someone who was very nice. I am pretty sure that I got the position. I was told that I would be notified next week. I just thought I would share this story because I have been waiting for a long time to find full time work like this and I am glad that I found it!

    • If you type in the word home in the job search keyword box from the careers page, then scroll to the second and third pages, you will see the home jobs. They are “Service Center Associate” and “E-Support.” If you click on those job descriptions, you’ll see at the bottom that they both say work from home open to any location in the US.

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