Freelance Writer’s Websites for Job Leads

When I'm hunting down new work at home job leads, I access many excellent sites to find leads. Some of these sites specialize in posting writing job leads, so I thought I would share the best of those sites that I've come across for anyone who writes.

If you're a writer (or want to be a writer), I already have a long list of more than 100 sites you can get paid to write for here. But new writing jobs appear every day from all kinds of sources, not including those.

Some people are looking for writers for short-term projects and then there are several start-up websites & companies that are in search of just a few good long-term writers, and won't necessarily have ongoing openings. The freelance writing job boards are where you're most likely to find those positions.

If you want to branch out and start doing more than writing for content sites, you might want to check these freelance writer's websites for job leads on a regular basis.

Good luck!

Best Places to Search For Writing Job Leads

  • FlexJobs – This is another major job search site that specializes in leads for people looking for flexible, home-based work. I've found some very high-quality writing leads here. There is a monthly membership fee to access these leads, but I pay it and have found the lack of scams and quality leads to be worth it. You can use promo code AFFILPROMO to get 30 percent off your first month.
  • ProBlogger Job Board – This board is updated almost every day with new writing and blogging leads.
  • Blogging Pro Job Board – This board is very similar to the ProBlogger board. Lots of great leads here listed on a regular basis.
  • Online Writing Jobs – Regularly updated. Lots of the jobs come from Craigslist postings, which brings me to the next one.
  • Freelance Writer's Den – Since 2011, the Den has helped over 14,000 writers grow their income. They offer a junk-free writer's job board, 25 writer bootcamps, 300+ hours of trainings in all, 24/7 forums, live events, and more. It's only open for new membership a few times a year, but you can join the waitlist to get in when it is.
  • Craigslist – Choose the location and then start searching for writing jobs. Be careful though because some people only want to rip you off and get your work for free. So be leary of people asking you for original samples before offering payment.
  • Freelance Writing Gigs – This site is great and has daily writing leads posted. Be sure to look around because there's a lot of other valuable content too on writing in general.
  • Journalism Jobs – This site has a job board with media-related jobs, many of which involve writing.
  • Write Jobs – Very high-quality leads. Plus it's updated near daily.
  • Indeed – This is a major job search site with all sorts of jobs, but you'll find some great freelance writing leads here, too.
  • Contena – This is another job board (paid) that gets updated every day with great leads. I've found plenty of really good writing jobs posted here when I've done some searching. They have resources for training, also.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!

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