Make Money As An ESL Teacher For Children With DaDaABC

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Are you interested in working from the comfort of your home, teaching English to Chinese children? If so, you'll be happy to know that DaDaABC offers this opportunity. They are currently one of the largest English teaching companies for children ages 5-16 in China, backed by many famous investors.

This job might be perfect for you if you need a part-time schedule, reliable pay, and you love the idea of helping children learn the English language. You may work for DaDaABC from anywhere in the world, provided you meet the minimum requirements.


DaDaABC Minimum Requirements For Teaching

According to the DaDaABC website, the minimum requirements to sign up and teach are as follows:

  • Must be a native English speaker
  • Must have a Bachelor's degree
  • Must have a desktop or laptop computer with high speed internet and audio/video capabilities

Please note this is a contract position lasting 12 months. If your performance is good, your contract may be renewed.

Your Job With DaDaABC

Once hired as an online English teacher for DaDaABC, you will work one-on-one with Chinese children between the ages of 5 and 16, tutoring them to speak the English language.

You will do this using DaDaABC's real-time English teaching platform as well as their teaching materials. You do not have to provide your own teaching materials, although DaDaABC does encourage you to review the materials you are provided with prior to each class.

Your tutoring sessions will vary in length depending on what type of class you're teaching.

There are three types of one-on-one classes you will teach for DaDaABC – trial, elective, and major. The trial classes are the shortest and can last as little as 14 minutes, while the major classes tend to be the longest, lasting from 30 minutes to one hour.

One of the great things about DaDaABC's teaching platform is that you get to work with the same children over and over, rather than switching students at each class. This makes it possible for you and your regular students to build strong friendships, which increases the likelihood that the teaching sessions will be successful.

How Much You Can Earn With DaDaABC

According to the DaDaABC website, it is possible for teachers to earn as much as $25 hourly. However, the rate is not the same for each teacher. They will determine your individual rate based on your results in training and demo class performance. According to anonymous reviews on Glassdoor the average teacher salary is generally around $18 per hour.

You receive your full payment for the time you spend teaching, and half payment for your standby time.

If your contract with DaDaABC is renewed at the end of 12 months, you may be eligible for a pay raise if your attendance, punctuality, and class quality are good.


What To Expect When You Apply

There are several different steps to go through with the company once you've started the application process by uploading your CV:

  • Interview
  • Internet connection test and system training
  • TPR (total physical response) training
  • Watch videos of qualified teachers
  • Demo class
  • Sign the contract
  • Probation performance review

If you get through these things successfully, you will officially be a DaDaABC teacher!

The Schedule

DaDaABC does provide some scheduling flexibility. They ask that you provide them with your availability, and then they will choose your teaching time slots based on that.

The company holds classes everyday at the following times: Monday to Friday 6:00pm—9:10pm (Shanghai time) Saturday and Sunday 9:00am—12:10pm; 2:00pm—4:06pm; 6:00pm—9:10pm (Shanghai time).

You must commit to teach at least two hours a day, and two days (not in a row) per week. The company prefers you to stick to your schedule once it has been set, but if you must change it, you can do so if you give them 30 days advance notice.

How to Sign Up to Teach For DaDaABC

You can go here to start your teaching application.

Have more questions about this teaching opportunity? Be sure to visit the Q&A section on the company's website for more information.

Good luck if you apply!

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