10 Places To Check For Remote Telehealth Jobs

remote telehealth jobs

Stating that we live in unprecedented times seems a bit cliche. However, cliches exist for a reason: because they’re often true. The coronavirus has upended life as we know as well as the status quo, and people are rightfully feeling a range of emotions about it. But there is one emotion that seems to be … Read more

10 Fortune 500 Companies Hiring For Work From Home

Fortune 500 companies with work at home openings.

In today’s post, we’re listing ten of the top Fortune 500 work from home companies! So if you’re looking for a job with a known company that also happens to be work from home, look no further. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 13+ year writing career, it’s that for clients – in … Read more

How To Work From Home as a Copywriter

copywriting jobs featured

Wondering how you can work from home as a copywriter? We’ve shared details on starting a copywriting business and places to find freelance copywriting jobs. This year may very well be known as the Work From Home Era, or the time when work started moving more and more to the online, remote space due to … Read more

10 Good Tips For Your Next Garage Sale

garage sale tips

In today’s post, we’re offering garage sale tips to help you experience great success and make more money at your next garage (or yard) sale! The first half of the year is a tough time; we’re just coming off of the holiday season, and we’re all exhausted and, usually, broke. It’s a time of renewal, … Read more

8 Sites That Pay You To Write About Homesteading & Agriculture

paid to write about homesteading

If you’re a writer with a green thumb, this post is for you! Personally, my way of taking care of plants has always led to their inevitable demises, but I always admired those who could nourish a plant or two through long, happy lives. And now, especially amongst millennials, there seems to be a “plant … Read more

5 Non-Craft Items To Sell On Etsy

Five non-craft items to sell on Etsy.

Today, we’re sharing a list of the non-craft items you can sell on Etsy. Very ideal if you’re not crafty at all, but want to make some money! First off, Etsy is popular. So you absolutely can make an income here, crafter or not. Here is a bulleted list of the things we’re going to … Read more