Work at Home Doing Short Tasks For Clickworker

Work at home doing short tasks for Clickworker.Clickworker is a company based out of Germany that will pay you to work from home doing short tasks. This is non-phone, and all you need to complete the work is your computer and internet connection. Clickworker appears to be pretty similar to Amazon MTurk and other sites where you log on at your leisure and complete short tasks for pay. I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this site over the past few months and it seems to be becoming fairly popular. Here are some more details on how it works:

Clickworker Pay

The amount you earn will depend on the project you’re working on. In their FAQ, Clickworker says they think most of their workers average around $9 an hour. Sometimes you might make more and other times you  might earn a good bit less than that. It  just all depends on the types of tasks you are doing and how complex they are.

I’m finding conflicting information on when they pay. The Clickworker website says you will be paid when your balance reaches $10, but I’ve also read around the web (not on the Clickworker website) that they have recently switched over to paying weekly regardless of what your balance is. I think that they actually do pay weekly, but have not updated that info on their website. Either way, it would probably not be hard to earn at least $10 here in a week if being paid weekly is something you would like. People being paid via their bank accounts will only receive the deposit once a month.

Clickworker offers two methods of payment. These include:

Paypal (for US residents only) or direct deposit to a SEPA bank account (non-US residents).

Clickworker Tasks

They offer all sorts of projects — everything from writing to search engine evaluation tasks. There might always be something different to do each time you log in. You will only have access to tasks you are qualified to do. In order to determine whether or not you are qualified, you’ll have to take a short assessment for each type of task. These may or may not be retaken if you fail depending on the type of task.

Task Review Time

You won’t see the money you’ve earned for each task reflected in your account balance until the requester (person you are doing the task for) approves it. Sometimes this happens very quickly and sometimes it does not. I think most people see their stuff reviewed and credited within days and some within a few hours, but there may be the odd occasion where it takes weeks to get credit for your work.

International Eligibility

You can sign up to do work on Clickworker if you are not a US resident. If you are not from the US, you must either:

  • Have a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country or
  • Have a valid PayPal account and can accept payment via PayPal

Feedback on Clickworker

Some people really like this site for extra money, but I have seen some complaints. However, the complaints have mostly been directed toward specific tasks and not necessarily Clickworker as a whole. There are a lot of people who get annoyed when it takes a long time for the work they do to be reviewed, and this is understandable since you can’t be paid until your work is reviewed.

Clickworker does appear to pay and pay on time. If you are registered at Work Place Like Home, you’ll see from browsing this thread on Clickworker that lots of people are reporting payments received from the company.

Do you want to try it?

Go here to create an account on Clickworker.

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  1. says

    There never seems to be any work to be done, maybe because I’m not a U.S citizen but its very discouraging.

    I found a site I believe to be better, its a pay tt click so it doesn’t pay too fast but the twist to it is you can buy ads to promote whatever you want to promote, and get more money when people click your ads.

    its perfect for anyone who has anything to promote(blog, youtube etc) as you can make money, and promote your website making even more money. even if you have nothing to promote its a solid site that pays in time and goes in the right direction

    That’s my referral if your interested, if you sing up with no referral it goes to the CEO

  2. says

    I’ve tried Clickworker. I was making about 1 cent a minute. The upload time was slow and a lot of my tasks did not go through. Now I’m doing Mturk. Mturk is normal and it works, don’t expect a lot of money but at least I’m treated fairly as an American citizen.

  3. Christian says

    I have had Clickworker for for the last couple years. I must admit that I was never impressed with what they had available so my visits were very infrequent. I assume my lack of knowledge about the UHRS was likely the reason I didn’t find work there productive. With that said I read the reviews here the other day and decided to test and try out the UHRS tasks.

    I am currently travelling outside the US and when I attempted to login, they said I did not have an account. After contacting support I found out their “security” had flagged me as it has others for different reasons. I think have been to their site twice previously during this trip with no problems. I have of course been on plenty of times from my residence in the US as their server logs would show.

    The support rep said their system was flagged that I may have registered with false information and I needed to send them proof of who I am and where I live. I offered to email a copy of my passport and a blacked out bank statement I can get online from my bank, which would show my address(really they should only need the passport as it provides all the legal info they need for my right to work).

    They stated that email will not work, they need hard copies. I politely replied that I would consider this next time I am in the States, but they may wish to re-examine their procedures. At some point enough people will decide they are just not worth it and their production will be at risk. Not to mention the reputation hits they are slowly starting to accumulate. I have never cashed out there so I have small amount lost, no biggie.

    Remember, there are plenty other crowdsourcing sites out there. For me this one is more trouble than it’s worth.

  4. GC says

    Thank you for the feedback Cheryl. I appreciate that you had share your opinions on them. Here’s the last email I received from them:
    Dear Gally,

    It is allowed, but IF there is a suspicion regarding one account of that household, all accounts need to be verified, because of the chance that they all belong to the same person instead of being used by several persons. We would therefore ask your roommate to get in touch with us and send us some documents as well. Please let him know about this.

    Kind regards,
    Daniel Marz

    Me and my roommate had already sent them documents to proof our identity. Its been a week now since I last heard from them. They were responding diligently to my email inquiries up until this point. It seems as though they are now avoiding to resolve the issue after I had comply to all the request they had made in order to restore my accounts. This seems to happen to people who accrued large amount of earnings as you have said. With that said, they are very fishy in terms of paying people who had earned large sums.
    It is very frustrating to be stripped of earnings I had made through the hours and devotions I had put into them. To make the matter worst, my experience is not an isolated situation with Clickworker. Frankly, I don’t think they are a trustworthy company to work for. I agree with what you said about Appen’s setup, but I have always been paid by them as scheduled. And they had always respond to my inquires the next day. For those who are trying to get feedback before joining Clickworker, keep in mind that they might withhold your earnings if you begin to make a lot. Clickworker is a fail.

    • Cheryl says

      Hi GC,
      I completely understand. I worked for a company for a while and made close to a thousand dollars in one month. I then had to go through company bureaucracy to get paid and ended up only getting half. I do hope you get your money because you earned it fair and square as well as your roommate. I would keep trying to contact Clickworker and keep asking them what it will take for you to get paid. I know it’s frustrating and all but it’s your money and you earned it fairly. You do deserve it so don’t give up. I agree with you, I have heard a few stories about payments and other problems with Clickworker but to be honest with you I have heard stories about every company. There isn’t any perfect company out there sadly. Companies just aren’t trusting the people they hire as employees or ICs and the people trying to earn the jobs aren’t trusting the companies either. I don’t know anymore how both sides get past that. It seems to be an ongoing problem with working from home especially.
      I think my biggest complaint is how small these companies are paying for the jobs they are offering and for the amount of time we have to put in to complete a task or assignment and yet in many instances we don’t have a choice. It’s either earn the little bit these companies are paying or live on the streets and not working and not have anything at all. So we keep chugging away hoping for a better tomorrow while the workers at these companies work their 9 to 5 jobs and get their pay checks every week no matter how much work they have done. I’m sorry I don’t mean to get on my soapbox but sometimes I just do. Companies forget about the people working from home for them and they don’t really know what it means to even earn the few pennies we do at times. It’s sad!
      I wish you all the best GC and I do hope very much you will be able to get paid from Clickworker what you honestly earned from working for them.

  5. Cheryl says

    I find Clickworker to be way better than some of the other ones. I personally don’t like Appen’s setup at all but to each their own. The ones with Clickworker who seem to have the most problems are ones who are either earning large amounts of money or who have been in situations like GC said above. It’s unfortunate but from my own experiences anyone who has a situation like this for most any company will run into the company questioning it. The reason being it makes it appear like one person is working under two accounts which is against their policies. I ran into this type situation myself a while ago working for a company in another industry where a friend and I worked for the same company and I let her use my PayPal account as well. When it came time for pay the company said uh uh uhhh and we had to produce all kinds of information to show we were two different people. Had we talked to the company before signing on we could have alleviated the issue. In the end one of us had to quit because two people on the same PayPal account was not allowed. Clickworker is a good company. Maybe not the best but I for one have not had any problems with them. When I had contacted the company they always have gotten back to me within a reasonable timeframe. You have to remember that they offer work to people all over the world and at times workers have questions and they contact them for answers so it can take a while for them to get back to you. I am sorry that some have had problems with them but everyone has different experiences. I for one am very happy with this company so far.

  6. GC says

    Do not work for Clickworker. I signed up about month and half ago. In about 4 weeks, I made roughly $600 doing UHRS work. On my first scheduled payday, they sent me an email saying my account has some suspicion and document of identity is required. I live with my roommate and we both signed up for Clickworker. We share the same PayPal account for Clickworker since my roommate does not have PayPal. I believe it is for that reason Clickworker decides to suspend our accounts. To verify our identity, we had emailed them our bank statements and identification cards. Our earnings was delayed and currently still had not receive anything for the work I have done. I have sent them numerous emails. Reply is slow. At this moment, I am beginning to feel I will not be paid for the dedication and time I spent the last month working.
    In order to apply for Clickworker, you must provide accurate social security numbers. I do not understand why with such confidential information, that there will be any suspicion the accounts were set up by the same person. It is just bad business ethic to withhold earnings from someone. Together with their poorly set up help support, my advice is do not work for them.
    There are other companies which offers the same crowdsource works. Appenbutler is one that is much better than Clickworker.

    DO NOT WORK FOR CLICKWORKER. Do some research and you see will there are others who is experiencing the same issue regarding payments.

  7. lakerboy says

    I’ve been working at clickworker particularly UHRS jobs for 3 weeks now but yesterday until today I don’t have the UHRS link(compare web results).Does anybody here experienced this problem>?

  8. Brad says

    How can I get the UHRS assessments? Do they just pop up because I took 3 of them but they were not for UHRS. Please help and thanks.

  9. says

    They recently deactivated a bunch of people who thought they were doing the tasks correctly, but it was technical error which workers constantly reported… After deactivating everyone temporarily and withholding EVERYONE’s pay for 2 weeks while they tried to “clear things up”, they activated people little by little during that 2 week period , but made it clear they were not paying anyone to work. Basically, they wanted people to work for free to test out the system. I know people who worked hard to earn money, and then to find out they weren’t getting paid? I worked for 2 weeks just to find out if I would get paid. I got $3 on my first deposit, and the next day is when everything hit the fan.

    And Cheryl, I noticed you actually got a reply from them? Multiple times I had issues with the evaluations not grading correctly (I’d take it, it would say it was wrong, so the next time I took it, I’d put the answer they said was correct, and it was still wrong!). No matter how many times I reached out to them, I never got a reply.

  10. Cheryl says

    Well I’m kind of confused. I did the assessment to qualify and got one wrong and don’t know why. I was able to locate a fax number and inserted and apparently I should have left it blank. (scratching head confused) I sent an email so we will see what happens. Apparently my one wrong was enough to fail the test from what I’m getting. Makes me kind of wonder about this…

    • Cheryl says

      Well I came back to maybe eat a little crow and give some praise for this company. I did get a response to the email I had sent. The one that emailed me back was very kind and courteous. She did change my grade so I passed and she did take a moment to explain things to me. I thank her for the reply. I wasn’t expecting my grade to be changed as much as I was hoping for a explanation but I got both. I think that says a lot for this company and wanting to do right by their workers.

  11. pat says

    They do pay well depending on the task I start working there the middle of October and have already make three hundred dollars with them already in the uhrs task. Once you are qualify under uhrs you get different tasks to do for different rates it have some that pay more and some pay less. I wish you luck please make sure and do the assessments to find work available.

  12. Cheryl says

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has an update about how they are doing with this company and wouldn’t mind sharing. I have been considering it but it seems every time I sign up to companies listed there isn’t any work to do. I have been having the best luck with Amazon Mechanical Turk so far. If anyone wouldn’t mind sharing their experience I would really like to hear it and thank you ever so much. :)

  13. Mary says looks like a very promising site but during signup, they asked for my date of birth (DOB), which makes me almost as uneasy as if they had asked for my social security number. With identity theft being such a big threat these days, I always try to refrain from giving out personal information such as DOB, SSN, home address, etc. I would not have minded this site asking me for my age, but so far as my actual DOB, I feel very uncomfortable. An identity thief can uncover a lot about a person just from that one piece of information alone. Am I the only one who feels this way about giving out my DOB? Am I making a big deal over nothing?

    • says

      Well, they will have to have it at some point … if you make more than $600 with them, it will be something you’ll have to file taxes on, and they’ll need all your info for that, just like any other job outside the home. I understand your concern about submitting the information over the internet, but honestly I think you’ll be fine. As far as that goes, I am personally a lot more cautious with my SS# than I am my date of birth. Chances are excellent that your date of birth is already out there online somewhere anyway if you Google yourself. And Clickworker is a legitimate company. I have a lot of readers who talk about and recommend them all the time, plus if you visit any of the popular work at home forums on the web, you’ll see a lot of feedback on them and people reporting being paid.

      That said, it’s all up to you. I completely understand being protective of your personal information — especially when it comes submitting information online — so if you decide not to sign up for Clickworker or other online work opps because of that, you wouldn’t be the first one. But if you want to work online, most of the time you will have to send some of these personal details about yourself over the internet unless you can get the company to be OK with you mailing it. That is another idea — maybe contact them and see if you can mail your details to them?

      • Mary says

        Thank you so much for your extremely helpful and thoughtful reply. You have answered all my questions and given me some good ideas. And BTW, I really enjoy your website. It is, by far, the best I’ve seen of all the many other work-at-home websites I’ve come across. You have a fantastic wealth of information I have not seen anywhere else.

  14. lizzle says

    hey guys ive been doing this clickerworker job for just a few days and already made 100 bucks 6 hours only… im a single mother and trust every little bit counts… if anything you can click on my link and try it out… if i could id tell everyone who needed some change in their pocket about this site.. awesomeeee.. woot wooott :)

  15. says

    Hello everyone. I’ve been a clickworker for the last 2 months now. And I have already made $200. The work is really easy and every Wednesday I get my payments through Paypal. To check how much money you make:

    Click Start through the job link.
    sign into Live account link
    under My Reports choose the week your trying to see
    Calculate the amounts from each type of job you’ve done that week and thats the amount you’ll get in you paypal.


  16. AMUDHA says

    I am earn money in clickworker 64euro clickworker said send money in paypal
    our paypal account not reflect the money where is the place to check the my payment status

  17. Paige says

    I’ve been with Clickworker for a long time. The site is legit, but has its share of problems. The tasks don’t always work right, and payment is random. I don’t think there is a $10 threshold; I have been paid with as little as a few cents.

    Right now, there are some decent tasks on there. Some days, there are none. And some tasks are so convoluted that they are impossible to do properly.

  18. Jake says

    I have recently started on clickworker, and have been doing a lot of the ”compare web search results” on the UHRS bit. If I click on the report on UHRS it shows up the money that I have earn, however on the clickworker site it does not get added to my balance. I have also been clicking save on the clickworker page that directs you to UHRS. This shows in my clickerworker balance as ”credit” but for 0.00.
    Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to wait for them to approve what I have done?
    I do not want to keep going if there is a problem and I am not going to be paid for my time.

    Any ideas/experience on this much appreciated, thanks.

    • Melissa says

      I am sure this has been resolved by now, seeing as it is over a month old, but UHRS tasks take 3 weeks to be paid.

      Never worry about being paid on UHRS. As long as MyReport shows work done and amounts, you will be paid those amounts.

  19. Lloyd Davies says

    I have started working through the assessments on clickworker. The 1st one is:-Exercise to Research for Correct Address Data.
    On their tips page it states:-“If there is additional information about the exact address apart from the house and street number,please copy the exact wording as given”,
    Example:-234 Blueridge Lane, 2nd floor.
    This I did on all 3 of the addresses given and was marked down when they posted the answers,according to them should have been,i.e:-234 Blueridge Lane.
    Have contacted the company regarding this confusion on the tips page but have received no reply to date.I am allowed to re-take the test in a few days. yours, Lloyd Davies

  20. ERA says

    I have been working the UHRS task on clickworker but I am worried that I’m not receiving credit for my work because under my job history on the clickworker site it says “timedout” under the status of these items. What could I be doing wrong?

  21. Patti says

    Clickworker is my favorite task site. I couldn’t do it much on my old pc. When you do the UHRS site, you can only use IE. I’ll do it an hour at a time and make pretty good money doing that. For the ones saying they don’t see certain jobs, make sure you take the qualification tests. But especially do the UHRS pages, you’ll make more that way. I like how they pay every week, it used to be every Friday but now it seems not regular, not sure if they’re having some kind of problem, but its still once/wk.

    • Melissa says

      There were a couple of issues when they switched to a Wednesday pay schedule, but that was all worked out a while ago.

  22. Elaine says

    Does anyone know another site like the Clickworker? I did about 40 euros a week, but one week ago has no work available.

  23. adam says

    They are getting work done for free. i completed 530 jobs for finding websites with spam score 93% ( for which they promised a bonus of dollar 10) but now more than a week still no word from them. clickworker got a bad client this time.. this UHRS is like one of those mturk requesterS who get work done quickly and don’t approve the work and after 20 -25 days when you forget about it the silently reject the work knowing you don’t have time searching which hits got rejected… at least hold on until you get some money and approval

    • Melissa says

      They don’t “reject” work on the UHRS platform. If you get too low a SPAM score, they just lock you out the particular HitApp, but you are paid for all the work until then.

      Clickworker pays MUCH better than Mturk.

      • says

        You are right….. I posted the previous message to early last year…. infact they are the best as far as payments and rates are concerned….. so far i hev got more than 200 dollars thru paypal in UHRS hitapps…. thumbs up to this one

      • says

        You are right….. I posted the previous message too early last year…. infact they are the best as far as payments and rates are concerned….. so far i hev got more than 200 dollars thru paypal in UHRS hitapps…. thumbs up to this one

  24. Melody says

    Has anybody here been working the UHRS task on clickworker? I just started and they are quite easy and seem to be worth the money, but I was just wondering what people’s experience was getting their work approved and paid. It says it can take up to 21 days for approval and it pays after 21 days. I want to know my work will be accepted before spending hours on this without having to wait 21 days!

    • perfectgopi says

      I am also working on UHRS tasks from 3-4 days. But my most tasks are not approved. In ”compare web results” most tasks are getting rejected even if I am 100% correct. But I am getting fair approvals in ”find websites” tasks.

    • Melissa says


      I have now been working on Clickworker since April. UHRS is basically the only jobs I am qualified to do on the Clickworker site. All work is “accepted” in UHRS. If your SPAM score goes too low, you are just locked out of that particular HitApp you were working in. You are still paid for the work you did before you get locked out, if it happens.

      I make at least $40 every week. Your first pay doesn’t show up on the main Clickworker page until about 3 weeks later, but you get paid that Wednesday through Paypal.

  25. Emily says

    I´ve used them and have just been paid via paypal 😀 I had to spend a bit of time taking qualifications to do the work which you don´t get paid for but after that I earned €12 for around 2 and a half hours work which isn´t bad at all. The only problem I´ve found is that if you aren´t based in the US they currently dont have much work, after my 2 and a half hours they haven´t had any more jobs I can do. Hopefully this will change soon. Other than that a great way to earn extra money and a lot better than Mturk in my opinion.

  26. Deborah says

    Thanks for reviewing this. There seems to be so many of these sites, it’s hard to know what’s worth your time. MTurk has left a bad taste in my mouth, this one looks like it’s maybe better.

    • Melody says

      I would like to hear more experiences with this site. Has anyone used it much? I have tried Mturk, but I would usually be paid about $2 for a couple hours of work on there, and it really wasn’t worth it. Nine dollars an hour average sounds pretty good for this kind of site.

      • Jill says

        Hi Melody,

        I signed up with Clickworker about a month ago. I have taken every assessment available to me and passed them all. I have been very disappointed with the company thus far. No jobs are available yet.

        I also feel that they may be having trouble getting business, I was given the maps test and they kept telling me I was answering incorrectly to answers that were clearly correct. I am talking about very simple visual questions on whether a photo is blurry or not. It has wasted countless hours and caused me a lot of frustration. I think it would be wise to move on to other sites until they get their act together.

        • Melissa says

          Jill, you have to do the “Compare Web Search Results” qualification (Only available in a few different countries). If you pass that one, you get into the UHRS database where most of the jobs are for US workers.

          I have made over $75 there so far just by doing the apps on UHRS through Clickworker.

  27. Erica says

    Another great thing about Clickworker is that they do have a Facebook group that you can join – it’s a great place to find out about issues the site might be having, and also a great place to get more information on certain tasks.

    • Clauemi says

      Have you worked with clickworker before? I ask because I just signed up and at the top of page it says there are 129,900 jobs available and 139,700 workers online but when I do a search for jobs it says there are none. Are you not able to see the jobs unless you are qualified for them? Thanks for any info. in advance!

      • says

        Clauemi – I think you have to take assessments before you’ll be able to see the jobs. It’s set up so that you only see the jobs that you’ve passed the assessments for. I have not used the site myself (although I’m thinking about trying it) but from what I read, that’s how it’s set up. So like if you want to see the editing jobs, you’ll have to first take the editing assessment, etc.

        Erica – Would you mind sharing the Facebook group link here, or is it a private group? Thank you!

      • Emily says

        You can´t see anything your not qualified for. You need to do the assessments and then the jobs you can do will show. If it still doesn´t show anything it means their aren´t any jobs for your location which is what I´m getting at the moment :(

      • says


        For the time being, you have to take at least one assessment (and pass it) before you’re ever able to see or complete any of the tasks. However, I’ve only ever seen two assessments available to me for taking since I signed up (which was a year ago, but I didn’t find time to take my first assessment until less than a month ago.) The thing is, even though I passed my test and have been able to view/complete tasks since the day I passed the test, there’s only been 1 type of job on the list for me to take & I don’t like it. LOL. It’s the Google search job which pays 0.03 cents for each task. The task requires you to do 2-3 Google searches per task. What I dislike about this task is that you are required to stay on the site (that you click on after doing a Google search with the words provided) for 2 minutes, so it takes a good 4 minutes just to earn that 0.03 cents. Since this is the only job available to me (and I suppose many others), that’s way too much time involved.

        You see, I started out as a mechanical turk for Amazon, which is very similar to Clickworker only far better, in my opinion. And I really hate to say this because I ended up being screwed over (forgive my language) by Amazon on this. It’s a long story, but what happened is I did the jobs for over a year and was very high ranked, which means I was eligible for a lot of jobs (your eligibility to earn higher pay and a larger variety of tasks goes up as you do a super job). Over time, one can really get a reputation with the companies who put the tasks out for us to complete. The better job you do, the more opportunities available to you. Also, there was no hour long assessment tests to endure with Mturk.

        With Mturk, as soon as you start, you have hundreds of various tasks you’re able to accept and complete. They range from all sorts of different things, including similar Google search tasks as what Click Worker has. However, each Google search task requires quite a few different searches you have to perform to earn your $ for that task. So, when I was there, it was typicall around 0.05-0.10 cents per search task. You aren’t required to spend any specific amount of time on the links like Click Worker makes you do, though, so you could earn money quicker.

        Not to get too lengthy here, but I wanted to make a few comparisons there. My problem with the Mturk job was that after over a year of working, I suddenly received an email from Amazon asking me to click a link, then go fill out this form asking for my social security number. I thought it odd that they would all of a sudden want this info, so I first went to Amazon’s support section to read up on it. It said they would never ask for personal info, such as your SS#, and that if you ever received emails asking you to provide personal info such as that, then to report it to their phishing dept. I did so, letting Amazon know about it and that the emails were threatening to basically shut down my account if I did not fill out the form. I did not fill out the form with my information since their website warned against doing this.

        I continued to receive the emails asking me to give my info. They said if the info wasn’t submitted within 3 days, I would no longer be able to stay on and work as a mechanical turk! I tried getting into my account before the 3 days was up and it wouldn’t let me work. I emailed Amazon asking them if their email asking me for my info was legit since I was no longer able to work. They emailed me back, but without an answer if it was legitimate. So I decided I’d risk it and filled out the form with all of my information, including my SS number. I thought all was well, was able to get back to work & everything. Until a few days later, I received more of those emails saying I had 3 days to fill out the form or else I would not be able to continue working. I thought maybe my first form didn’t go through or something, so I clicked the link in the email to go RE-fill out the form. It took me to a page telling me I’d already completed that step. It didn’t give me the option to re-do it.

        The emails kept coming, I kept trying to re-fill the form and continued emailing Amazon letting them know the entire thing from the day I got that email on. I got no helpful answers from them at all. They would not answer whether the whole thing was legit or how I could fix it. I told them I’d already filled out the form, asked why I wasn’t able to continue working although I’d done so. No answers.

        And I have a couple hundred dollars sitting there in my account that I can’t even use. Amazon won’t even let me use my earned $.

        So, obviously, I hate to admit that Amazon’s program is 10 times better than Click Worker. The only problem at all is how they handled this situation with me. I’ve been able to get nowhere with it and it was at least 6 months ago. I’m not sure if this has happened to others or not, but I do plan to take action to try and at least get my earned $. I also have most of the whole situation (including screen shots and saved emails from every conversation I’ve had with them) documented and figure I’ll end up publishing it online in hopes of getting them to finally handle the issue.

        Anyways, I apologize for such a lengthy message. I didn’t plan to share my whole darn journey here, but got into it anyways. I hope this helps in some way.

        I’m hoping that us newer Click Workers will eventually be able eligible for more jobs besides the one. I assume you have taken at least that first assessment? If so and you still are not seeing jobs available (you should at least be getting that one Google search task, like me), then it might be something to do with your scoring. I recall reading as I took mine that you must make a certain score or you won’t be eligible for some tasks. I don’t know. I would get in touch with their support, though. Also, I think Click Worker has a forum where you can ask questions from other members, but I’m not 100% sure. I would go there and ask if I were you.

        Check all the assessment available when you log into your account. I only ever saw two available to me. I only took the 1 as I really just don’t have time to sit through almost an hour again for another one of their tests if I’m not sure it’ll allow me to complete a bigger variety of tasks.

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