Is Market Force Legit For Mystery Shoppers?

Is MarketForce legit? If you're new to the idea of mystery shopping and you've just discovered this company, that's what you might be wondering.

Fortunately, Marketforce is one mystery shopping company that is legit and that most people seem thoroughly satisfied with. I say “most” because I do know at least one person who wasn't as impressed as others seem to be and didn't get access to many local mystery shop opportunities.

Marketforce has been around since 1972, and the reason the majority of people do seem to like them so much is because they pay you for doing things you might do anyway, like going to McDonald's, your local bank, or buying something from a convenience/gas station down the road.

How much does Marketforce pay?

The amount you're paid varies depending on what you're doing, but according to information I found on Glassdoor, the average is around $11 hourly.

In most cases, you'll be asked to visit a place of business and purchase something costing at least a certain amount of money as well as fill out a survey on how clean the place was, how helpful the workers were, and things like that.

You're generally reimbursed for what you bought and paid a little extra for taking the time to do the mystery shop. It's definitely not going to amount to a fortune and probably won't pay all your bills, but it could be a source of extra money for you.

How often does Marketforce pay?

You get paid once a month for the mystery shops you performed the previous month, and payment is made via check or direct deposit to your bank account.

You have to fill out all forms correctly and follow the instructions to a T or you may not be paid for your completed mystery shops.

Note you never pay Marketforce! And in fact if any company is trying to get you to pay them for a mystery shopping job, they are trying to scam you.

What are the requirements to apply?

You can sign up with Marketforce as long as you are at least 18 years old with a minimum of a high school diploma.

How much do people usually earn with Marketforce?

The amount earned is directly related to how many shops you do or are given access to. Some people earn a few hundred dollars per month, while others might get $50 or below. It all depends on how much you participate and how much is available for you to do in your area.

What do other people say about Marketforce?

Most people like participating in Marketforce, but I have read some negative reviews, too.

In general, people seem to enjoy being compensated for going places where they might already be going. There have been a few complaints here and there on different job boards where people got upset because they didn't get paid for some of the mystery shops they completed, but then other people chimed in to say they've always been paid.

Even though I don't do Marketforce, I've read enough positives about the company and spoke with people whom I know personally that enjoy the mystery shopping through this company that I feel comfortable posting it here as a legitimate opportunity.

I consider Marketforce one of the top ten mystery shopping companies you can join.

Want to read the reviews for yourself? You can find a lot of user-submitted information on MarketForce at the Mystery Shop Forum.

How can you sign up for Marketforce?

You can go here to sign up for Marketforce.

If you're not comfortable submitting your personal information through their online application, you can also emailĀ [email protected] to ask for the paperwork, which you can then print and fax back to them.

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8 thoughts on “Is Market Force Legit For Mystery Shoppers?”

  1. Hi Bunny, Sounds like you were scammed by a company pretending to be Market Force.

    Just a reminder to everyone who is considering working for Market Force — NEVER apply via any means other than directly on their website. Don’t respond to any emails you receive from them unless you first went directly to their website at and put in an application to be an agent. They do not solicit workers. The actual Market Force will not contact anyone who didn’t reach out to them first.

    Market Force is actually a legit company. If you’ve been ripped off, it was via a scammer pretending to be them, NOT Market Force. They have a warning about this on their website.

  2. I have just signed up with them, but unfortunately i cannot access the site its saying my password/username is incorrect. I’ve tried calling but just get music played and no reply to the emails i have sent. anyone else having issues like this please?

    • You get an email with your user name and password. User name is a series of numbers and the pass word is your 8 digit birthday I believe.

  3. I work for Market force and I did five shops in July for them. It took a total of about two hours to complete these shops and i was paid $375.00. I love working for them.

  4. Oh goodness, you don’t want to tell Marketforce to stop calling you! When they CALL you, the amount of pay they offer is always double, triple or more the amount on the JOB BOARD!!! So, by having them not call you, you miss out on all the high pay shops! I’ve been completing shops for this company for 3 years, and I love it. I have not been paid for a couple shops, and that was MY FAULT for not following the guidelines completely!

      • No, those are scam companies. No Secret shopper company will give you a check in advance of your shop. Please be dilligent. Any company offering to pay in advance on the internet, is 99.9 percent a scam. MarketForce, however, is 100% legit and reimburses and pays for the shop after it’s been submitted.

  5. I have really enjoyed doing shops for Market Force. They are one of the most credible and professional mystery shopping companies I have found. They also pay the best of the ones I have tried out.

    My only concerns with them has been how difficult it can be to figure out how to navigate their site. Also, they called me so much that I had to ask them to stop. They always had shops that were hard to get covered in my area because I live in a small town.

    But I have really enjoyed my time there and I also really like!

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