Work at Home E-Courses Under $100

In case you weren't aware, e-courses are all the rage at the moment. Who doesn't love the idea of learning something new, at home, in their pajamas? I know I do, and I've taken a handful of helpful e-courses in 2016 with many others in mind for 2017.

However, there is one problem with many work at home e-courses. They don't necessarily fit everyone's budget.

In fact, some e-courses are thousands of dollars! While these e-courses are good and I'd recommend many of them if they're in your budget, I do realize that not everyone can realistically afford the pricey ones.

So with that in mind, I've come up with a list of work at home related e-courses costing under $100. I've done my research and made sure these are all highly-rated e-courses covering several different work at home related topics prior to mentioning them here.

Many (but not all) are available on Udemy, which is basically a goldmine of affordable e-courses. Good luck!

General Work at Home

Work at Home Success University – $39 – This e-course was created by Leslie Truex of the 20-year old Work at Home Success blog.

Leslie really knows her stuff when it comes to working from home, and this e-course covers everything, including finding jobs, avoiding scams, applying, tips for getting hired, and even a little about estimated taxes when you work from home.

How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs – $40 – This e-course was created by Alicia Washington, who blogs over at Homebased Mommie and Workers On Board.

Her websites contain great information. This course covers everything from resume tips to actual companies that hire and how to ace interviews.

How To Find a Work From Home Job in 30 Days or Less $49 – This e-course was created by Chris and Mike of the popular work at home site, Rat Race Rebellion.

This is a very highly rated e-course that teaches you how to find the online jobs and gigs that are the best fit for you, how to get to the front of the line, and lots more!


How to Become a Transcriptionist – $60 – This e-course is available on Udemy and currently has a 4.3 out of 5 stars, coming from over 30 student ratings.

There is 1.5 hours of content with an overview of transcription, audio players, creating and editing transcripts, tips and tricks for applying to companies, and growing your career.

Social Media Management

Start a Social Media Management Business – $20 – One of the best-selling and highest-rated e-courses available now on Udemy for this topic.

Per the course description, “This course takes you step-by-step through the process of establishing a credible social media management company.

The same blueprint we used to start our own social media management company that has gone on to support global brands and organizations.”


Blog By Number$97 – Blogging can definitely become a work at home job! I've been blogging for over six years now and it more than pays the bills.

However, you can't just dive in and start seeing results right away. It takes a lot of work and it definitely helps if you have someone walk you through the process of setting up your blog, getting traffic to it, maintaining it, and making money.

This is where Suzi Whitford's Blog By Number e-course comes in! There are a lot of very, very pricey blogging e-courses out there, but this one is just $97 and explains everything from getting your blog set up to making your very first dollar.

I have had access to this course and as someone who blogs professionally, I feel like this is great info worth more than the $97 it costs.

Other Types Of Home Business Training

There are several other home business e-courses telling you how to start up a business and make money in all sorts of different ways. Here are a few you may want to check out:

Want to See More Affordable E-Courses On Udemy?

Just visit the site and type “work from home” in search, or any other keywords you're searching for courses on. There are thousands of courses, and many of them are well under $100. Some are even free!

Good luck!


13 thoughts on “Work at Home E-Courses Under $100”

  1. I am a Udemy student and love the idea of being self taught and being able to update my skills without spending a fortune. Udemy also offers coupons if you google search the title on blackhat forum and other sites.

  2. Great list, Anna! I love Udemy, and I’m enrolled in a couple of courses right now. Most courses are reasonably priced (even more so since they changed their pricing structure earlier this year), and in my experience, instructors are very engaged. They’ll often send out “educational announcements” to provide more information or make additions to existing course materials. Udemy is a great investment.

  3. Excellent list, Anna. I also love Udemy, even though I have taken a few courses from Lynda. I always come back to Udemy. Skillshare is nice too, and I have one client who even teaches there. Still at the end of the day, I really like Udemy the best and like one reader said, they do have sales of either $10 or $15 for courses.

    Can’t beat that for affordability. 😉

    • Anna,
      I recently left my clerical job with a local university after 15 years. I am studying medical coding online through Certification Coaching Organization
      However, I have a Master’s Degree in Training & Development and wanted to try to make some supplemental income teaching on Udemy. I feel it is a good place for a beginner like me.
      Would you have any tips or ideas on courses to create that would be of interest to those changing careers, looking to earn extra income, wondering if they require further education? I feel strategic career change and being a savvy education consumer are topics I know personally, have researched well, and on which I could impart valuable information to potential students.
      I want to quickly create a blog and website as well. I have done a lot of research on this and I need to get past the analysis paralysis stage. I am thinking of using something super simple like Weebly. I have 2 domain names through GoDaddy and I also have a WordPress blog I set up years ago. It just got too complex and time-consuming. I guess I am overwhelmed and just want to act. I want to take the simple approach at first. Basically, a bite of cake instead of trying to devour the whole cake😀
      Any advice would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering my request.

      • Hi Jennifer, How exciting! I know some people are doing really well teaching on Udemy and selling their e-courses. It can turn into a nice stream of passive income. What about a career coaching course? That might do well. You could do a search on Udemy for similar courses to see how they seem to be doing (number of students enrolled, etc.) to help determine if that could be a profitable one to try.

      • Jennifer,
        You can experiment with a completely free blog at and then if you like the reults migrate it to a stand alone website. It would start out as or whatever you want to call it. I have 2 out there that are active.

      • Jennifer –

        1) Take your domain names and quickly set up sites on Squarespace, hands down – you can always migrate to a wordpress site late if you need/want to, but Squarespace offers inexpensive, totally customizable and mobile-responsive sites w/out screaming “cheap” or “DIY” like many other all-in-one website builders. As far as SEO, SERP, SPR, all that stuff – Squarespace is optimized right out of the box; and that’s huge. They’re really the only content management platform that a “professional” – and YES, you are a professional with some really great stuff that I personally would love to see more of, especially about how to choose programs that fit. The best way to find out what people want? ASK THEM! Build a blog and site, publish to Medium and get a LinkedIn profile with your blogs and your consultant status and jin as many professional groups as you can.

        2) JOIN FIZZLE for their free trial (get code from podcast!) and take their courses on course-building and anything else you might want help with – be it videography help,choosing a platform, or want a “Fastest, Easiest Point A to Point Z” course-building course – and these are BY FAR the best courses I’ve seen offered anywhere from a technical perspective there’s just nothing comparable; and I would have to say the same in terms of content; you cannot find a collection of thorough action-based in-depth training on every single aspect of starting, running, and growing a business than Fizzle’s. Plus they’re taught or coauthored by the top 1% of talent in that area.
        *****Fizzle is @ – not “com” – and you get the ENTIRE Fizzle membership, courses, coaching, and community FOR FIVE WEEKS FREE – listen to an episode of “The Sparkline” Podcast for the code to enter @ checkout – they always offer two weeks free, but 5 for podcast listeners -find it on Soundcloud, Stitcher, or iTunes – is their passion project to help entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. to build businesses that matter, to you and enough people that you can make a comfotable living – without spending all your money – they literally have NO UPSELLS, something I have never seen before. (They are Corbett Barr & Chase Reeves of,, & more)
        If you resonate with their style of teaching, then a $35 per month investment buys you the best online business training out there.Their course “Start A Blog That Matters” and Michael Port’s “Book Yourself Solid” were sold elsewhere without support for several hundred $ apiece and were considered great investments. It could be overwhelming, but it’s so well-designed and user-friendly and the community is so supportive, involved and helpful, it’s ridiculous – I have a question about – anything, say I want someone to check out my new “About” page and give me feedback, so I post a thread in the forum asking for feedback. Within an hour or two, dozens of people will leave me constructive and thoughtful feedback. It’s pretty great.

        I’m sorry this is so long – I just know where you’re at, and I know that you seem ready to do the work, and if so, these two resources – even if you just use the free five weeks of Fizzle – you’ll be off to great start. Check out Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation for more Udemy, and an expensive but top-notch Course-Builder’s Laboratory is offered by Mirasee/Danny Iny.

        Best of luck!

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