Data Entry – What It Really Is & Where to Find Work

Are you curious where to find legit data entry work from home? It's out there, you just have to know where to find it. Pay varies and it's very flexible work.Data entry may be the first type of job you started searching for when you began researching work from home. But do these jobs actually exist or are they all just scams? That’s what this post covers. Real data entry jobs are out there, you just have to know where — and how — to look. Warning — the reality of the work and the pay may not be what you’re expecting. . . . Read More

Work From Home Data Entry at Great American Opportunities

Most work from home data entry opportunities are either scams or they pay so little they’re barely worth bothering with. The Great American Opportunities data entry job is one exception. It’s completely legitimate work offered by a very reputable, respected company and the pay is very fair. However, nothing is completely perfect. The main drawbacks here are that this is seasonal work so you can’t depend on it year-round. . . . Read More

Work From Home Data Entry For SigTracker

SigTracker is a company I found through the Work Place Like Home forum several months ago that recruits home-based workers for data entry. The work you do for them involves updating voter registrations for various states. I held off on writing about SigTracker for some time because there are so many data entry scams out there and I just wasn’t sure about this one. But since that time, many people have done work for the company and been paid as promised. This opportunity is for US residents only, and you do have to verify your . . . Read More

Work at Home Jobs at Xerox

We’ve all heard of the Xerox company — they are kind of a big deal! I was a little surprised to discover that they actually have work from home positions available on a regular basis, including occasional data entry work! Another interesting fact about Xerox is that they are more than just copy machines and paper products. Some of their home-based positions involve things like doing Medicaid research and analyzing medical claims.

So how can you apply to work for Xerox from home? What jobs do they have available? Is it open to everyone or limited to certain states?… . . . Read More

What Is Virtual Bee?

Virtual Bee is one of the few online companies in existence that you can do legitimate data entry work from home for. You may already be familiar with this company if you know anything about Key for Cash, which is the name Virtual Bee used to go by. Why have I decided to review Virtual Bee when I already have a Key for Cash review on this blog? The reason is primarily because they are going by a different name now and also some changes have been made since I did the old… . . . Read More

Your Best Bets for Data Entry Work From Home

data entry work from homeI get a fair number of emails every single month from people looking for data entry work from home. Pretty much everyone wants to do this because it’s easy and also non-phone. If you really, really want to do this kind of work, you actually have some options even though many people will try to tell you that all data entry job openings are technically scams (and many are). But don’t get too excited because the possibilities that are realistic are often very low-paying.
Virtual Bee… . . . Read More

So You Want a “Typing Job From Home”

So you're looking for a typing job from home. Are they real? Here's what you need to know.Everyone seems to want “typing jobs.” This is a phrase that gets searched for a lot in Google, “typing jobs from home.” I typed this in myself this morning just to see what would come up and thankfully I saw a few search results from sites that are trustworthy, but also a large number from ones that aren’t. A lot of people are interested in ripping off the people who want to “type from home.”… . . . Read More

Data Entry Scams

I’ve gotten so many inquiries lately from people looking for legit data entry and also asking me if certain websites were scam-free (that weren’t) that I wanted to just go ahead and address data entry scams right here and now. It’s very hard for work at home newbies to be able to differentiate from what’s legit and what isn’t. Many people begin researching home-based jobs thinking that data entry is really ideal only to sign up for something scammy and get taken for a ride where they end up on the losing end. I don’t want this to happen to… . . . Read More

Axion Data – Work From Home Data Entry

Axion Data is one of the few existing work from home data entry jobs available online. They provide data entry, forms processing, and Internet research to people in need of these services. Axion Data has been around since 1996, and they are Better Business Bureau accredited.
How much does Axion Data pay?
The pay rate varies from project to project. According to their website FAQ, inputting data from short forms pays 4 to 8 cents per form, while larger documents pay $5 to $9 per piece. These larger documents may take between 30 and… . . . Read More

Dion Data – A Legit Data Entry Company

Dion Data is a legitimate data management service bureau who hires home contractors for data entry. They’ve been around since 1999.
How much does Dion Data pay?
Because the people who work for Dion Data are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, I have been unable to find the exact rate of pay. However, I did discover that Dion Data pays per piece/document rather than per word or keystroke as many other data entry companies do.
How often does Dion Data pay and what method do they use?
As of 2007, Dion Data paid their workers once every two weeks… . . . Read More