Where Can I Find Steady Freelance Writing Work?

One of the most common questions I receive when talking about freelance writing jobs is where can I find steady work?

The fact of the matter is, writing from home can be inconsistent at best. Most freelance gigs are, and that’s why we love them – freedom and flexibility.

Unfortunately, the bill man wants paid regularly. Here are a few places to find more steady work than the usual one-off article.

Offer Packages

One way to ensure steady work as a freelancer is to get regular clients on retainer. Every month they are paying upfront for a set number of pieces to be created. Many freelance writers offer bundles of 10 articles per month.

You may even offer a small discount for going on retainer as opposed to piecemeal. Get a few clients on 10 articles per month retainers at $400 each and you are relieving yourself of a lot of stress.

Where to find freelance writing clients: blogging forums, Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities, bloggers and website owners

Become a Regular Contributor

You can find openings at many of the larger sites on job boards like Indeed and Flexjobs. These sites are looking to pay (well) for regular content contributions.

You will usually have a set number of articles to create each month, just like those packages you are offering private clients. These can not only be great pay, but you will also be receiving a byline in most cases.

The secondary benefit here is building your portfolio and gaining more writing clients looking for those packages we discussed previously.

Job boards to watch: Problogger Job Board, Indeed, FlexJobs

Content Mills

While I do not recommend devoting your time and energy to content mills, they do serve a purpose for many of those just starting out.

They can help you get a feel for writing content for the web. They can give you an indication as to whether your preferred topics are in demand. They can also help pay the bills when your freelance writing business is experiencing a seasonal lull, which is common in the freelance world.

However, pick your poison carefully.

Your time is worth far more than $5 per 500-word article. And any webmaster who truly cares about their site is usually willing to invest in a good writer.

So, don’t cut yourself short. Stick with sites that pay somewhat reasonably though always remember you will make far, far more money on your own. And, even here, work will come and go.

Content mills to consider: TextbrokerOnline Writing Jobs

In the work at home world, it is common to experience seasonal ebbs and flows. This is one of the first struggles you may experience as a freelancer.

The key to survival is learning to pick the best rates whenever possible, never stop marketing your services and always be saving for those famine times. With a little planning and strategic marketing, next year you may look forward to – and be able to enjoy – the summer slowdown.

About the Author

Angie Nelson has been a virtual assistant and serial blogger since 2007 when she took her future into her own hands and found a way to escape the corporate cubicle farm. Today she balances several successful online businesses and shares her passion for making – and saving – money with others on her blog The Work at Home Wife.

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