HealthyWage Review: How One Woman Lost 100lbs & Earned $4K!

I've always thought that I'd be MUCH more motivated to lose weight if someone paid me. In a recent post, we discussed five different ways you can earn money to lose weight. Today, we are doing a HealthyWage review for you.

Read on to learn more about how it all works, plus we have a wonderful success story to share with you! Also — get on our free newsletter list for more ideas like this (outside the box) to earn income from home!

I thought initially that getting paid to lose weight was too good to be true, but no, it's for real. Thousands of people have used HealthyWage to earn money as a reward for meeting their weight loss goals.

How do you start at HealthyWage?

When you initially visit the site, you're going to want to play around with the calculator. Put in how much weight you want to lose, how long you think it will take, and finally how much per month you'd like to bet.

HealthyWage prize calculator

On the next screen, you'll be asked if you are male or female, and then you have to put in your height, current weight, and waist size.

Last, you set up an email and password. HealthyWage will then show you a prize amount based on your information. You can play with the calculator as many times as you like to find the right weight loss and prize goal for you.

Your prize amount could be as much as $10,000!

Once you're all signed up, you agree to pay your full bet amount to Healthy Wage. You can make monthly payments or pay your entire bet at once.

When the time runs out on your challenge and you've successfully lost the weight you set out to lose, you will win the prize amount (which will be what you bet plus more).

When/how does HealthyWage pay?

It says on the Healthy Wage website that earnings are paid within 12 hours to one week after challenge completion. They pay with check or Paypal.

How does HealthyWage know for sure that you've lost weight?

This is the big question I had, too. It seems like cheating would be simple.

The way it works is, you have to verify your weight at least twice while you participate. This is done with a video recording of you weighing yourself when you start your HealthyWager and again at the end of the challenge.

While it's a good idea to record your weight regularly throughout the challenge to track your progress, video recordings are not necessary at any time apart from when you start and when you're finished.

What's in it for HealthyWage?

This is another question I had, too. How does Healthy Wage make money? They have to have some way of paying all these people (and it definitely looks like some people are winning when you check the winners board here).

This paragraph on their website explains it:

HealthyWage is financially supported by insurers, health systems and hospitals, food companies, and the government. Government and corporate leaders know that incentives work and are a cost-effective solution (paying incentives costs less than paying for health care for an obese population).

When people lose money doing the weight loss challenges, these funds also go to support HealthyWage.

HealthyWage Review – Jennifer D.

I had the opportunity to interview a HealthyWage winner for you. I wanted to get some information straight from someone who has been there/done that. Below is my Q & A with Jennifer D., HealthyWager Challenge winner.

What made you decide to take the leap and sign up for HealthyWage?

My background is in music performance, so I knew I was someone who responded well to a high stakes environment, and HealthyWage helped me turn my health into the high stakes environment in which I am used to succeeding–and really when you think about it–our health IS the ultimate of high stakes. It's just so easy for us to ignore it, or put it off for later, and HealthyWage forces you to make it a priority in your life, which is just where it should be!

How much weight were you trying to lose?

Before HealthyWage, I had already lost about 75 lbs. by exercising vigorously and following a strict eating plan, so I was already in a good place to go further. Prior to HealthyWage, though, I would always get derailed around that same point, and start putting weight back on. HealthyWage kept me fired up and committed, though, by giving me a very real goal with a very real-time limit. It helped keep me active in my pursuit of health rather than letting it be something I could think about “tomorrow.” All in all, I lost the next 100 lbs. in 10 months with HealthyWage. I am still working everyday to lose 25 more to get to my ideal weight and bring me to a net loss of 200 lbs.

What were your favorite things about losing weight with HealthyWage?

Accountability, accountability, accountability! Often times just speaking a goal aloud will help motivate a person to be active in its pursuit. I know that's definitely true for me, so HealthyWage was more like screaming it aloud month after month, every time payment was due! It also felt like every time I made a payment, I was investing in myself, and that mentality helped me stay committed when it had been really hard to stay committed in the past.

What did you find most challenging about using HealthyWage?

Staying focused is always challenging when the reward is not immediate. Any time we make a long-term goal or plan (for me it was ten months), that length of time presents so many more opportunities to get sidetracked. HealthyWage helps eliminate those interruptions by keeping your goal front and center in your mind, and it helped me have more focus and clarity than I have had in the past.

How much did you end up earning?

Almost $5,000!!! ($4800)

Below, you can see a before and after photo showing Jennifer's HealthyWage results.


Why did I decide to share this today?

I realize this is not a job or an online earning opportunity exactly, but I've always felt like working at home comes with weight gain for many people.

When you're mostly sitting all day and have quick, easy access to anything in your fridge anytime you want it, the pounds just pile on — especially if you're not exercising.

Because I'm a blogger and my job revolves around a computer, I'm sitting much of the day. As a result, my weight yo-yo's up and down just depending on how motivated/focused I am to get my daily exercise in.

And it's no secret that money is a big motivator! Verifying your weight on Healthy Wage is easy enough since you just need to record a video (something you can do with your smartphone or someone else's), so I thought some of you might be interested in giving this a try!

Want to get started at HealthyWage?

Go here to sign up. Good luck to you if you try it!

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14 thoughts on “HealthyWage Review: How One Woman Lost 100lbs & Earned $4K!”

    • Olivia – HealthyWage responded to my email with the following information:

      Each participant gets to decide how much they want to bet every month. For example, I may choose to bet $50 for a 6-month challenge. The total amount of the bet will be $300 of the participants’ money. They can choose to pay that full $300 at one, or just pay $50 per month. All of these elements are up to each participant to decide on their own. That’s what our participants enjoy about our challenges. The goals and bet amounts are all customizable.

  1. Thanks for this HealthyWage Review! As one of the coaches at HealthyWage, I’d like to encourage everyone to check us out again if you haven’t in a while as we’ve made lots of fantastic updates since this post was originally written – including a new, individual challenge. The “HealthyWager” lets individuals set how much they want to lose, how long they need to reach their goal, and how much they want to wager each month. Then, we let them know how much their prize (up to $10,000!) will be for hitting their goal. I LOVE seeing all of our winning participants celebrate their success on a daily basis!

  2. I participated in the HealthyWage 10% bet from February 2013 to August 2013. When I first heard about the program from a fellow Weight Watcher member, I was a bit skeptical. But after some lengthy online research, I decided to bet the $150 on myself. The prospect of an additional $150 for doing something I was already trying to do (losing weight) intrigued me. I found the sign-up process simple (I was already a Weight Watchers member, so I just had to have my leader sign off on my before and after weights), and I enjoyed posting my weight each Monday and watching the line on my graph go down, down, down. The entire process was very gratifying, and I ended up losing much more than anticipated. Once I’d “won,” I received my $300 quite quickly. The program works very smoothly if you just follow the rules. Granted, you do have to be on top of things – but that’s just life! The HealthyWage folks give you three strikes, which is more than fair. I made a note on my calendar to post my weight each Monday, and I never missed a week. As the old saying goes, it works if you work it. I’m now at my goal weight, or I’d happily participate in another HealthyWage bet. Thanks for a fun and motivating program!

  3. Hi Anna,

    I’m very interested on this kind of websites. I’d like to see a review about DietBet and GymPact (app).


    • I’ve been using Gym Pact (now just Pact) for several months and I have made almost $100. I highly recommend it.

  4. I’m a little confused…. So with the 10% challenge, you can only bet $150 to get $300 back? That’s it?

    If I get $300 back, can I put that $300 back in and bet again?

    I’m sorry, but going through all that to lose weight just to get $300 doesn’t sound very satisfying. The $10,000 challenge sounds like the best prize of them all.

  5. Thank you for sharing this. Because we are on such a budget while my husband finishes his last year of clinical’s I have not been able to participate in sites like DietBet. I will keep you posted on my progress. I was really needing something like this to come my way.

    • Good luck with it! I am excited to know how it goes for you. I’m also curious about Diet Bet. I’ll have to research that one. If I keep coming across sites & apps like this, I might do a round-up post around the New Year for ways to lose weight and earn money.

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