Become a Virtual Teacher for Connections Academy

Connections Academy appears to frequently have openings available for virtual teachers. You will of course need a teaching degree to work for this company just as you would any other teaching job.

If you are a work at home teacher,  you will still occasionally have opportunities to meet with your students in person through field trips and during state testing.

All virtual Connections Academy teachers work 10 months out of each year.

Even though some of their teaching positions are work from home, your location still matters with this company because you will occasionally be required to report to their location for training and/or meetings.

Many states currently have Connections Academy schools, but not all do.

This company appears to hire teachers within the US only.

How do you teach from home?

There are different kinds of technology used. Connections Academy has some software that makes it easy to recreate a classroom experience virtually through webcam, chat, the use of whiteboards, etc.

How much does Connections Academy pay?

The rate of pay will vary from person to person.

Every teacher that applies for work here will be made an individual offer. Your past experience, education level, and special skills will all factor into what your offer is. There are opportunities for bonuses as well as other incentives.

Does Connections Academy offer any benefits?

If you are considered a full-time teacher, you may qualify for 401K, paid leave, healthcare and much more.

The benefits may vary from state to state. I notice that for some of the home-based positions (the ones that are not necessarily teaching), you are considered an independent contractor so these benefits may not apply for those positions.

What are the requirements to work for Connections Academy?

It will depend on the position you are applying for, but most are going to require a degree and teaching certification for the state you're applying in.

Would you like to apply?

This page has a list of all the job opportunities currently available at Connections Academy. To find the home-based jobs, just look under the column to the far right with the heading “City.” It will say “Home-Based” for the virtual positions.

Looking for other options?

If you're looking for more tutoring jobs from home, this is another legit company that is actively looking for online ESL tutors, paying over $14 hourly.

Good luck.

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