Sell Makeup From Home – 5 Free Websites To Use!

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Any beauty addict with stashes from Sephora and Ulta knows what it’s like to run out of space on their vanity. Half-used jars of tarte and Anastasia Beverly Hills abound in every nook and cranny in the bathroom, and counter space is covered by beauty blenders of all shapes and sizes and contouring brushes abound. … Read more

5 Parenting Websites That Pay Remote Writers

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Raising a tiny human being to become a full-fledged, functioning adult is a thankless – and expensive – job the vast majority of the time. However, for the enterprising, entrepreneurial parent, it doesn’t have to be; if you have the writing skills, you can utilize your newfound child-rearing knowledge and turn it into a business … Read more

Looking to Clear the Clutter? Here are 7 Places to Sell It Online!

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Clutter is overwhelming. Not only is it distracting, but it can actually impede you from being productive. According to Psychology Today, clutter “inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brain storm [sic], and problem solve.” Think about it this way: clear space, clear mind. Plus, if you … Read more

Ways to Make Money Online as a Beauty Expert

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As children, we dream big; we want to be a fireman, astronaut, ballerina, or world-class veterinarian with our own talk show in which we ask animals questions, and they talk back, Doctor Doolittle-style (no? Just me?). As we grow older, those dreams often, if not always, fall by the wayside. We become accountants, CMOs, or … Read more

How to Get Free Stuff Online (And Possibly Get Paid, Too!)

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Working as a freelancer has a bevy of benefits: you make your own hours, can work out of a home office, and get some pretty awesome tax write-offs. The smart independent contractor knows, however, how to put the “free” in “freelancer,” by signing up for companies that offer products to test and occasionally compensation for … Read more

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Work at Home Jobs


If you’ve filled out a job application recently, you’ve probably noticed that many companies – especially those who use web forms – want you to include your LinkedIn profile. The online resume website may seem a bit past its prime – after all, it’s been around since 2002 – but employers still look to see … Read more