EasyShift – Earn Cash For Doing Tasks With Your Smartphone!

It's been a while since I wrote up a review of a smartphone app that pays. There are several out there like this, and some of the more popular ones are Field Agent, GigWalk, and GoSpotCheck.

There is another app I recently found out about called Easy Shift that works in much the same way as those others do. FYI – I believe this one is just for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Earning Money With the EasyShift App

To earn money with EasyShift, you use it while you are shopping to conduct little audits at stores — kind of like mystery shopping, but way less involved.

You might be asked to take a picture of a display with your phone, count how much inventory there is  for an item, or even do price checks.

There may also occasionally be little tasks that you can perform at home, so you don't necessarily have to go out shopping to earn money with EasyShift every time you use it.

Each job pays a set amount, could be anywhere from $2 to $20.

Getting Your Money From EasyShift

This is the most important part, of course! EasyShift will send you your earnings to your Paypal account within 48 hours guaranteed, but in most cases they do pay faster and it's not unusual to get your money the same day you complete the job.

Finding Jobs

You can log in to the app to keep tabs on where there might jobs around your area. It should notify you when something is available that you can do close by.

Earning Points

Don't worry — points are not how you get paid with this app. The points you get for each job actually are there to help advance your level. The higher your level on EasyShift, the better your reputation.

This is good because it means you'll get access to jobs that pay better and you may also be allowed to reserve jobs ahead of time.

Bottom Line

This app (like most smartphone apps that pay) won't replace your day job. However, it makes sense that if you use this app as well as several other smartphone apps that pay. Some of the best apps that pay are Ibotta and SwagbucksTV.

Who knows, a substantial amount of extra money might be possible if you use the app consistently.

How to Download EasyShift

You can go here to see the listing for the app in the Apple store. Downloading the app should be as easy as doing a search for EasyShift in your app store.

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10 thoughts on “EasyShift – Earn Cash For Doing Tasks With Your Smartphone!”

  1. Lately they reject a lot of shifts. They are getting too picky with the quality of shifts that people do. If your photo is deemd the slightest bit of blurry or if you miss one display, they will reject the whole job you just did. It does not matter if you spent 30 minutes doing the shift and 12 miles in gas – they do not care about you. They will not explain exactly why the shift was rejected either. They do not reply to messages or emails when you ask them for a reason. Be careful with this company. They are shady.

  2. Don’t use Easy shift! I have been a successful mystery shopper for over five years. Easy Shift shopper for one shop!

    I did one shop with them and it was rejected. They wanted to see if the Coors and Cheese it’s display was together. I walked the entire store and the display was not displayed by the merchant. I then took pictures of the Cheese It’s in the snack aisle and the Coors in the beer aisle.

    Still rejected. I cannot take pictures of the displays if they are not put up by the merchant!

  3. I have been using easy shift for 3 weeks now and I love it. The money goes righ tto my paypal account and helps offset my ebay addiction. Great article!

  4. I’ve been using EasyShift for a couple of months now—along with Gigwalk, GoSpotCheck, and Field Agent—and EasyShift is by far the best system–and app. I like that I work directly for them (they’re not a middle man so no “applications” for tasks, and yes to super-quick payments) and how responsive they are. There are real ebbs and flows to the number of shifts available, though, so it’s not necessarily money you can bank on coming in regularly. Worth getting in there when you can and building your rep, though, because some people (in some regions, I’m guessing) are clearly making significant extra money with them. Anna, thanks so much for this site! And the redesign is sweet…

    • Thanks, M.C. and thanks so much for your feedback. I love apps like these! Good to know that Easy Shift is one of the better ones.

  5. I use EasyShift and love it. (GigWalk, not so much.)

    I’m a big fan of microjobs and appreciate all you’re doing on your blog.

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