eBook Review: Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career – The Fast & Easy Way to Get Started

August 12, 2014 1 comment by Anna T

Review of the eBook This week’s eBook review is on Lisa Mill’s “Jump-Start Your Work at Home General Transcription Career – The Fast & Easy Way to Get Started.” It’s currently available at Amazon for just $2.99. This book pretty much walks you through the process of getting started in general transcription. I have a lot of readers who are interested in general transcription work from home, and I have recommended this book before.

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Review of iTalki – Get Paid to Teach Any Language

August 11, 2014 2 comments by Anna T

review of iTalkiOne of my readers mentioned iTalki in a comment the other day. I had seen this site mentioned before as an option for teaching languages at home, so I decided to check it out. A little bit of browsing confirmed for me that this company is extremely reputable and also offers a decent opportunity for anyone to earn money online. If you know any language, including English, you can potentially make money on iTalki.

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Big List of Work-Whenever-You-Want Jobs From Home

August 8, 2014 13 comments by Anna T

List of work from home companies that do not require a set schedule.I get lots of Facebook messages and emails from people who are looking for work from home jobs that don’t come with a strict, set schedule. This is probably the second most common request I get next to people looking for non-phone work. In the last four years, I’ve actually written about a lot of jobs like this, but I’ve never made a list of companies although I do have a list of flexible work at home industries.

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Jamberry Nails Direct Sales Opportunity

August 7, 2014 1 comment by Anna T

Overview of the Jamberry Nails direct selling opportunityJamberry Nails is fast becoming one of the most popular direct sales companies around. They specialize in nail stickers that are applied with heat. These stickers will last a long time once they are in place, and there are literally hundreds of different designs and patterns to choose from.

The company has been around since 2010 and they currently accept consultants from the US and Canada.

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Freelance Writing For CopyPress

August 6, 2014 2 comments by Leisa Good

Review of CopypressAre you a writer who is always looking for companies needing writers? Do you enjoy copywriting and are considered well-versed in it? Would you consider yourself a prolific blogger for a targeted niche? Then the freelance writing site CopyPress might be something of interest to you.
What Exactly is CopyPress?
CopyPress is a freelance site that uses writers to write for large scale projects in a variety of industries.  CopyPress hires two kinds of writers.

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Work at Home as a Travel Agent

August 4, 2014 0 comments by Anna T

Work from home as a travel agentIf you have a genuine love for travel and are always helping your friends and family plan their vacations, then it’s quite possible you’d make a great travel agent. And yes, this is a job you can do from home! Today’s post will cover the basics of being a home-based travel agent and then direct you toward some reputable outside resources to help you get started.
As a home-based travel agent, you will help make travel arrangements

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Social Media Manager?

July 31, 2014 19 comments by Jess

Do you have what it takes to work from home as a social media manager?Guest Post by Jess Weaver

One of the hottest jobs on the market these days is known as social media managing. You might hear it referred to as social media marketer or social media maven. No matter how you look at it, the idea of social media marketing is the same thing.
I hear a lot of people who want to be social media managers, but I have one question.

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Rack Up On Amazon Codes With the YourWord Panel

July 30, 2014 5 comments by Anna T

Earn $5 Amazon codes for your opinions using the YourWord panel.I don’t do survey panel reviews very regularly on this blog, but YourWord is a newer one that I keep reading some positive things about. While this panel does not have cash as an option for redemption, they do have Amazon gift codes and gift codes for other popular retailers. The holidays will be here before you know it, so now is certainly a good time to start saving up the Amazon codes we get from YourWord and other similar reward/survey sites.

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mTurk Users – Find the Best HITs With mTurk List

July 29, 2014 7 comments by Anna T

Find the best paying HITs on mTurk with mTurk ListI know a lot of you regularly use mTurk for extra cash. It’s a great website that I’ve also used myself many times in the past. If you aren’t familiar with mTurk, it’s a short-task work platform powered by Amazon. I like it because it’s possible to get paid daily. For more information, you can read my review of mTurk here.

If you do use mTurk, then you know sometimes it can be hard to find HITs that pay well and are worth doing. I was alerted to a new resource

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Become a Transcriptionist For Net Transcripts

July 28, 2014 0 comments by Leisa Good

Review of the work from home transcription opportunity at Net Transcripts.Are you looking for a transcription job? Can you type 80 wpm with excellent proofreading and grammar? Do you have advanced knowledge of both Microsoft Word and Excel? Then Net Transcripts might be the right work-at-home job for you.

Net Transcripts hires transcribers in the US only.
What Exactly is Net Transcripts?
Net Transcripts is a company that offers transcription and translation

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eBook Review: Make Money Online – 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas

July 26, 2014 1 comment by Anna T

Review of 97 Real Companies That Pay You to Work In Your PajamasThis is the first in a series of eBook reviews I’ll be doing here. I have read so many good work from home related eBooks and while I do link those on my work from home eBook library page, there are several that stand out so much that I want to share a little more info than just a link.

Make Money Online – 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas is one of my favorite eBooks covering general work from home.

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How to Become a User-Generated Content Online Moderator

July 25, 2014 2 comments by Guest

How to become a user-generated content moderator - guest post by Lisa Craven.Guest post by Lisa Craven

In my role as CEO at Moderation Gateway I’m frequently asked two questions:

What is a User Generated Content (UGC) moderator and how do I become one?

I am delighted to have the opportunity to answer these questions in this guest post and shed some light on how to become an online UGC moderator.

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Work From Home Data Entry at Great American Opportunities

July 24, 2014 12 comments by Anna T

Review of the work from home data entry job at GAOMost work from home data entry opportunities are either scams or they pay so little they’re barely worth bothering with. The Great American Opportunities data entry job is one exception. It’s completely legitimate work offered by a very reputable, respected company and the pay is very fair.

However, nothing is completely perfect. The main drawbacks here are that this is seasonal work so you can’t depend on it year-round, and if

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