11 Inexpensive Home Business Ideas

Work from home as a virtual assistant for Contemporary VA.Most of the posts on this blog are about working at home for other people. However, there are a lot of fantastic things about working from home for yourself! Some of the best things about working for yourself include being in complete control of your own hours, setting your own rates for your products and services, and the fact that there isn’t as much of a “cap” on your income.

Eight of the Best Work-at-Home Sites for Bilingual Workers

bilingual wahAre you bilingual and know that you could be making money using your second language? Do you want to work from home doing something that will allow you to use your second language? Well, there are many opportunities to do so.  I will touch on some of the best work-at-home jobs at the best companies.  When I say “best”, I mean in terms of good reputation and ratings.

How to Get Your Credit Score Without Paying a Dime

credit score excerptCredit Sesame is how I’ve been checking my credit score for three years now. Although you can get your credit score for free from all three bureaus once a year, it’s very handy to keep tabs on it month to month. Especially considering that so many work at home employers want to check it before they’ll hire you. Credit Sesame will give it to you for free without making you sign up for a trial.

Paid to Read News Articles? That’s a Scam!

scam excerptOver the last few years, I’ve occasionally seen a “work at home job” making the rounds promising that you can get paid to simply read news articles online. It comes and goes under different company names, most recently News Range, Circum News, MultiTrendo, Fifty News, Lucki News, and several other domains. Unfortunately, no one ever gets paid for this.

Drive People Around And Earn Up to $25 Hourly

driving excerptDo you want to work for yourself but not on a computer all day? Do you own a commercially insured and licensed vehicle? Do you enjoy interacting with people? If so, you can probably make money driving people around and earn up to $25 an hour. Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are three popular ridesharing services that are constantly hiring drivers. All three pay weekly or daily.

Giveaway For Aspiring Freelance Writers – Over $1,200 in Prizes!

bookkeeper excerptAttention freelance writers — Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook is holding a high-value giveaway you may be interested in with prizes awarded totaling over $1,200! This post has some information on how to enter, what prizes you’ll win, and also who Gina is. If you are a freelance writer or you just want to be a freelance writer, I can promise you’ll definitely benefit from these prizes. Good luck!

9 Ways to Work From Home During School Hours

back to school excerptIn about a month (or less), most kids will be returning to school. Many of my readers have let me know that they really want to work from home, but have to find something that can be done during traditional school hours, so they can work while their kids are gone for the day — and be done right around the time they get back. So today I’ve done some research to find the best of these jobs.

Study Medical Transcription at Career Step

work from home transcription equipmentToday we’re talking about Career Step, a Dave Ramsey-endorsed, very popular online school for aspiring medical transcribers. Many medical transcribers are able to earn $34,000 per year or more once trained and certified. Career Step provides this training (self-paced) and has a great program for military spouses to get started cheaper. They also offer affordable payment plans.

Top 5 Rewards Sites To Use

rewards site excerptI’ve been using rewards sites to earn extra cash and Amazon gift codes since probably 2006 or 2007 — when my oldest was just a baby. This was also when I first began to seriously look for ways to make money from home. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to realize that these rewards sites were in no way going to replace my income, but I still found them to be a bit addictive.

4 Companies That Hire People to Book Cruises

cruise excerptDo you think you’d enjoy working from home, booking cruises for others? If so, you’re in luck because there are quite a few companies that have regular openings for this type of work. Keep in mind it’s phone work, so all of you non-phone job seekers may not find this is your cup of tea. Unfortunately not all of these companies are hiring right now, but you may want to keep tabs on them.

Take Your Translation Skills to VerbalizeIt And Earn

translation excerptAre you looking for flexible translation work? Are you fluent in more than one language? Are you a fast and accurate typist who can meet deadlines? Then VerbalizeIt might be a work-at-home opportunity for you! VerbalizeIt is a company that offers cloud-based transcription and translation services in 150 languages, 140 countries, and 50 industries worldwide.