How to Get Amazon Products Dirt Cheap or Free

Snagshout excerptDid you know that it’s possible to get dirt cheap or even FREE products on You can do so through a site called Snagshout that connects Amazon sellers with shoppers. These sellers need reviews for their items, and they’re willing to give you the items free or cheap to get the reviews. All you have to do to join is provide your name and email address, and then start checking to see what’s new.

Work at Home Transcription Jobs at Landmark Associates

Landmark excerptLandmark Associates is a company that has been hiring work at home transcribers for quite some time. The company has been in existence since 1987, and they specialize in interviews, panel discussions, and focus groups. If you are hired to do transcriptions for Landmark, most of the files you work on will fall under those categories. They do not do any medical transcription.

Home Business Idea – Running a Daycare

daycare excerptIf you love kids and you need a way to earn money from home, running a daycare might be an option to consider. This a service you can offer with relatively low start-up costs that there will always be a demand for. Today’s post is an interview with Rosemarie Groner of The Busy Budgeter. She has been providing childcare services from her home for almost two years now.

Work at Home Support Positions at 2U

2U excerpt2U is a company with an online, cloud-based platform that allows leading colleges and universities to deliver their online degree programs to students everywhere. The company has been in existence since 2008, and they have regular remote job openings. I usually list their leads when I find them on my job leads page, but I’ve never taken the time to dig deeper and really research these jobs.

My Employment Options – A Free Work at Home Resource For the Disabled

transcribe excerptDo you need to work from home due to a disability? Are you currently receiving SSI/SSDI disability benefits? Do have good marketable skills? Well, then My Employment Options might be a good resource to help you find a legitimate work at home job. My Employment Options is a Certified Social Security Administration (SSA) Employment Network in the free Ticket-To-Work program.

Start a Bookkeeping Home Business – No Degree Required

bookkeeper excerptDid you know that it’s possible to work as a bookkeeper from home with no past experience or fancy credentials? In this post, I’ve interviewed Ben Robinson, who is the founder of Bookkeeper Business Academy. He shares with us how anyone can become a bookkeeper, how much money you can expect to earn, and how you can start setting up your own bookkeeping business from home.

Make Money Taking Surveys For YouGov

YouGov survey panelCould you use a little pocket change? Do you have time for a few surveys? Do you love giving your opinions on social issues, news, and occasionally politics? Then you might enjoy answering survey questions for YouGov. YouGov is an international survey site that strives to supply companies, governments, and institutions with data on what the population is thinking and doing.

What It’s Really Like to Work as a Chat Agent For Apple

Apple excerptDid you know that Apple hires work at home chat agents on a regular basis? Today, we have an interview from someone who is actually working at home for Apple who shares with us what the job is really like, and what you could expect to earn. Note — tons of tech experience isn’t required in order to get a job here, they are almost always hiring for the position.

How Much Money Can You Really Earn as a Mystery Shopper?

pants excerptMystery shopping is something many people do to earn money, but have you ever wondered how much these people are actually earning? Is it something you can do full-time and make a real living? Maybe not for most people, but it can be pretty lucrative work that’s flexible, independent, and you might even think it’s fun work if shopping and visiting stores is something you truly enjoy doing.