Best Ways to Find Freebies Online

Are you looking for freebies online? Here are the best places to check for finding quality, scam-free freebies.One of my favorite things to do is snag freebies when they are available. I have found that, if you get in the habit of staying on top of all these free samples, soon your mailbox will be stuffed with little packages most days of the week. In this post, I’ll be showing where to go to find the best freebies online as well as help you think of ways to use them when you realize you have more than you actually need. . . . Read More

Make Money “Flipping” Websites at Flippa

Review of Flippa - A way to flip or sell the websites you won.Do you have any websites or blogs that you aren’t updating or benefiting from in any way, or maybe you’re just over them? If they are worth anything or make you even a little bit of money, you may want to consider selling them on Flippa. This is a site many people use for both buying and selling websites of various values. The more traffic/and income your site generates, the more you can . . . Read More

5 Ways to Get Paid For Losing Weight This Year

Need to lose weight this year? Here's a list of five ways you can actually get paid to do it! If you are lacking the motivation you need to keep up your weight loss efforts, a financial incentive for meeting your goals may definitely help!The start of the new year is a time when many people begin thinking about shedding those extra pounds. Unfortunately, most give up on their weight loss efforts before January is overwith! But what if you could actually get paid to lose weight? The post today is a list of five ways you can actually get paid to lose weight. Money could prove to be a very nice motivator for losing those extra pounds! . . . Read More

Most Popular Posts At Real Ways to Earn For 2014!

2014 most popular posts at Real Ways to Earn Money Online.This is a rundown of the most popular posts here at Real Ways for 2014. If you’re a new reader, or if you’re a regular reader that has missed some of the posts, you’ll want to check this list out. These posts got the most engagement and “buzz” of anything else posted in 2014 on this blog. Good luck on your work from home journey in 2015, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year! . . . Read More

Make Money on a New Social Network Called Tsū

Tsu - a new social network similar to Facebook that pays you for interacting there.Do you spend a lot of time on social media? Do you enjoy sharing photos and resources on social media? Do you think being paid to share and engage on social media is a good idea? Then Tsū.co might be a good fit for you. It’s a social network, similar to Facebook, that allows you to earn money for the sharing you do every day. The site appears to be open worldwide and is probably only good for extra money. . . . Read More

Review of WordGigs – A Site Offering Freelance Writing Work

Work from home writing jobs at WordGigs -- a content mill that will welcome new freelancers.Are you a beginning writer who doesn’t know where to begin to look for work? Are you a freelance writer who would love to have steady work? Are you a writer who is comfortable writing for content mills? Then the content mill, WordGigs, might be something of interest to you. WordGigs is a content mill that uses both beginning writers as well as experienced, professional writers . . . Read More

The 5 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

Top 5 Best Ad NetworksUsing an ad network is a great way to make passive income as a blogger. They’re also very easy to set up. Pretty much all you have to do is grab a snippet of code and paste it into the parts of your site where you want ads to display. Once your ads are in place, in most cases you don’t really have to worry about them anymore. They just sit there, (hopefully) making you money. How Much . . . Read More

4 Apps That Pay You to Unlock Your Phone

List of four apps that pay you to unlock your smartphone. This is VERY passive extra income!I love sharing info about apps that pay because so many of you have smartphones and it seems like there are constantly more and more ways to earn money with them. Recently, I’ve noticed a surge in these apps that pay you to unlock your phone. I like these because while it is of course just extra money, it’s still so passive! You literally don’t have to do anything apart from just have . . . Read More

Where to Look For Worldwide Work at Home

Some great online resources for finding worldwide work at home jobs. I am from the US, as are the vast majority of my readers. This is why most of the work from home positions and extra cash ideas you find on this blog are intended mostly for people in the US. But, I still get regular emails from readers who are located outside the United States that desperately need to find home-based work. This post is intended to act as a resource for anyone looking . . . Read More

What Is The Perfect Work From Home Job For You?

What is the perfect home-based job for you?So you want to work from home, but you have no idea what type of work from home job would be ideal for you. There are so many different types of work from home jobs — call center work, writing, transcription, virtual assisting, moderation, etc., that it can be a little overwhelming thinking about what sort of work to pursue. This post is a list of different types of personality traits and skills . . . Read More

Earn Extra Money Answering Questions For 1Q

Earn .25 to .50 cents per question for answering single questions for 1Q. Pay is via Paypal after questions are answered.Do you enjoy fast, easy money? Do you love it when people pick your brain? Do you usually have your smart phone with you? Then 1Q might be something for you to try. 1Q is one of those fun and easy sites where you can answer a few questions and make money. Questions come in off and on throughout the day, and you answer them via your PC or laptop or on your smart phone by downloading . . . Read More