15 Realistic Ways to Get Paid Today

get paid today excerptFinancial emergencies happen, and when they do, you probably don’t want to have to wait a week or a month to get your hands on a little cash. In a perfect world, we would all have savings accounts with enough money inside to get us through when disaster strikes, but it’s not a perfect world. These ideas aren’t fool-proof, but hopefully they will help.

Red Butler — Serving Up Virtual Assistant Jobs

va company excerptWould you like to work as a virtual assistant? Are you too busy to market yourself despite having stellar administrative skills? Would you like a company that found you the clients? Then Red Butler might be the right work-at-home (WAH) opportunity for you. Virtual assistants are able to work part-time or full-time in the comfort of their homes.  Red Butler is similar to Zirtual, eaHelp, and Time Etc.

6 Ways to Save Money Shopping Online

piggy bank excerptWho doesn’t like to save money and feel like they have found a really good deal?  Well, no one that I know of. With more and more online coupon sites and money saving sites popping up all over the Internet, there’s really no excuse not to “stash a little cash” these days.  Especially on the items that you buy on a regular basis.

Freelancers – Please Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

eggs basketIt’s the same story time and time again. You find a content site to write for, a transcription company to work for, or a private client to write, transcribe, or do virtual assisting tasks for. And then for a while, the work is flooding in like crazy and things couldn’t be better. You are making money, you are paying your bills, and you assume that this will continue indefinitely. Until it doesn’t.

Home Business Idea – Selling Homemade Soy Candles

soy candle excerptSoy candles are all the rage these days. They’re being sold like crazy online and offline, everywhere from Etsy to major retailers. Many, many people have begun making soy candles out of their homes, starting businesses, and earning money. Today’s post gives a little info on soy candles, why they’re so popular, and of course a little more detail on starting up a soy candle business.

10 Sites That Will Pay You For Stock Photography

stock photo excerptIf you’re good with a camera and you’d like to work from home, stock photography may be something to look into. There are tons of stock photo websites with huge searchable photo databases of just about everything you can think of. Today’s post has a little info about these sites and a list of several that are accepting submissions.

Earning Money From Home As An Amazon FBA Seller

amazon excerptI’m sure that most of you know you can earn money selling your stuff on Amazon in a way similar to eBay — listing items directly and then shipping them to the customer once the item is purchased. But did you know that there is another way to earn money on Amazon that doesn’t involve you shipping to the customer directly? It’s called Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

How to Get Amazon Products Dirt Cheap or Free

Snagshout excerptDid you know that it’s possible to get dirt cheap or even FREE products on Amazon.com? You can do so through a site called Snagshout that connects Amazon sellers with shoppers. These sellers need reviews for their items, and they’re willing to give you the items free or cheap to get the reviews. All you have to do to join is provide your name and email address, and then start checking to see what’s new.

Work at Home Transcription Jobs at Landmark Associates

Landmark excerptLandmark Associates is a company that has been hiring work at home transcribers for quite some time. The company has been in existence since 1987, and they specialize in interviews, panel discussions, and focus groups. If you are hired to do transcriptions for Landmark, most of the files you work on will fall under those categories. They do not do any medical transcription.

Home Business Idea – Running a Daycare

daycare excerptIf you love kids and you need a way to earn money from home, running a daycare might be an option to consider. This a service you can offer with relatively low start-up costs that there will always be a demand for. Today’s post is an interview with Rosemarie Groner of The Busy Budgeter. She has been providing childcare services from her home for almost two years now.