Interview With Danielle McGaw of Writedge, A New Rev-Share Writing Site

Revenue share writing opportunityThe following is an interview between myself and Danielle McGaw of Writedge – a new revenue-share writing site:
What makes Writedge different than other rev-share writing sites?
I think the main thing that makes Writedge different from other revenue share sites is that Adsense is really the only thing we share. Every other opportunity to earn money is purely the writer’s. We allow our writers to use Amazon, Zazzle, AllPosters, Chitika, ShareaSale, and Commission Junction affiliate programs and anything they earn from those programs

What is Howtoee?

Howtoee is a revenue-sharing content site. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the other content sites because you prefer to write about what you want to write about, then Howtoee might be a good outlet for you. The site primarily contains “How to” articles, and that is also what they encourage you to write for […]

List My 5

What is List My 5? List My 5 is another revenue share writing site. This one is a bit different than several of the others – you can get paid for making top 5 lists! Almost everyone can think of their top 5 etc. etc. etc., so writing here shouldn’t be too challenging. It might […]