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Working at Home for Lionbridge – Non Phone Work

June 13, 2013 33 comments by Anna T

work at home for lionbridgeLionbridge has changed a lot since the last time I wrote about them, so I decided to write some updated information since so many of you are looking for non-phone work at home, and search engine evaluation certainly fits the bill for that. Lionbridge has a lot of different types of opportunities available and they are also open worldwide. These are all independent contractor positions.
What kind of work do you do for Lionbridge?
I used to classify this is just search engine evaluation, but I should probably expand on that a little since there are so many different types of jobs. But search engine evaluation, if you aren’t familiar, is generally comparing…

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What is a Search Engine Evaluator?

March 10, 2012 35 comments by Anna T

What is a search engine evaluatorI know many people are interested in what a search engine evaluator does, so I’m going to try to explain it to you. I hope this helps some!
What is a search engine evaluator?
Basically, this is a person who evaluates search engine results to determine if they are relevant or not to the term typed in. This is just one way that major search engines ensure that when you type something into search, you find what you’re hoping to find. For example, if you were doing a search on “the Atlanta Braves,” hopefully their official website would show up either at the top or near the top of the results. That’s because that’s probably the…

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Work Force Logic Search Engine Evaluation

May 17, 2011 32 comments by Anna T

Yes, it’s another search engine evaluation post! Work Force Logic is the one company on this site offering this type of work that I haven’t really covered, so I figured I’d go ahead and do a review since I believe they are currently hiring at the moment anyhow. This company is very similar to Lionbridge, Leapforce, and Butler Hill — all three of which I have reviewed in the past. If you’re completely unfamiliar with what a search engine evaluator does, you might want to read this post on search engine evaluating in general first.
How much does Work Force Logic pay?
These search engine evaluation…

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Butler Hill Work at Home Search Engine Evaluation

May 4, 2011 20 comments by Anna T

Butler Hill is a company that regularly hires people to work from home doing search engine evaluation. They’ve been around for about 16 years, and they are rumored to pay better than Leapforce and Lionbridge — two of their top competing companies. If you’re unclear on what search engine evaluation actually is, you might want to read “What is a Search Engine Evaluator?” first.

How much does Butler Hill pay?

The rate I’ve seen quoted is $15 per hour. Leapforce and Lionbridge both pay roughly $1 or $2 less than that. Specifics on pay rates for these companies aren’t widely available because employees have…

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August 30, 2010 26 comments by Anna T


Leapforce hires independent contractors from a variety of different countries to evaluate search engine results and improve them for a major search engine. They also have openings for search quality judges. Job specifics are sketchy due to current employees being required to sign non-disclosure agreements, but in general the work involves determining whether or not certain search terms match up well with different web pages and/or video, images, etc. Even though this sounds fairly easy, many people describe the work as being incredibly hard.
Here are some basics:
Pay: Cannot reveal – signed non-disclosure agreement
Payment Method: Check or direct deposit
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Open to: United States, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, and Brazil
Sign Up:

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