Work From Home Customer Service For

Do you want to work from home in the travel industry? has regular openings for work from home customer service agents.Are you an experienced cruise industry professional? Are you someone who really enjoys and excels at customer service? Are you ready to work from home as an employee with benefits instead of an independent contractor? Then becoming a cruise customer service agent at might be of interest to you. As its name so obviously implies, is a travel-based . . . Read More

Work From Home Political Calling For Oasis Marketing Solutions

Work from home political calling for Oasis Marketing SolutionsOasis Marketing Solutions is a company that occasionally has work from home political calling/surveying positions available. This job has been discussed quite a bit of the various work from home forums I visit — some people like it, some have some issues with it. Overall it sounds like pretty easy work if you are OK with being on the phone.

I believe this position is open to people in the US only.
How much does Oasis Marketing pay? . . . Read More

Become a Virtual Travel Planner at Carnival Cruise Lines

Are you ready to take a cruise or at least help others do so? Are you a high energy sales professional who enjoys outbound calling? Are you ready for a set number of hours that you can enjoy working from your home? Then becoming a virtual vacation planner for Carnival Cruise Lines might be something you’d like to do! What Exactly is Carnival Cruise Lines? . . . Read More

Telephone Mystery Shopping for CallCenterQA

Do you have a call center background? Do you have think you have what it takes to become a call center auditor? Then the work-at-home (WAH) QA Evaluator at CallCenterQA may be just what you are looking for!
What Exactly is CallCenterQA?
CallCenterQA is a telecommuting company that hires both telecommuters as well as disabled individuals and homebound parents part-time to provide call auditing and evaluation services to clients. Basically, this is telephone mystery shopping. . . . Read More

Work From Home as a Travel Agent at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Would you like to work online for a travel company? Did you have experience booking travel? Do you like receiving travel discounts? Then signing up for Carlson Wagonlit Travel online might be a good work-at-home (WAH) option for you. What Exactly is Carlson Wagonlit Travel? Carlson Wagonlit Travel, also known as CWT Netherlands, has been allowing agents to work from the comfort of their homes since 2008.  . . . Read More

Review of Kelly Services

Would you like to work online for a trusted offline company? Did you ever “temp” when you worked in the B&M (brick and mortar) world? Do you believe you have the skills and self-discipline to work from home? Then signing up for Kelly Services online might be a good option for you. What Exactly is Kelly Services? Anyone who has ever worked as a “temp” probably would recognize the … . . . Read More

Sedgwick CMS Non-Phone E-Support & Phone Work

A well-known company offering work from home jobs is Sedgwick CMS. They have both phone and non-phone positions available on occasion. This is a popular work from home option because they hire you as an employee, offer benefits, pay well, and even send you the equipment that you need to do the job.

Side note – I’ve read that Sedgwick does not hire people who live in… . . . Read More

Work at Home as a Telephone Interviewer

Did you know there are lots of companies hiring people to work at home conducting simple interviews? If you don’t mind the idea of phone work from home but would prefer not to do customer service or sales, you might consider becoming an interviewer. I’ve been coming across a lot of different companies lately that hire home-based interviewers. While this is outbound calling, you may not be quite as likely to irritate the people you call because you aren’t trying to sell anything. Instead, you’re just gathering information. . . . Read More

Work at Home Interviewer for Maritz Research

Maritz Research is a company that conducts surveys on behalf of major corporations. While they do have multiple call centers located in the US and in the UK, they also hire home-based interviewers. If you are looking for a work from home phone job doing outbound calling (not sales-related) where you do not need a land line, this might be a good fit for you. It does appear that the… . . . Read More