Getting Work at Home Jobs Through Concentrix

Find a work from home job through the Concentrix staffing agency.Would you like to work from home for an international company? Are you comfortable working phone jobs from home? Do you prefer customer service type jobs over sales jobs? Then Concentrix might be something for you to further explore.
What Exactly is Concentrix?
Concentrix is an international staffing company, . . . Read More

Work From Home Customer Service For

Do you want to work from home in the travel industry? has regular openings for work from home customer service agents.Are you an experienced cruise industry professional? Are you someone who really enjoys and excels at customer service? Are you ready to work from home as an employee with benefits instead of an independent contractor? Then becoming a cruise customer service agent at might be of interest to you. As its name so obviously implies, is a travel-based . . . Read More

Work at Home Customer Service Rep Jobs at APAC

Information about working from home as a customer service rep for APAC.Founded in 1973, APAC is a company that specializes in customer contact and business processing outsourcing solutions. The majority of their clients are in the healthcare, financial services, technology, communications, and travel and hospitality industries. APAC regularly hires people to work from home as customer service representatives to serve as liaison between . . . Read More

Working at Home For Hilton Worldwide

Working at home for Hilton Worldwide.Do you enjoy the hospitality industry? Have you ever worked in a hotel before? Is a performance-driven job what you have been looking for? Then the remote positions at Hilton Worldwide might be what you are looking for in a work-at-home (WAH) job too. At this time, Hilton appears to only hire people to work from home in the Dallas, TX and Tampa, FL areas. It doesn’t look like they currently hire in other states, but that could change in the future. . . . Read More

Work From Home Remote Concierge For MyTime

MyTime is a company I discovered a few months ago that has recently been hiring remote concierges. The company offers a unique appointment booking service, making it possible for people to schedule all their local appointments (haircuts, massages, dog grooming, etc.) through their system, either online or via the MyTime app. This makes booking, canceling, and . . . Read More

Work From Home Scheduling For Paragon Planners

Paragon Planners is an established company that has occasional openings for work from home schedulers/appointment setters in the financial wholesaling industry. If you visit their website,  you’ll see that they also have a few other work from home opportunities available in addition to the appointment setting position. The company has been in business since 2002. . . . Read More

Work From Home Tech Support at Teleperformance

Teleperformance is a major company that often hires for work from home tech support. The company has been in business since 1978 and currently have over 149,000 employees worldwide. Note that the vast majority of the jobs they hire for don’t appear to be home-based, but I do see the tech support one open very frequently in the United States. Also, this position may be location-based even though the job descriptions . . . Read More

Work From Home Political Calling For Oasis Marketing Solutions

Work from home political calling for Oasis Marketing SolutionsOasis Marketing Solutions is a company that occasionally has work from home political calling/surveying positions available. This job has been discussed quite a bit of the various work from home forums I visit — some people like it, some have some issues with it. Overall it sounds like pretty easy work if you are OK with being on the phone.

I believe this position is open to people in the US only.
How much does Oasis Marketing pay? . . . Read More

Become a Virtual Travel Planner at Carnival Cruise Lines

Are you ready to take a cruise or at least help others do so? Are you a high energy sales professional who enjoys outbound calling? Are you ready for a set number of hours that you can enjoy working from your home? Then becoming a virtual vacation planner for Carnival Cruise Lines might be something you’d like to do! What Exactly is Carnival Cruise Lines? . . . Read More