The Browser Extension That Pays You Up to $3 a Week For Doing Nothing

Screenwise Trends excerptScreenwise Trends is a browser extension designed to help Google improve their search results that pays you. I’ve been meaning to review it for a long time because it’s one of those “set it and forget it” things that allows you to earn a little extra money for doing basically nothing. It’s open to US residents aged 13 and up. You can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Earn Money For Exercising (Or Lose It) With the Gympact App

gym excerptGympact is a neat little app that actually has the potential to pay you money if you exercise and/or go to the gym. Or, if you don’t meet your fitness goals, you can actually lose money. This is a fun little app because the risk of losing money, and the promise of earning it, can keep you motivated to stick to the fitness goals you set for yourself each day.

Breaking Down Smartphone Apps That Pay

apps excerptIt’s not really news anymore, but you can earn extra money using your smartphone. Over the past three years, we have published a lot of different reviews of various smartphone apps that pay and I also have a page in my directory with a list of them. Today though, I wanted to break them down by category. I’ve noticed that most of the paying smartphone apps fall into one of several different categories.

Groupon Snap Gives You Money For Buying Groceries

Groupon Snap app review excerptApps and websites that pay you for buying groceries are on the rise, and I love them because I’m a horrible coupon clipper. I always intend to clip/save coupons, and I’ll be on a roll with it for a week or two … and then I just stop. I like the apps and site better because it requires less work and planning ahead, plus who doesn’t love getting a cash payment? Today’s review is on Groupon Snap. It’s similar to Ibotta

Get Weekly Gift Cards With the Perk TV App

How to earn weekly gift cards using the Perk TV app!The Perk TV app is one of the most lucrative smartphone apps that pay to come around in a while. This is one of those that pays you to watch videos and while the amount you earn per video isn’t much, you can run the app 24/7 so you are earning around the clock. And the best part — you can run the app on multiple devices, 24/7, to really maximize your earnings.

4 Apps That Pay You to Unlock Your Phone

List of four apps that pay you to unlock your smartphone. This is VERY passive extra income!I love sharing info about apps that pay because so many of you have smartphones and it seems like there are constantly more and more ways to earn money with them. Recently, I’ve noticed a surge in these apps that pay you to unlock your phone. I like these because while it is of course just extra money, it’s still so passive! You literally don’t have to do anything apart from just have

Walmart Savings Catcher App Review

Do you want to save even more money at Walmart? Then you may want to download the Savings Catcher app. This app guarantees that Walmart will beat competitor's prices -- otherwise they pay you the difference!Walmart is definitely not one of my favorite stores to shop at. Still, like many people, I find myself there pretty regularly because I live in a smallish town without a lot of other options. I rarely buy groceries there, but it seems I end up needing something from there that can’t be purchased at the grocery store at least once a week. And this is why I decided the Savings Catcher app is worth downloading.

10 Awesome Apps That Make and Save You Money!

10 awesome smartphone apps that will make and save you money!I am very excited about today’s post! If you’ve been following me for long, you know that I like to occasionally do reviews of smartphone apps that pay you. Well, today we will be talking about smartphone apps that make and save you money. Note that this isn’t just a collection of some apps that pay and some apps that save — all of these apps are unique because they let you do both!

Earn Cash For Entering Grocery Store Prices With StockUp

Review of the StockUp app - earn money by entering grocery store prices in your local area.I found a very cool little app called StockUp that actually pays you for simply going around and entering grocery store prices from your local grocery stores. I have not tried this one yet, mainly because my older version iPhone is seriously acting up these days, but I have researched it and I really think that a lot of you will want to try this one. The purpose of Stock Up is to help shoppers across the United States quickly and easily find

Swipe Your Phone & Earn Rewards With the Fronto App

If you like the apps you can download that pay you for unlocking your phone,  I think you may really like Fronto. It seems there have been a lot of these apps popping up here and a way to earn extra cash and rewards for doing something simple that you already do multiple times per day — unlock your phone. Fronto is currently only available for Android smartphones and US residents.