Sell SEO Services at SEO Clerks

Do you enjoy SEO optimization and SEO marketing? Are you currently working as a freelancer? Then setting up an account and charging $5 for your services might be a good option for you.
What Exactly is SEO Clerks?
SEO Clerks is a company very similar to Odesk, Elance, Guru or Fiverr where you offer your freelance services.  The only difference is that these are only SEO related services such as link building, writing an SEO optimized article or getting a higher Google ranking with better . . . Read More

Review of Fourerr – a MicroGig Site

The people at Fourerr asked that I take a look at their website and share some information about them for you here. If you are looking for an alternative to Fiverr or simply trying to spread your services around among other similar sites, this one has been around for over three years (started in 2011). I know a lot of these kinds of sites are sort of “here today, gone tomorrow” but this one has stuck around so far and seems to be pretty active. They are owned by IT Enterprise, LTD., and UK-based company. . . . Read More

40 Things You Can Sell on Fiverr

40 things you can sell on fiverrFiverr is an extremely popular micro-gig site. Thousands of people have created regular income for themselves by using Fiverr as a platform for offering their services. The idea behind Fiverr is very simple — what will you do for five dollars? Offer that on their site and let someone pay you to get it done. The catch of course is that you don’t really get five dollars for the services you offer since Fiverr does take a cut of your earnings. You can… . . . Read More

Sell Your Freelancing Services on Task Army

Task Army is a website sort of like Fiverr where you can sign up as a freelancer and sell your services. I’m seeing all sorts of services offered here, including things for logo design, building websites, writing articles, and more. Unlike Fiverr, you can charge whatever you want. A lot of what I’m seeing here is higher-priced.
How much of my earnings does Task Army take?
You’ll get 80 percent of whatever you charge. The rest goes to them.
When do you get paid?
If you have received less than five positive feedback from… . . . Read More

Making Money on Fiverr

Fiverr is super popular right now — so much so that it has spawned countless clone sites, a few of which I have talked about here. But I’ve never actually reviewed Fiverr itself, so here is a quick rundown:
What is Fiverr?
Fiverr is something that many people refer to as a a “micro job” site. Basically, you just post a service you are willing to offer for $5. This could be almost anything — graphic design, writing, editing, or something really off the wall. The bizarre ones… . . . Read More