Work From Home Transcription Jobs at

transcribe excerptAre you looking more and more for a work from home transcription job? Are you a fast and accurate typist? Are you able to provide above-average proofreading and grammar skills? Then working as a transcriptionist at might just be the work-at-home fit that you have been looking for. is a transcription site that hires transcribers to transcribe business meetings, dissertations,

14 Companies Hiring Home-Based Reservation Reps

reservation excerptIn all the time I’ve been researching home-based jobs, I have found quite a few companies across different industries that hire reservation agents. So today I thought making a list of all these companies might be a good idea for those people who are a.) OK with phone work from home, and b.) feel that a job like this would be right up their alley.

How to Trade Your Stuff In For Amazon Gift Cards

amazon excerptOnline trade-in programs are not new by any means, but many of you might now know that Amazon actually has a good one. If you like getting Amazon gift codes (and who doesn’t?), then you send your used stuff to Amazon in exchange for gift codes. You can use the codes as soon as you receive them or stockpile them until the holidays get here. So what types of things will Amazon take?

Things I’ve Learned in Five Years of Blogging

blog excerptIt’s hard to believe that June will be five years since I started this blog. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about the blogging world to becoming aware of quite a lot of truths and learning a lot of things about the way to handle the unpleasant side of blogging. And there is still so much more to learn. This post breaks down nine different things five years of blogging has taught me.

How to Advertise Your Home Business Without Spamming

spammer excerptThere is a very fine line between getting the word out about your home business and looking like a spammer online. Of course you want to spread the word, and you should! But if you do so, you need to make sure you’re doing it in the most genuine, helpful way possible. The average person can spot a spammer a mile away, and you won’t be taken seriously if you’re seen as one.

Breaking Down Smartphone Apps That Pay

apps excerptIt’s not really news anymore, but you can earn extra money using your smartphone. Over the past three years, we have published a lot of different reviews of various smartphone apps that pay and I also have a page in my directory with a list of them. Today though, I wanted to break them down by category. I’ve noticed that most of the paying smartphone apps fall into one of several different categories.

Earn Money Selling Your Stuff on

boxes excerptDo you have a business that sells consumer products? Do you have a few products that you want to sell but don’t know where to go? Do you generally enjoy selling on eBay but would like other options? Well, then Amazon might be a good option for you! While most of us are familiar with Amazon as a great place to buy and download books and CDs, did you also know that you could have your own webstore on Amazon?

Make Up to $43,000 Yearly as a Court Transcript Proofreader

proofreader excerptWe have a work from home success story today! Below is my interview with Caitlin Pyle about her flexible work from home job as a transcript proofreader, and also a little info about how you can get started doing it as well. This is a very flexible work at home industry that can also be very lucrative, and you don’t even have to have a degree in English.

Groupon Snap Gives You Money For Buying Groceries

Groupon Snap app review excerptApps and websites that pay you for buying groceries are on the rise, and I love them because I’m a horrible coupon clipper. I always intend to clip/save coupons, and I’ll be on a roll with it for a week or two … and then I just stop. I like the apps and site better because it requires less work and planning ahead, plus who doesn’t love getting a cash payment? Today’s review is on Groupon Snap. It’s similar to Ibotta

How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer

stack of books excerptDo you love to read books? Is one of your favorite sections of the Sunday paper the book reviews? Would you yourself like to get paid to write book reviews? Well, here is a list of online work-at-home (WAH) companies who are willing to pay you to write book reviews. Let me just say here, while there are many companies proposing that they do hire and pay their book reviewers, not all of them pay cash.  Some companies only

Freelance Writing Work at BuyKeywordArticles

typewriterBuyKeywordArticles—BKA for short—is a freelance writing website built along the lines of Textbroker and other similar services. Writers work from home creating SEO optimized articles, and are paid by the word. The company has a reputation for paying quite well—though the starting rate is often fairly low—and they apparently offer a decent amount of work. They have a slightly more formalized way of distributing