Work From Home Political Calling For Oasis Marketing Solutions

Work from home political calling for Oasis Marketing SolutionsOasis Marketing Solutions is a company that occasionally has work from home political calling/surveying positions available. This job has been discussed quite a bit on the various work from home forums I visit — some people like it, some have some issues with it. Overall it sounds like pretty easy work if you are OK with being on the phone.

I believe this position is open to people in the US only.

How much does Oasis Marketing pay?

We are cutting right to the chase — from what I read, the political calling positions start you off at $9 an hour. They have some other programs that may pay a little more (like $10 an hour), but many of the new workers start off doing the political calls and this is what that pays.

Oasis Marketing Solutions pays via either mailed check or Paypal. If you go the Paypal route, you can get your money at any time, but if you decide to opt for a mailed check, you’ll have to wait a week or more for it to reach you.

What exactly do you do for Oasis Marketing?

The political calls have you reading six or seven sentences from a script — over and over again. If someone hangs up while you’re reading, you just go straight to the next call and read the script again. Oasis uses the Five Nine call center dialing software (something many call centers use), so you aren’t dialing the numbers.

As I mentioned above, Oasis does have other programs apart from just the political calls, but you may have to work for the company for at least a few weeks before getting a spot on one of them.

Are you an independent contractor or an employee for Oasis?

You do the work as an independent contractor, so you don’t get benefits or anything like that. However, it’s nice that you are paid hourly rather than per minute of talk time.

How does Oasis handle scheduling?

Apparently the way Oasis does schedules is the biggest thorn in the sides of most people who sign up to work for them. You work in shifts that are anywhere from 4 to maybe 6 hours long, and the shifts are first come first serve. Basically Oasis sends out emails when there are shifts up for grabs, and you’ve got to try to claim what you want before others do. Apparently the shifts go pretty fast.

Oasis states on their website that you must work a minimum of 15 hours per week, but many current and former workers have reported that the minimum amount of hours is actually 20. The minimum hourly requirement is frustrating for many workers because it is so hard to grab shifts once they become available.

What are the technical requirements?

This one doesn’t require a land line phone, but you will need a USB headset to plug into your computer for taking the calls. I have a list of recommendations for headsets here.

How is the application process?

The Oasis website has an email address posted that you can send your resume to if you’re interested in the position. After you’ve sent that in, Oasis may contact you back to find out when you can do a phone interview. This phone interview is very short — usually not more than maybe 5 or so minutes. Some of their programs may also require that you fill out a questionnaire and do some tests, but I am not sure if the political calling positions require that. There is also a brief training period prior to you starting work, but I don’t know whether this is paid or unpaid.

What qualifications do you need?

The website says you need past sales experience with a proven track record to qualify for work at Oasis, but if you’re interested in the job, you should probably apply anyway. I’ve been seeing lately that lots of companies waive the qualification requirements if they are seriously needing lots of workers or you just really seem like a good fit.

What is the feedback on Oasis?

Most of the feedback I found on Oasis was at Work Place Like Home, although there was one review posted at Glassdoor that pretty much summed up what everyone has been saying at WPLH.

First, the good: hourly pay, fairly easy work, and flexible scheduling. Also, I’ve read that the managers are super nice to work for and that they always pay on time.

Now the not-so-good: the difficulty in grabbing shifts. This is the main negative although some people also complain about how boring and repetitive the work is. Reading the same script over and over can apparently be pretty mind-numbing. But for most, the main deal breaker at Oasis is the trying to grab shifts. You basically have to stalk your email waiting for shifts to be posted and then try to be one of the first to grab them when they are.

The fact that it is so hard to grab shifts makes it difficult or even impossible to meet your 20 hour per week minimum. Also, not knowing how many shifts you’ll manage to grab each week makes it hard to have an idea of how much money you’ll earn, thereby making this one of those “eggs” you can’t really count on. :( I don’t know if anyone actually gets penalized for not meeting their 20 hour minimum. It would seem a little unfair to be penalized since it’s not something you have much control over unless you’re willing to spend every waking minute stalking your email.

I’ve read that if you can hang in there, you may get invited to a different program that pays more and where stalking for hours isn’t as much of a problem.

Should you apply here?

You’ll have to decide if it would be worth it and if you’d be up for constant email stalking, looking for shifts. I would suggest looking at it as a back-up work from home “egg” just in case you can’t manage to grab that many shifts.

How do you start?

You can go here to read the job description at Oasis Marketing. There is an email address there you can use to send in your resume. Good luck!

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  1. Sean says

    I just sent in an application. I went to there site though and all it has for openings is customer service and sales? So I did not see political calling but sent my resume in and cover letter to there e-mail and stated working for them for the role of political caller. Hopefully I hear back or something fingers crosses!


    you say you read 6 or 7 lines from a script? You do not go off the script or something? And what if the customer says something don’t you then need to go off the script or something?

    I would imagine though there would be a lot of hangups lol.

  2. Vanessa says

    Hi Anna,

    I was reading over the information for Oasis on this page, which I love this website and all the information you provide. So, I’m familiar with and so I clicked on the link you provided for their forum. I went to the new jobs since I was there and found Oasis. According to the information it states that;
    Oasis Marketing Solutions is adding 20 outbound based customer service professionals to work from home. Must have strong outbound customer service background, approved VOIP headset and high speed Internet. Pays $10 per hour plus monthly bonuses. Part time. Accepting resumes until June 20th. I just copied and pasted the posting it included the pay….hopefully they’re still accepting resumes because I submitted one….lol…it was listed in their friday freebies posting for 6/20. Thanks for the help great job….

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