The USANA Direct Sales Opportunity

Overview of the USANA direct sales opp.The following is an interview between myself and Hannah Anderson, a consultant for the USANA direct sales opportunity.

Can you tell me a little about USANA and the products you sell?

USANA has been a leader in the health and wellness industry for 22 years. They have a complete line of top rated nutritional products, customizable to your unique needs, as well as weight control food products like meal replacement shakes and snacks. Their skin care line (Sensé™) with new Self Preserving technology is non-toxic and free of chemical preservatives.

USANA manufactures all of their products in their state of the art manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. They voluntarily meet the highest standards in the medical industry for purity, potency, and absorption. This company guarantees that what is on the label is in the product.

USANA won 5 medals and the prestigious BOSS® (Best of State Statue) in the 2014 Utah Best of State Awards, in each applicable product category as well as Research and Development!

What made you decide to choose USANA over any of the other direct sales opps out there?

One of the reasons is the powerful story of Dr. Myron Wentz, Microbiologist, immunologist, and founder of USANA. The vision he brings to USANA of a world free from pain and suffering, and his lifetime of dedication to helping people live happier, healthier lives shows in everything he does. He has been awarded the Albert Einstein award for work in the life sciences and is a world recognized humanitarian. The USANA family has, to date, given more than $18 million in cash and Usanimals (children’s vitamin) donations to the Children’s Hunger Fund! I take pride in being part of a company that does so much for the world. This is a company you can trust!

How does the commission structure work with USANA?

The compensation plan is a binary structure which encourages a high level of teamwork and pays out between 10-20% commissions on the sales within your entire organization (not just a few levels.) Commission points roll over from week to week until you qualify for a check. USANA also offers some products in bulk purchase at a significant discount for those that want to focus on immediate retail profit (potentially over 100% profit margin.)

How expensive is it to get started selling for USANA?

To get started, you purchase a Business Development System for $30 as well as products for your own use or resale (minimum approximately $200). There are also value starter packages that include extra items, like tickets to the USANA Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah! You do not need to keep any inventory. USANA ships products directly to your customers.

What does USANA send you when you sign up? Is there any type of starter kit?

The Business Development System includes training materials to learn about the products and company in detail, as well as some marketing materials. It contains everything you need to jump start your business and begin reaching out to your network. You also gain access to the USANAtoday site which is the hub of information and communication with access to everything you need to manage your business.

Are home parties necessary for success?

Home parties are not necessary. However, a USANA business can be built by exclusively focusing on the Sensé™ skin care line for those that enjoy having spa parties!

What minimums must you meet in order to remain an active consultant?

There is no sales quota to maintain an active status. However, to be eligible to receive earned commissions, or roll over unearned commissions, you must make a personal purchase every 4 weeks. Auto-ship is not required.

How can someone get started?

I would love to talk to you about USANA. I have been with USANA for 13 years. There are many ways to build a USANA business that can provide your family supplemental part time income, or full time extraordinary wealth, and I am committed to helping you find the way that works for you.

Please feel free to contact me directly. I am here to help you decide if a direct sales business is right for you, and if USANA is a company you can be passionate about, as I am.

Contact Info:

Hannah Anderson (Nashville, TN)

615-869-9916 ~ ~

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    Anna, thanks for putting this out there. I’m here for any questions you or any of your readers have, and a little about me – I’m the straight shooter type, not the hype it up type. I will give you the good and bad so that you can make an informed decision.

    I am excited about where this company is going!!

    From my USANA site, linked above, there is a True Health Assessment which provides a free personalized report. What I like about the report is that it shows you the biggest risk areas you have with your current lifestyle. Mine were surprising for me!

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