Make Money Teaching Online Courses at Udemy

Do you have a passion for teaching? Do you also enjoy learning and helping others learn? Do you want to be part of a revolutionary way to teach online? Well, then Udemy sounds like a good work-at-home (WAH) job fit for you.

What Exactly is Udemy? 

Udemy  is an online teaching platform where instructors teach online courses.

Udemy believes in empowering its instructors to:

  • plan the course.
  • create the course.
  • publish the course on its website.
  • promote the course.

No special training is needed, although a teaching degree would be welcome.  You are an instructor, so just having the skill is enough.  Many Udemy instructors do have degrees and are experts in their fields.

As an instructor, you may sign up for free and create an account.  Udemy claims that the average instructor earns $7,000 a year.  There are no maintenance fees and you keep 100% of your profit for each student that you sign up to take your class.  However, should Udemy sign up students for your class, they get 50% of the profit per each student they signed up.  So, you can market your courses yourself or have them do some of the marketing.

What Types of Classes Are Available at Udemy?

Categories include:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Design
  • Arts and Photography
  • Health and Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Math and Science
  • Education
  • Languages
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Music
  • Crafts and Hobbies
  • Sports
  • Games

Everything from algebra to speed reading to how to apply makeup, there are many courses in which you can choose.  Most classes are between $29 to $99 per student per course.  However, there are free courses as well as some classes for as low as $7 and some classes may be as much as $500.  There are also certification courses to help you prepare for outside certifications in IT, finance, and business operations.

Udemy recommends instructors charge $10 to $30 an hour for a course.

Classes may be taught in English or ten other languages.  Students may sign up at any time because the courses are recorded and not taught live.

Udemy also offers course packages to businesses through their UFO (Udemy For Organizations) program.  This helps employees learn new skills.  Some of the companies doing this are Oracle, 1-800-Flowers, and Pitney Bowes.

How Does Udemy Market or Help Instructors Market Their Courses?

Affiliate codes and coupon codes are two of the main ways that Udemy helps instructors market their courses.

One of the best ways Udemy helps instructors create online courses is to have the instructors use Udemy’s online resources.  Here are a few of the many resources Udemy includes:

  • all-in-one online learning platform.
  • unlimited, high-quality video upload.
  • course design with development.
  • developers working with you.
  • 24/7 customer support and payment processing.
  • infinite reach.
  • your very own mobile app.
  • course management tools.
  • ways to track your sales and earnings.
  • supportive community for instructors.

What Requirements Does Udemy Have for Its Courses?

Obviously, Udemy would want to keep a good reputation and not just anything goes.  Udemy requires that:

  • courses contain a minimum of 30 minutes of content with 60% video content.
  • courses be well structured for learning objectives.
  • both audio and video should be clear and good quality.

Udemy also has a guideline for the course creation.

What Skills/Special Training Do You Need to Work at Udemy?

Again, just really be an expert in your field.  Also, make certain that you have a computer that will connect to the Internet.  You will need the connection to go on Udemy’s platform and use their video downloads.

Are You Considered an Independent Contractor or an Employee at Udemy?

Trainers are considered “freelancers” or independent contractors and responsible for their own taxes.  Should you make over $600 a year, you will receive a 1099 Income Tax Form.

How Much Money Can I Make at Udemy?

Pay is based on what you want to charge for a course, so that would really depend on you.  As I mentioned before, the average instructor makes $7,000 a year.  Payday seems to be an ongoing thing as students constantly sign up for your courses.

What is My Overall Impression of Udemy? 

I was impressed with the state-of-the-art platform as created by Udemy.  Although I don’t think many people could live on $7,000 a year, I do think that this could be an excellent way to build your brand, promote your home business or hobby, and become the expert you were destined to be.

How Can an Interested Applicant Apply to Udemy?

Go here and create and account.  Make sure you do go through all of their terms and conditions first as well as their instructional videos as to how to create a course.

Good luck!

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