Companies You’ve Heard of That Hire Remote Workers

Here's a big list of companies you've probably heard of that hire people to work at home.Working from home is much more commonplace nowadays than it was ten years ago. When I first started researching work from home (probably about ten years ago), I had a lot of trouble finding anything through a basic Google search that didn’t lead me straight toward a scammy-looking website. Thank goodness that’s no longer true!

Even so, many people still feel uneasy about the idea of working from home and worry that they may be taken in by a scam every time they apply for an online position — especially if it’s a company they’ve never heard of before.

I decided to create a list of popular companies that actually do hire people to work from home. These are companies that you and probably everyone else have heard of, but you may not have realized they offer work from home positions! These are major companies and corporations — household names. If you are paranoid about scams and feel “safer” applying to work from home for a company that you know about rather than one that’s new to you, this list may be a good starting point:

1-800-FlowersRead Review – This popular flower company has work from home customer service positions available several times per year. The best times to check for work from home jobs with this company is during Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

AAA – Triple AAA has frequent openings for work at home travel support specialists. It may be necessary that you’re local to Phoenix, AZ for these positions. Search “home-based” on the jobs page to see if they are hiring.

AirbnbRead Review – This major company has remote openings on occasion. You can browse their Jobs page and look for any position with “remote” listed for the location. I’ve seen photography and translation positions listed at times.

AmazonRead Review – I think we all know about Amazon! And yes, they regularly hire home-based workers to handle their customer support. Most of the time these jobs are limited to people in specific states. You can do a search for “work from home” on their Careers page to see if they need home-based workers.

American Airlines – This major airline occasionally hires work from home reservation reps. These are location-specific because the company requires that you train onsite prior to working from home. They are not always hiring. You will have to do a search on their Careers page for work from home jobs to see if they are.

American ExpressRead Review – This company almost always has various home-based positions available in customer service and also travel.

AppleRead Review – Usually has home-based customer support and chat (non-phone) positions available.

Blooms TodayRead Review – A popular flower company that hires seasonal workers to help with flower orders.

Capital OneRead Review – They hire work from home customer support agents. You usually have to live in a certain state so you can come in for training first (I often see them recruiting in Virginia and Florida).

CarnivalRead Review – This major vacation/cruise company usually has virtual job openings. You can work as a virtual vacation planner or a remote sales agent. Use the keywords “virtual” or “work from home” in their job search box to find the remote openings.

Coca-Cola – Coke has occasional openings for remote customer service team members. It may be necessary to physically train in their office before working from home, so it’s location-based. To see if they have a remote opening, you’ll have to do a search for “work from home” on their careers page.

CVS Caremark – CVS has lots of remote positions available although many are location-based. You can work from home for CVS as field service techs, nurse educators, Medicare billing/fulfillment among other things.

Dell – This major company has lots of remote positions available. They hire home-based field marketing managers, sales engineers, customer service reps, claims processors, and more. Search “work from home” on their careers page to see what home-based positions are open.

Discover – Has work from home customer service jobs available as part of their military outreach program. You must be near the Dover, DE Air Force Base to qualify.

Enterprise Rent-a-CarRead Review – Always hiring work from home reservation agents. Like many of these jobs, you may have to live in or near a specific city, but they have openings in lots of cities nationwide.

FerrellGas – Has occasional work from home customer service rep positions. This is location-based because they require six months of onsite training prior to working from home. You may need to be local to Liberty, MO, but it’s possible they may sometimes hire for this position in other areas, too. Select “Customer Service” under job type on their “Careers” page – there will be a lot of listings to scroll through. Unfortunately they don’t appear to have a keyword search box.

Groupon – Groupon has occasional work from home customer service positions available. You may need to be local to Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.

HiltonRead Review – This major hotel company has frequent openings for work at home reservation agents, customer care coordinators, and also guest experience specialists. You may need to be local to Dallas, TX or Tampa, FL to qualify for these positions as they require onsite training prior to you working from home.

Home Shopping NetworkRead Review – You can work from home for HSN doing customer support. It’s location specific — they are often hiring in TN, VA, and FL.

IntuitRead Review – The creators of the popular Quick Books and Turbo Tax software occasionally has home-based seasonal tax advisor positions available.

Lego – Lego has the occasional need for work from home community moderators. It’s usually preferred if you are bilingual.

Mayo Clinic – This company uses work from home medical transcribers. You must have at least two years of experience in medical transcription to qualify.

Neiman-Marcus – They hire work from home customer support agents. This is another one that is usually location-based. The most recent home-based job openings for Neiman-Marcus have been for people in Texas. Search here using the keyword “work from home” in quotations to find the home-based listings.

Nordstrom – Has occasional openings for work from home customer service reps. Search “work from home” on their jobs page to see if they have it listed.

Rosetta Stone – This popular language education company has occasional openings for home-based language tutors and teachers. Sometimes the jobs are not location-based and sometimes they are. You’ll have to search “work at home” or “work from home” on the Careers page of their website to find the home-based openings.

TelefloraRead Review – This is another popular flower company with seasonal customer service openings.

U-HaulRead Review – You can work at home for U-Haul doing everything from social media to roadside assistance. They almost always have a few home home-based positions available.

Williams-Sonoma – They regularly hire seasonal work from home customer service reps, paying $11 hourly. Requires on-site training in The Colony, TX.

XeroxRead Review – Xerox frequently has several work from home positions available. I’ve seen jobs in the medical/insurance field posted as well as data entry positions. You have to visit their jobs page and search “work from home” in quotations to see what is available at any given time since it changes.

You’ll notice that many of these positions are phone jobs and are also location-based. If you’re specifically looking for non-phone work, you can check out my non-phone resource page here to get pointed in the right direction.

This list is far from complete. Do you know of any other major companies that offer work from home options that I don’t have listed here? Comment below and I’ll try to get it added.

Image Credit – Copyright: peshkov / 123RF Stock Photo

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  1. Tikeya says

    Thank you for this list! :)

    I’m confused as to why Nordstrom has listed (for their ‘At Home’ department) that “light cleaning” is one of the maintenance tasks required, when it’s supposed to be a work at home job.

  2. Delon says

    I am guessing that these companies are probably hiring for customer service. One reason in particular is because with the new health care law, most companies have downsized to just hiring part-time workers. They will not have to provide a telephone, computer or desk. This does not surprise me at all. For the person who is looking for part-time work, this is a good opportunity.

    • Jesse Mei says

      You are guessing wrong. Many “work at home” jobs hire FULLTIME employees. I have worked for such a company since February 2010. My company provides health benefits, a choice of traditional or Roth 40lk and PTO. My particular department is changing so I am exploring options. To assume “work at home” jobs are sub par would be to assume all ‘traditional’ jobs are well-paying, benefit-filled places of nirvana.

  3. says

    Awesome list, Anna! Isn’t it amazing how many well-known companies are now coming on board the “Work-at-Home Train”? I’d love to see even more.

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