Managed Chatter Opportunity at Dealertrack

I often come across the work from home “managed chatter” position at a company called Dealertrack. Chat jobs from home are in high demand, so I figured I would take a closer look at this position today and post my findings for you. Keep in mind that this is a position that comes and goes — Dealertrack is not always hiring for it. Also, I don’t know that this is a position where they hire lots of workers at a time. This of course means competition will be fierce when the job is posted.

I am not sure if this position is open to people outside the US or not. The application does allow you to put your state or province in, so there’s a chance it might be open to Canadians. If you’re from Canada, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and apply and see what happens.

Who is Dealertrack?

Dealertrack is a company that provides web-based software and services to clients within the automotive industry. They have been in existence since 2001.

What does the “managed chatter” job entail?

From the job posting:

The Managed Chatter will respond to incoming online chat requests from our clients within the automotive industry and their potential customers while working from home.

How much do managed chatters earn?

The job posting does not say, but it’s rumored to be fairly low — possibly just minimum wage. However, the job posting says that, “you will be eligible to receive incentive compensation for converted leads that you provide to our clients.” So there is opportunity for bonuses each month in addition to what you make hourly. When you apply, you are asked what your base salary requirement is for the job.

I can’t confirm how often Dealertrack pays, but the method they use is direct deposit to your bank account.

Who is qualified?

Dealertrack is looking for people who have at minimum a high school diploma or equivalent that are good with internet research and can type at least 30 words per minute. You also need good oral and written communication skills and work well under pressure since apparently this job can get kind of fast-paced.

If you have any automotive industry knowledge or experience in your background, that is a plus. It’s also a plus if you have any call center or customer service experience. However, you can get in without these things and they state that they will train you so you can be successful.

What is the schedule like?

This is primarily a part-time position, so you may be working up to 30 hours per week. You do not get to pick your own schedule, so it’s not that flexible. They have shifts open around the clock since they operate 24/7.

What is the feedback?

There are a lot of reviews on Dealertrack at Glassdoor, but none of them seem to be regarding the managed chatter position. The reviews posted are mostly from people who work at at the physical location. These reviews are mostly mixed.

I did find a thread at Work Place Like Home where someone said they worked at Dealertrack before doing the managed chatter job and that it was a good job overall.

Want to apply?

Remember that Dealertrack may or may not be hiring at this time. You can go here to apply.

If that link doesn’t work for you, just go to the Dealertrack careers page and type in “chatter” in the job keyword box. If the job is currently posted, that should pull it up.

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