Work From Home Telephone Triage for Nurses

Work at home as a nurse doing telephone triage!If you are a nurse looking to make money from home, you might consider getting involved in telephone triage. There are companies nationwide that are continually on the lookout for qualified nurses to fill these positions.

As a nurse doing telephone triage from home, you will take calls from patients, assess their various symptoms, and then help to point them in the right direction regarding medical care. Pay for this is competitive with some nurses making around $30 an hour, give or take, although I’ve read it can be a stressful job — particularly during cold and flu season. Pay, requirements, benefits, etc. will vary depending on who you work for. Keep in mind that telephone triage from home often means working long shifts with nights and weekends most likely required. And just like with any phone job from home, background noise would need to be eliminated.

Here are some companies that regularly hire nurses to work from home doing telephone triage. Note that all of these companies will not have openings right now — they are just a few to keep tabs on if this line of work interests you. It would also be a good idea to check with doctors and hospitals in your local area just to see if they have any similar openings for nurses to work at home.

Telephone Triage From Home – Companies to Consider

  • Carenet – Hires work from home registered nurses to work as “care advisors” doing telephone triage as well as other services (medical device monitoring, health care support, etc.) from home.
  • Fonemed – Registered nurses for Fonemed provide telephone triage and health advice to callers across North America.
  • Nemours – Occasionally hiring for work at home telephone triage. You will have to browse the jobs to see if they have any home-based positions.
  • Wellpoint – Occasionally hiring experienced RN’s to do telephone triage from home. Search “work from home” in the keyword box to see if they have any work from home positions open.
  • McKesson Health Solutions – Has occasional openings for RN’s to do telephone triage. Go to “find a job” and then search for “work from home” or “telehealth” in the search box.
  • United Health Care – Hires work from home call center nurses. Note that these positions seem to be location-based even though they are listed as work from home. Do a search on the careers page for “work from home” to find the current home jobs.
  • Amedisys – Occasionally hiring experienced nurses as “on-call coordinators” and for telemonitoring services. Search “work at home” in the jobs search box to find the current openings.
  • The Indeed job search engine is another great place to find these openings. Search here for work from home telehealth jobs at Indeed.

While I was digging around for information on telephone triage from home, I came across a sort of interesting discussion online among nurses who are/were doing triage from home. They are mostly very candid about pay, how the job works, etc. You can read that here.

If you’ve ever done telephone triage from home or would like to provide some extra information, please feel free to comment below and share.

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