Work From Home Education Positions at Remilon

Remilon is an established web media company best known for providing online educational content. They have had openings for freelance writers for years (offering hourly pay), and I have written all about the writing positions here.

It has recently come to my attention that Remilon also has several other contract positions available apart from writing just the standard educational articles. Many of these newer positions require at least some educational background. Below is a list of the opportunities currently available along with a summary of what each position involves. Note that this post is a little time sensitive … these jobs are available now, but Remilon could take them down at any time.

Remilon is only looking for workers in the United States.

Career Counselor

Here is the job description for the career counselor, taken from the Remilon website:

The Career Counselor will be responsible for enhancing career guidance, programming and coordination of resources for students in the pre- and early post-graduation stages of the career development process. This includes defining career options, teaching job-search procedures and addressing other career-related needs. This position will create content to help guide students to secure appropriate career experiences to enhance overall academic experience.

To be considered for the career counselor position, you’ll need a master’s degree or higher along with at least two years of experience in a high school or college counseling setting. This is a 100 percent work from home position and while the rate of pay isn’t listed, it is stated that payments are made twice monthly with Paypal.

College Counselor

This is basically the same job as above, but instead of focusing on career content creation, you are instead writing about the college search and application process. The requirements are also the same — at least a master’s degree with some experience in a high school or college counseling setting.

Online Instructor

Remilon online instructors are responsible for creating either text or video lessons. Text lessons will include lesson text, quiz questions, and video aids while the video lessons include lesson scripts, quiz questions, lesson images, video storyboard, and audio recordings. Text lessons pay $40 each and video lessons pay $125 each. The website states that most online instructors start off doing the easier text lessons and then move up to the video lessons after they’ve had more experience. While the other positions at Remilon allow you to get paid twice per month, this one is just once a month pay.

To qualify as an online instructor for Remilon, you need a master’s degree or higher as well as some secondary or post-secondary teaching experience.

Video Editor

Remilon has an ongoing need for video editors to edit the video lessons created by online instructors. You don’t need any type of educational background for this position and no writing is involved, but you do need at least a bachelor’s degree in  film, broadcast journalism, multimedia, education or a related field or equivalent experience. You also need experience with and access to popular software used for editing like Flash and After Effects.

Pay for this position is $14 per minute of edited video. I’ve also noticed that this one does not specifically state “work at home” or “telecommute,” but I still get the impression that it is. If anyone finds out different, for sure let me know and I’ll remove it from here.


If any of you have feedback you’d like to share on the positions listed above, I would appreciate if you would share it. I can’t find much at all. There is a ton of feedback on the general freelance writing position at Remilon that pays hourly (mostly mixed), but no one online seems to be saying much about the counselor and instructor positions.

I think that the counselor and instructor positions might be worth looking into further if you meet the requirements and would like to have an extra side-gig to bring in more income in addition to what you already do. I continue to be amazed by how many online opportunities there are in the education field.

To apply and get more info, visit Remilon’s page for contractor openings here. Good luck!

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  1. Susan says

    I wrote for them for about 1.5 years. In the middle of August, 2013 they sent an email to content writers/editors telling us our contracts would be ending as of September 1, 2013. While I’m not sure if they let absolutely everyone go, I know from what I saw on various WAH forums that many people got that email, both in content writing and content editing positions.

  2. layla says

    I wrote for Remilon a few years ago, and found it to be one of the best online writing eggs I’ve had. I am trying to reapply, but I am getting the impression that the contract writer position has been restructured or eliminated. Does anyone know anything about that?

  3. Sara says

    Thank you so much for clearing up that a Master’s Degree is needed for a majority, if not all, the positions in this company. I had responded to an ad (where this information was not listed) for an online instructor position. I have a degree in Education, as well as online teaching experience, so I was mildly shocked when I was not at least offered an interview, but instead received the dreaded email stating that they had decided to pursue other,more qualified candidates for the position. Having this information makes me feel just a little bit better about myself. :)



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