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Demand Media appears to have an ongoing need for freelance copy editors. If you would prefer to edit articles rather than write them and you have past experience with editing, this might be a flexible work at home option to consider. I definitely would not recommend relying on copy editing for Demand as your sole source of income, but if you are qualified, it couldn’t hurt to have access to this side gig.

The Work

Once you are accepted, you can log in and choose articles to fact check and edit from their article pool. You will only have access to articles that align with your expertise. Demand has more than 20 categories that you can apply as an expert in during sign up. If an article needs changes made, you send it back for revisions. If an article is good to go, you approve it for publication.


Demand does not state on their website how much copy editors make, but some old info I found online indicates that it’s $3.50 per article edited. Because pay is per piece, your hourly rate is going to vary depending on the types of articles you edit and how much is wrong with them.

The absolute best thing about working online with Demand Media is the fact that they pay twice a week reliably with Paypal. In the past, I’ve done both freelance writing and titling work for Demand, and even though there were things I didn’t enjoy about Demand and the work wasn’t always consistent, I loved the regular Paypal pay. You just cannot beat getting paid twice per week.

Payments are made on Tuesdays and Fridays and there is no minimum amount you have to have nor are you required to request a cash out. If you have earned any money at all during the pay period, you will be paid.


As stated above, you do need experience to get in here. Demand wants people who have at least two years of experience as managing, line, features, section or associate editors.

I have also seen before where Demand has recruited for copy editors with specific skill sets to edit different types of articles — ex. DIY, fashion & beauty, etc. So it will vary.

Application Process

When you apply, you’ll have to take an editing test and also prove your subject matter expertise through another test. One reader mentioned that she got through the first phase and thought that she would most likely be accepted because Demand sent her an email saying she had all the qualities they were looking for and that she could proceed to the next phase, but then she got a rejection email soon after that. This makes me think Demand might not be very organized, so you may not want to get too excited about the position until you can actually log in and start editing.


You won’t find a ton of feedback online about the copy editor position. I did find this article (note it’s a few years old) where someone describes the copy editing work done for Demand:

Although I have never done copy editing for Demand, I have enough personal experience with the company to advise you not to depend on this position as your only income if you get it. Your work load will likely fluctuate and there may even be times when you don’t have work at all. Demand is also known for changing their guidelines at the drop of a hat and then making you re-take tests to be sure that you still know how to do your job per their new guidelines. If you don’t, you probably won’t be allowed to work for them again. So while this is a good work from home “egg” to have access to if you meet the requirements, don’t get too comfortable with it — just in case.

Would you like to apply?

You can go here to begin the application process at Demand Media. Please comment below if you’ve ever done any editing for Demand and have any additional info you could share.

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