Freelance Transcription for Rev

Rev is a company I’ve come across a few times on the forums that regularly hires freelance transcribers and also translators. They are based out of San Francisco, CA, and it appears that they are open to hiring freelancers worldwide. It looks like the transcription you do for them is general, not medical.

Do you need experience?

They specifically state they are looking for skilled transcribers. However, the application page doesn’t ask how much experience you have and instead just requests you provide two transcription samples. If you can do well on your samples, you may have a shot at getting in regardless of how much experience you have.

How much does Rev pay?

They pay between .40 and .65 per audio minute. There is potential for bonuses if your quality is good, which is probably why the rates listed vary. If you’re not familiar with transcription and how it works, remember that transcribing one minute of audio could actually take several minutes depending on it’s complexity. The pay rate Rev advertises for freelancers does appear to be very low and makes me think that this may just be an extra money thing or “filler” work between other jobs. It’s possibly a way to get your feet wet in transcription if you don’t have a lot of experience. However, someone at WAHM stated that she can go pretty fast and is able to average $10 an hour at Rev.

If you actually are a very skilled transcriptionist, you can probably get hired by other companies that pay more than this.

When and how does Rev pay?

Rev pays weekly, every Monday, with Paypal. This is definitely a plus. It’s nice to have access to side jobs that always pay weekly so you can depend on at least a little money coming in regularly.

What is the schedule?

The schedule is another good thing about Rev — there isn’t one. It appears you are free to log in and work whenever you want, choosing from whatever jobs happen to be available to transcribe at a given time.

How does the application process work?

You ¬†have to fill out some basic information — name, address, and so forth — and then transcribe two transcription samples for them. One is a single speaker recording and the other is a multi-speaker recording. They do provide you with their style guide and word template before you start. Then just submit and wait to hear back.

Warning – There is a chance you could go through the entire application process — submitting the samples and everything — only to find out Rev is not hiring. A reader let me know that this happened to her. Apparently they leave their “Jobs” page up as though they are hiring all the time even when they are not. The app process is fairly time consuming. Just wanted to warn you all!

How long does it take to hear back?

This will always vary, but there have been some people on the WAHM forum saying they heard back within just a few days. It does look like they will email you to let you know one way or the other, so if they didn’t accept you, you won’t just be left hanging and wondering if you got in or not. If you don’t get in, you can take their test again in six months.

Keep in mind they are not always hiring. It looks like they always have their application page in place regardless of whether or not they are actively seeking out transcribers. If they aren’t hiring right now, you’ll probably get an email letting you know this after you submit your samples.

Feedback on Rev?

The feedback on Rev indicates that they pay reliably, which is important. Even though the pay is lower than what you might get working for other companies, they offer weekly pay and you could potentially get in with little/no experience.

Where do you sign up?

You can go here to apply for the transcription position at Rev. Please leave a comment if you want to share any extra info about this company.

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  1. lindsay says

    I have never tried transcription work though I think I can do this. Thank you for the info. $0.65 per minute is actually a fortune for some people especially those living outside US

  2. says

    It’s actually $0.65 per audio minute, which takes longer to transcribe. For inexperienced transcribers, about 10 times longer or more. Experienced transcribers expect to trans in a 1:4-1:6 ratio. Standard rate is $1/audio minute.

  3. says

    Guess I heard about this too late. When I tried to apply, the web site started to load a form, then showed:
    Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions.”
    Oh well, at least they did not waste my time applying when not hiring.

  4. Pat Pine says

    My granddaughter has completed her communications studies @UCSB…she has completed quite a few internships and is and I believe she may do very well in the transcription field until she finds her place in the communications field. How do I explain just what transcribing is, and are there classes for this field?

  5. Valerie Hartman says

    I am a former transcriber for the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands. I applied to work for Rev, submitted the transcription test, and was… rejected with no reason. I must say I am a native French speaker, bu my native American husband helped me (he is an English major). So basically, my conclusion is that if you are “over qualified” they won’t recruit you. I’ve read similar comments on Facebook from other qualified people. Some websites like this one may have the work, but will not want to pay too high.

  6. Paige says

    I just received a rejection letter for this one. I’m a native English speaker, grad student, and have transcription experience, so I’m not quite sure what they are looking for.

  7. Sky Callen says

    It is actually very difficult to get on with this company. They do reject you for no reason at all. Also it takes a lot longer, then just transcribing, because you have to add the caption to the video, then review the video to make sure that that the captions sync up with the video correctly. So as a result, you are watching the video multiple times, which takes time depending on the length of the video.

  8. Kevin Velasco says

    I spent over 8 hours going through the application process only to be rejected before the final application step. Complete waste of time. Stay away.

  9. Penny says

    Hey, I just found your website and read this article. Just wanted to let you know that I got a response back fro m and they said that they will be sending me an email with all the hiring details, account setup info,etc… in about 3 months. They do send you a copy of their style guide so you can download it and read it. Also they will be doing another test of about 60 mins to help work on my training. So I will start out as a Rookie but then when i get going and get better i can be promoted to Revver status and start earning 25% more they say. Hopefully, I will hear back in about 3 months or so.
    but they have NOT asked for any money to start working for them or anything. That is a plus in their favor.

    • Leelah says

      I also got a reply back from about sending me all the necessary information in about 5 weeks. Have you heard back from yet? I’m worried it may not be legit….even though this blog post says it could be.

      • Sam says

        Hey. Likewise. I’ve been waiting since early June – first got an email saying they’ll be bringing me on-board in 5 weeks, and then received another one saying it has been extended to an additional 3 weeks, because of the holidays and low work-flow. Are your 5 weeks over, Leelah? Have you heard back yet?

  10. Sharon says

    I applied and transcribed an audio. I also attached my resume, but my extensive experience is mostly as a legal secretary and real estate broker. I briefly trained as a medical transcriptionist but was not certified. I applied over the weekend and got a rejection email today, which stated:

    “Thank you for applying for the transcriptionist position with Rev. We have rigorous minimum standards and unfortunately your application did not meet those.

    Please do not contact Rev regarding this decision, as we are unable to further elaborate on our reasons.

    Again, thank you for your interest in working with Rev. You may re-apply in six months.”

    I doubt I’ll reapply because I don’t think I have enough transcription experience, even though I’m pretty confident I answered all the questions correctly and transcribed the audio correctly. Good luck.

    • Beckie says

      I didn’t even get that response. Mine basically said “You did a good job, but we’re looking for people who adhere more to our guidelines.” Nothing about what I missed, or anything like that, even though I used the guidelines and video, more so the guideline, as it says if anything is different between the video and guideline, to use the guideline. I never got the one I submitted commented on or anything other than the “thank you but” email. All I can figure is the timestamps may have been off, because I went back and made sure the transcription was correct.

  11. Crystal says

    Hi Everyone! I read this forum in June before applying for REV and then again just now after having worked for them since August 1, 2014.

    The application process went a little something like this.

    1. You fill out the application.
    2. They email you the style guide and a extensive “how to” video.
    3. They give you a test run video which they ask you to caption.
    They review it. If you pass, they’ll give you another that’s a bit more
    challenging and a bit longer. They review it. If you pass, they’ll give you
    one more. Each video is reviewed and commented on for your benefit.
    If you pass all three, they welcome you into the company.

    I can tell you that I have no past experience with transcribing or captioning.
    This isn’t a job where you need past experience or a mastesr degree.
    You just need to be very good at typing what you hear and you must follow their guidelines.

    I feel that the guidelines style guide packet is what makes people who get rejected stumble in their application process. There are so many nuances to how Rev wants their work done, which makes sense because they desire high quality. Unfortunately, I’m sure many people just sort of skim the guidelines and start captioning. This would be a bad decision if you want to get hired.

    This isn’t a full time job. I read a comment above that stated they knew someone who was able to make $10/hr. I actually don’t even know how that is possible. Minimum wage is hard enough to obtain. When I started, I was slower and was probably only pumping out work for $3/hr. But in just a couple weeks I’ve probably moved that up to $4.50. So, you do get better. I hope that I can get up to $10/hr doing this. That would be awesome.

    That being said, I am so grateful to work at Rev as my husband is the bread winner and I’m taking care of the household. It’s extra cash. Plus, many of the videos are just fun to caption. I’ve captioned a movie and music videos. But I’ve also captioned conference speakers whose topics range from medical to recreational. I’ve learned a lot and really enjoy it.

    I hope the above information helps in your decision of whether to join Rev or not. I say go for it if you have the time. It’s fun.

  12. Kathryn says

    I just replied to, and was rejected because I did not meet their standards. I did not transcribe video, just audio. I was not a fan of their application process. When applying to other companies, I have been given a fairly full style guide up front before beginning the exam. With, they just tell you that you will need 60 minutes to complete their test (though it took me two hours). There was a stupid simple grammar part, a writing sample (three paragraphs), and the transcription part.

    The REALLY frustrating part about was the skimpy summary of their style guide they give to applicants. They don’t give it to you till after you’ve started the application. It’s about 18 pages, BUT those pages are just a slide show, so there’s very little detail on each page. I read the style guide with a fine-tooth comb, and still was unsure of how they want us to deal with run-on sentences and cross-talk. So as I was transcribing the audio, I had the sinking feeling that I was *maybe* cleaning the audio up a bit too much, but wasn’t really sure what they wanted.

    I will say I am a relative newbie, and they only accept about ten percent of applicants. I wasn’t too surprised with the rejection. And since people ARE getting hired by Rev (despite the meager style guide), I suppose I can’t complain I was actually handicapped by the lack of style details. Everyone goes through the same process. I may apply again in six months, and take more of a verbatim approach. Still, I’d rather have a more thorough style guide and be really sure of what they want; otherwise, I just feel like I’m guessing at what they want.

    • Etamni says

      I applied to Rev last week. I was looking to do video transcriptions. I was given an audio transcribing test (challenging but doable) but wasn’t offered a video transcription test. Today, I found an e-mail that was identical to what Sharon posted above (on Jul 21, 2014), which is disappointing. It’s too bad as this looked promising.

      I’m especially disappointed that they don’t provide any feedback regarding why a particular application is rejected. Who’s going to apply again in six months when there’s no way to know where improvements are needed?

  13. Jessie says

    I’ve been with for a few weeks now. I started as a rookie level where others rate your work. If your scores are too low, you could be let go. I’ve moved up a level and now get 25% more per audio minute.

    I also have to say i have very little transcription experience but found their forums helpful.

  14. Lisa says

    I was recently accepted and just thought that I’d give a little info on it.

    Once you accept a job you are given a specific amount of time to complete it. So I believe that the amount of time it takes you to do the transcription also affects if you are accepted. For example one of the people above stated it took them 2 hours when Rev said it would take 60 minutes. I finished in about 45-50 minutes. If you are taking double the amount of time they estimate to do the test I think that could possibly keep you from even being in the running.

  15. says

    I agree with Paige above; I’m a grad student, transcription experience, etc. Not sure what they’re looking for… oh well! I also agree with the person above who said she wondered if she was cleaning up the audio too much; my current transcription wants very clean audio so I’m sure that played a part in it (although obviously I read the style guide and followed it as best I could).

    It makes me wonder if it’s the best idea to require such a strict style-guide adherence before one is even hired. While I see the reasons, I also don’t know of any other industry in which you essentially do all the company’s training *before* you get hired. Seems likely to waste a lot of time all around, but again… oh well.

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