Earn Extra Cash as a Yovia Influencer

Yovia is a neat little website you can register with and earn a little money for answering questions and doing little tasks. I found it the other day while searching job leads (this is how I end up finding a lot of things I decide to review), and it looked like fun, so I signed up to try it out.

Here are some details on how it works:

How to Register

When you sign up, you do have to link your Facebook account. I did not see any way around this, so if you don’t do Facebook and don’t want to make a Facebook account, this opportunity won’t be for you.

What an Influencer Does

Once you are all signed up and you’ve filled out some basic details, you can start looking for opportunities to claim and complete across the Yovia website. Each opportunity shows how much it pays and you just “click” to claim it. Most I’ve seen are anywhere from five cents to fifty cents, but I’m sure this will vary greatly just depending on what is there. It probably changes all the time.

I did a few this morning where all I had to do was answer a question on a company’s wall on Facebook. I just clicked the opportunity to claim it, then clicked the link under the opportunity which took me to a photo on a company’s Facebook wall. The caption was a question, and all I had to do was answer it to get my compensation. Because my Facebook account is now linked to Yovia, I am guessing they can verify that I did answer the question so I can get paid.

Note that this is just one example of a type of opportunity you might find on Yovia. Some are a little more complicated. There is one where you have to download an app on Facebook, then test it out and give the company feedback on the app. That one pays $5, though.

How Payment Works

Yovia pays via Paypal, and you must have earned a minimum of $50 to get paid. You will only be paid for opportunities that you actually complete, so even though it may appear you’ve earned money on your dashboard after simply claiming an opportunity, you won’t actually get it unless you complete the required action for what you claimed. So the earnings in your dashboard will probably change at the end of the month based on what you actually did.

The minimum cash out is a little high, but since this is a new site, we will just have to see how it goes. They may have enough opportunities available that it’s possible to meet this regularly by staying active. Time will tell! I am hopeful because I really enjoy these kinds of little side-earners.

Is Yovia Open Worldwide?

It appears to be! Under the “How it Works” section, it states that anyone can sign up. However, since Paypal is the only payment option, you may want to pass if Paypal isn’t available in your country.

Do They Pay?

Update 8/27/13 – Yes! I’ve been doing this for a few months now and have been paid by Yovia.

Get Started

You can go here to sign up as a Yovia Influencer.

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  1. Tiffany W. says

    I tried to click on the “go here” link and it just takes me to a blank page. I also tried to click on the “Yovia” link/pic and still got nothing. Just wasn’t sure if it’s the link messed up or my phone! Thanks for ALL the advice and info you hand out, it has definitely come in handy! 😉

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